Essence All Stars – Old Wine New Bottles

Digital crate digging continues on a Flashback Friday; your dude is caught in a moment of time,  just checking out the scenery.

Digging deep in the crates while society still hates; getting breakbeat scientific!! checking out the main components,  condoning that or this based on what it all means to me.

Digging these ongoing debates? naw!! I’m not feeling them so I distance myself from them; had to admit, it got lonely out there but we kept on running

Realizing that it’s on me!!  O-Zone? I’ll drop this  good word while O-Dog kept funky drumming.

Earlier we hit the ground running, O-Dog Day Partying with that disco and house music now we’ll take it down a thousand…

Chilling out for a minute or two, listening to the Essence All Stars with a track called  Old Wine New Bottles..

Check out the all star players and the track; check the essence, chilling / cooling out with that! soon back in the fight / battle with an apparatus that throttles!!

Drums – Idris Muhammad
Guitar – Tony Purrone
Organ – Joey Defrancesco
Tenor Saxophone – Grover Washington, Jr.

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Jimmy McGriff – Dust Pan

Sunday Jazz Continues on this Sunday evening; excuse your dude for just chilling…

Scattered thoughts are collected after souls / psyches / spirits are inspected; now I’ve got that feeling!

Bruised / battered / reeling? my constituents are feeling it from Mississippi per ICE Raids to Dayton and El Paso mass shooting escapades..

Cruised down I-20 in Atlanta with my other constituents; they’ll dip with me, feeling me as we take these cosmic parades..

Not amused by the cosmic dust / debris scattered about as we go all out; it’ll take more than a dust pan to get it up!!

Jazz is fused with funk, the blues and soul music per this track from Jimmy McGriff called Dust Pan; check the players and the track man!! listen up!!

Booker T. Jones: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Sunday Jazz Continues!! I’ve covered all spectrums from jazzhop to electrojazz..

Taking it back to the traditional, respecting the architects of this thing called jazz..

Traditionalists were about to spaz like Trump vs Trudeau; they asked me what did I know about the game!!

A tradition? that’s what this is!! beats thump plus they’ll rock and even swing!! O-Zone is hip to the game!

Listening to the Booker T. Jones: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert, whatcha know about his work?

That’s what I asked a crook, tones or attitudes change once they realize a dude is hip to the game / knowing how it’ll work!!

There and Back 07 Mix by Sergo (Deep South Edition)

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! We’re checking out jazz, blues, soul music, hip hop, house music  and funk per this There and Back 07 Mix by Sergo (Deep South Edition).  Perfect for this Saturday evening or whenever!! Check out the playlist and the mix!!

1 – C2C – Down the Road
2 – Melody Gardot – Who Will Comfort Me
3 – Marcel – Jealous (Original Mix)
4 – The Architect – Les Pensées
5 – Sixfingerz – The Devil man
6 – Slackwax – Wanderin’ Soul (Feat. Sonny George)
7 – Shazz Feat. Michael Robinson – Sit Down
8 – Slackwax feat. Trinah – Midnight
9 – Poldoore – Honey Don’t Cry
10 – Slackwax – Far Away From Home (Edit)
11 – DARKSIDE – Paper Trails
12 – Feder feat. KYS – C’est Lundi
13 – St. Germain – Sure Thing
14 – Gare Du Nord – Poor Boys Blues #2
15 – Jamie N Commons – Worth Your While

Hank Crawford-Uncle Funky

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we’re checking out this classic jazz / blues / funk track from Hank Crawford called Uncle Funky. Check out the all star players and the track…

Hank Crawford – Alto Sax
Ron Carter Bass
Cornell Dupree – Guitar
Richard Tee – Organ,Piano
Phil Kraus -Vibraphone
Bernard Purdie – Drums