Different Vision

Reality gave me another perspective; now I’m looking at things with  a different vision.

All up in the midst of Taurus season  with Gemini season soon coming with two sides to the game;  so how are you living?

Fresh views /  fresh vision is the basis of this mission,  the way things go? sometimes I make adjustments.

“Shorty is always pimping”  was the word on the curb as I get kicked to the curb by the system and its constituents!!  Public Enemy said you can’t truss it.

The sport will be complex;  but I tried to put more glide in my stride and more pep in my step!!

The sport will be complex;  no where to run or hide!!  so don’t even trip.

…And don’t even skip steps;  that’s not natural / you might miss something.

Flipping this with a different vision after peeping game; please!!  I wasn’t speeding like the Amtrak train that derailed in Philly; I wasn’t  trying to miss nothing.

Or miss anything;  beats and language are broken… I had a different vision.

When we do the damn thing?  questions answer themselves!!  this is how I’m living.

What are we on? Visualizing The Sequence; soaking things in; what will the future bring?

Actually? intergalactic citizens showed me how to freak this;  when I touch down on earth?  it’s the funk I bring..

Mathematics dropped after O-Zone studied dark matter and black holes;  O-Dog works the cross faders rocking brown, yellow, white and black souls;  Once Again It’s On…

Rolling up in the Mothership? I had a different vision, now the  Dark Mystery of Time and Space was calculated  by the brotha O-Zone..