The I-20 Chronicles : Throwback Thursday Maneuvers

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday!!  at the moment? we’re in the lab chilling out / cooling out..

The ongoing hate? not digging it, preventing us from getting over the hump!! shady dealing out here like William Barr running interference for Trump? the cover up? they’re not ruling it out!!

No debates, on this Throwback Thursday? a dude is soon  rolling down I-20 in Atlanta,  reflecting on the state of things;  the what / when  / where or how.

No debates!! unlike respect shown on final games for Dwayne Wade and Dirk Nowitzki  the system is disrespecting my constituents!! they felt the brunt of it from those that hate!! jokers like that dude burning black churches in Louisiana will  take a bow.

No debates!! that’s not how the game is played!!  no one was civil,  that’s not how it’s done in these days/  times.

Plus another relates!! over on Candler Road in Decatur  old dude said this is no country for old men!! per Throwback Thursday? he’s sounding like the movie; it’s  like Julian Assange getting jacked over in London soon prosecuted for old crimes.

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We Thought We Were Doing Something PT .4

So what’s up? we thought we were doing something, like down here in Atlanta but it was a rough weekend..

San Antonio Spurs come to town and jack up the Hawks, while the Falcons go to the Queen City of Charlotte and get gaffled by the Carolina Panthers; the outlook? a bleak one!!

I’m not mad though, I  was previously on a mission up in Charlotte, a spot I usually chill in!! you might spot me on Tryon Street or Beatties Ford Road…

I’m still on a mission, I’m in the heart of it, but not trying to out-brag or out-boast anyone like Donald Trump, some will be stumped by the information overload…

As we proceed and continue to Move Forward, We Sacrificed  we can’t pause with it; this Sonic Assault (the good word and funky sound)  is straight from The Ark of the Covenant..

As we proceed and continue to Move Forward;  this *ain’t nothing nice*  earth is a ball of a confusion as previously mentioned by The Temptations!!  in The Mothership?  I’m trying to rise above it..

The drama? some love it as punishment gluttons fall prey to new and improved temptations / distractions!!  damn!! we thought we were doing something!! bribery was even tried, so what’s up? some fell for it…

Damn!! we thought we were doing something!! now were caught up in the mix or action trying to find a way out!! what’s up with it? I’m Rising above it, Moving At A High Velocity,  I’m out beyond Mars drinking their water!! the craters? some fell into it…

Or them: Admitting we’re into it or them!!  we fell into the black holes and rabbit holes!! rabid souls didn’t borrow Jacob’s Ladder, at the hardware store they bought a Louisville one..

Damn!! we thought we were doing something!! The Saga/Struggle Continues for this brotha, a Louisville one..

Damn!! we thought we were doing something!! I’m trying not to come undone as the earth crumbles around me!! I’m using a Invisibility Cloak so haters won’t jack my swagger..

Damn!! we thought we were doing something!! The Saga/Struggle Continues, now we have to stay on point due to the ramifications, no vacations!  attacks can be blatant,  or even cloak and dagger..