Quincy Jones with Bill Cosby – Technically Amateur (Matthew Herbert’s Remix / Instrumental)

Sunday Jazz Continues as we hit the ground running early on a hot Sunday morning in Atlanta…

Prayed so I won’t spaz per the ongoing madness, troops on the ground from Portland to your land!! Trump’s Secret “Gestapo” Police will actually disturb the peace!! somebody will understand a brotha!!

Played another way by the NFAC up in Louisville concerning the Breonna Taylor case, on the case!! keeping it way too real…

Played another way by O-Zone, rocking Louisville Cardinal gear but still part of the Resistance Task Force staying on course keeping it way too real!!

Played another way by O-Zone / O-Dizzle , showing persistence multi-tasking showing force taking it to the bridge like the Edmund Pettus one that needs the John Lewis name on it..

Prayed!! blessed with another day now dropping science!! per Quincy Jones with Bill Cosby Technically Amateur? naw bruh!! we’ll “holla atcha” with Matthew Herbert’s Remix / Instrumental !! we’re on it!!


 Jonzun Crew – Space Is The Place

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday!!

The saga / struggle continues!! the good word is dropped and the music will play!!

The saga / struggle continues!! how will this dude play it? I’m all about peace like North and South Korea..

Check the style!! fanatics want to see brothas take a fall in the race like Bill Cosby, check the scenario!!

..check the style, its intergalactic!!  per the Jonzun Crew? – Space Is The Place!! 

What it do? damn!! even Miles Davis said good music always has space!!

Check it out / Let’s Go!!

Source: THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Jonzun Crew – Space Is The Place

Greg Osby – Mob Job

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; it’s been a cool rainy day in Atlanta..

A perfect mood for the Sunday Jazz type of vibe!!  earlier? not off the rails like Trump on Fox and Friends I was rocking it with my friends!! chilling out with the tribe, those that understand a brotha!

Perfect food of the Sunday meal type will work for ya!!! the vibe is soon uplifted…

Perfect fools play too much!! shady deals are soon exposed after priorities shifted..

Sanctions lifted per Russia or North Korea? it’s all game, this Greg Osby track mentions a Mob Job..

Check out the players and the track / scenario!! caught out there like Bill Cosby? the devil will steal /  destroy / rob..



Sick With It Like The Zika Virus

Please!!  it’s rough out here!!  so called movers and shakers are sick with it like the Zika Virus.

Please!! it’s rough out here,  but  some will still take it there!!  moving and shaking like a freak !! Miley Cyrus?

Please!! jokers pulled capers and tried to dip in a Toyota Prius Hybrid that wasn’t charged up.

NSA type jokers pulled papers on fools,  found out they had priors!!  arrests that is: smash and grabs were pulled,  credit cards were stolen and charged up.

Charged up to the max!!  charge it to the game when you get taxed,  finding out what the cost will be per Bill Cosby.

Security was lax, now escorts were on campus like in Louisville so now we have a post season ban!! damn!! jokers are sick like the Zika virus,  that’s where they lost me.

Chilled in the Jax on the First Coast, but pulling for the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 since the Ville won’t win anything: the outlook is bleak for the home team..

Chilled with the wannabe macks and divas down here in Atlanta!! Braves, Falcons and the Hawks are struggling: the outlook is bleak for the home team..

Dealing with the mass hysteria like Russia attacking Syria: Eureka!! the light came on!!  it inspired those waiting in the dark.

Sequences were visualized, soon we evacuated the premises because some are sick with it like the Zika virus!!  they’ll try to play you like a buster or a mark

Some are surprised: O-Dog’s bark is no where close to the bite!! now some accuse him of having hazardous material…

They were living in glass houses throwing stones!! they were sick with it like the zika virus!!! what O-Dog and O-Zone have is spiritual…

Clearance Rack Epiphanies (New Years Day Sale 2016)

Oh yes!! 2016 is here!! it’s just in time for these clearance rack epiphanies!! the sale is on!!

Oh yes!! O-Dog is mixing breakbeats and O-Zone fights interference with these good words; once again it’s on!!

Restricting movements?  a devil breaks through these streets shooting up pubs in Tel Aviv, another devil tells you what to believe per the deliberate falsehood; the truth? some are disputing..

Restricting movements? these clearance rack epiphanies confront those acting false in the hood, like NATO a threat per Vladimir Putin?

