Inside Jokers (Part Six)

 I see some celebrating, laughing and joking like the the GOP congress passing their so called debt ceiling plan.

Not a damn thing is funny, those inside jokers will have us broke! times are already hard due to post pandemic inflation that some try to blame on Joe Biden. 

For freedom? we keep riding, blasting off from our runway out here off of I-20 in Atlanta! it’s a turbulent ride in the mothership which is my delicate asylum.

Out here in local, national, international and intergalactic frontiers where good and evil collide, a foul system!

Angry, out here dealing with inside jokers! from Confederates in this nation to the Intergalactic Confederation its an ill situation! blessed to have resources and options on this Thankful Thursday! I was able to slide through the portal, finding strength.

These Throwback Thursday reflections helped! soon the storm is soon over, ready to go the length.

Supreme courage and maximum strength is needed, Jimmy Butler and Miami Heat style! it’s easy to have progress impeded by these inside jokers!

Discouraging words and actions from those factions broke some of us!

Inside jokers were supposedly cunning and clever like the fox in its habitat. 

Vitality shown running from the devil like that jam from the Ohio Players check the Throwback Thursday reference as these inside jokers show no benevolence! a bad habit. 

Actually? no running, more like plodding holding up progress with a paranoid traipse.

Going round in circles like Billy Preston! the devil and his advocates? they’re applauding when it all falls apart! happy, they’ll clap!


Character And Passion (Part Seven)

A real character in this reality show that’s not televised like Gil Scott Heron mentioned the revolution wouldn’t be!

Showing passion as class is in session in the school of hard knocks dealing with hustle knocks from those saying the evolution of your dude couldn’t be.. way he’d  ever be what he wanted to be; on this Thankful Thursday where it’s a blessing to be here the sunlight through my window was like an alarm.

It’s competing with last nights Full Moon in Gemini; its a new day; as character and passion are shown will it be a dance of manifested dreams or do we manifest illusions?

Completing our breakbeat scientific mission? no lies detected we’re on a quest! doing the damn thing! once again it’s on!

Blessed with a touch of twisted class per the stubborn character and a passion! we can chill out or be crass, the masses we’re confusing.

Check this out at Character And Passion (Part Seven)

70s Electric Miles Davis Mix (Jazz, Jazz Funk, Jazz Rock, Fusion..)

Sunday Jazz err wait a minute, Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Flashback Friday vibe.  

Some will spaz due to ways of the world, not digging how it’s all going down! it’s rough out here for the tribe! 

Now check the vibe, we started off O-Dog Day Partying but we ended up going in another direction!

We’re out here Afternoon Jazzing, it’ll prevent us from spazzing / getting caught up in something!

The funky drummer is drumming per this 70s Electric Miles Davis Mix (Jazz, Jazz Funk, Jazz Rock, Fusion..) courtesy of Magical Mystery Mix!

Check out the playlist and the mix as we continue to get breakbeat scientific, but knowing life is hectic; we’re out here winning and losing there’s no mystery to it!!

Check this out at 70s Electric Miles Davis Mix (Jazz, Jazz Funk, Jazz Rock, Fusion..)

We’re All In PT.5 (Even Though It’s Rough Out Here)

It’s still going down!! oh yes!! breakbeat scientific business continues!! we’re all in..

It’s still going down!! oh yes!! fake ones still hate like Donald Trump vs Harriett Tubman, so what’s up man? we’re still all in…

It’s still going down!! oh yes!! but these brothers might have mentioned in previous episodes that it’s rough out here.

Per the Valentine Brothers or even Simply Red money was too tight to mention!!  so why go there?

Who paid attention as I go there?  these brothers simply sped up when dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, to and fro!!  it seems some might know while others go around in circles.

….per the Gap Band or  will it go around in circles per the Billy Preston version?  whichever one is working!!  some feel the tension!!  dollar chases make them work those!

…Or these;  please!!  I even feel the pressure / apprehension even though I know the Lord is in the blessing business.

Please!!  per *phat profits*  made per Goldman Sachs,  those types are in the stressing business.

Government fines were just the cost to do business per their predatory home financing / subprime mortgages..

Government officials,  per the Clintons mention super predators on another level;  PR peeps left grimacing!! a sellout provides his or her soul as mortgages..

…Challenged by some who were all in per  #blacklives matter: please!!  Negroes were bruised and battered by these procedures.

…Challenged by dark matter studies per the Large Hadron Collider?  similar to breakbeat scientific studies by these brothers who are all in!!  it’s rough out here for a freedom rider!! egos get bruised and battered by policies and procedures.