Swiss movement watches tell the time, no need to remember per Michael Jackson!! some players were missing in action like Michigan State beat by Alabama..

Swiss Movement Les McCann and Eddie Harris type jazz plays in the background as I type these epiphanies; Compared To What? who will understand a brotha?

Who’s fair with this? as I walked through the mall after these holidays I stopped in Macys, Target and other spots!! I noticed merchants were selling products at regular retail price…

Who’s fair with this? I’m trying to reach y’all with these clearance rack epiphanies!! a dude conducts himself in an orderly fashion after paying the price…

Who’s fair with this? there’s no shady deal with those or these!!  we’re not using social engineering!!

We stayed on point while others ignored the warning!!  now we respond with  this Mechanical Engineering..

We stayed on point while others ignored the warning, now they’re caught out there like Bill Cosby finding out what the cost will be, now we’re steering the Mothership to a safe harbor…

Trying to regain our equilibrium, we weren’t through dealing!! some might have lost me but after the experience we drop these clearance rack epiphanies!! we’re clearing our minds, hearts and spirits but the system will issue demerits; hatred? they harbor…

The Transaction Was Being Processed

Check the interaction;  the e-mail said the transaction was being processed.

Gamblers out for a fast buck were stacking cards and dice;  *it ain’t nothing nice*  but we’re still being blessed.

Rambling on when I drop these clearance rack epiphanies?  actually they’re  the by-product from being stressed.

Check out my conduct  even though interference plus turbulence was expected!! it’s  similar to diamonds and other raw materials being processed.

Hazardous material? naw!!  what we have is spiritual!!  blessed and highly favored by The Clark Sisters was heard in the background.

…But God is not through with me yet;  transactions are still being processed!!  I dipped for a minute but check me out when I come back around.

It’s not odd how we do; during the interactions we were stressed but no tears of a clown like Smoky Robinson are  mentioned.

This squad will get down!! putting it down like Action Jackson!!  the Carl Weathers version or maybe the 2014 Bollywood  version / Indian  masala film   but we’re not through dealing!! check out the  supreme courage and maximum strength that’s  exhibited.

This squad will get down!! we’ll deal with it!! after the transaction is processed it’ll be on!!  we’ll be activated!! supposedly like terror cells in France?

We’re real with it like Bill Cosby telling women to be careful if they’re drinking around him!! check the circumstance

It will be debatable; will we be built or torn down? some haven’t turned the level of scorn down per IED’s placed outside of NAACP offices in Colorado Springs..

We act like we knew!! soon the transaction will be processed and we move on to the next; soon rocking championship rings!!


Total Chaos; Due To The Elaborate Fantasy?

It all falls apart like rescue attempts in Yemen by Navy SEALS; my folk are victimized by shady deals!! dealing with the Elaborate Fantasy…

Check out this blog;  What’s Really Going On?  so you can understand me..

Where did the mothership land me? check out my other blog so you can understand me after my intergalactic travels;  it’s Random Thoughts From A Brotha…

A brotha gets scientific while the plot or scheme implemented by a fanatic unravels!! meanwhile O-Dog’s Podcast is bumpin!!  the funk is dropped by this brotha…

Hot Message from a brotha considered a hot messenger?  I’m letting my folk know about the Elaborate Fantasy...

Was it meant for us to take a loss? Total Chaos? per Trayvon Martin; maybe Michael Brown or Eric Garner;  who’s the next fatality??

The American dream an elaborate fantasy? please!!   it’s easy to become a fatality in spiritual warfare;  or we can easily be Caught Up In An Unpleasant Situation!!

Some continue to dream waiting in the dark!! but the Total Exclusion Of Reality will lead to Total Chaos!! the confusion!!

Next level plans aren’t plots and schemes by a nefarious one!! O-Dog uses the fusion of funk, hip-hop and jazz to fight back!!

The next devil stays plotting and scheming like North Korea vs Sony!! or the system vs Bill Cosby; what will the cost be? who’s outraged by the destruction / justice obstruction?  we had to fight back!!!

We came right back with anotha funky track;  check The Sonic Assault as we put it down…

*Harvest For The World* planted in fertile soil; This Is How We Get Down!!!

My folk were in a state of despair and turmoil;  Caught Up In Total Chaos!!

But we proceed and continue;  we’re Movin Forward;  refusing to take a loss!!!