The Shutdown PT.4 / Total Chaos

Jokers were stubborn!!  some even make threats like North Korea..the situation was polarized!!  nobody wanted to give in!

Wall street brokers were hedging bets like Las Vegas gamblers!! but I’m  not surprised!! that’s how they do things!!  that’s how they win!

What it do? check the Total Chaos… the jokes on us!!  acknowledging that they fake us!!  soon pulverized by the onslaught!

Running through the gauntlet!! but we were wise to the set up…so fighting back with the Sonic Assault!

They try to shut us down like the GOP or Tea Party!! but it’s not that kind of party!! the tea was spiked!

They tried to shut us down!! but damn!! they created a mess for themselves!! even if Facebook pages were liked!

Face to face with a crook like bikers vs the SUV on the Westside Highway in NYC?

We kept on running in the race!!  hook lines plus our on beats!!  Street Funk was the deally!

Some kept on gunning like Russell Westbrook now sitting out for a while!

Some kept on humming and bumming like salesman trying to hustle us..that’s their style!

We kept on running in the race!!  taking big steps like Bigfoot!! were putting it down!!

We kept on running in the race!! putting our foot on the neck of a devil trying to shut us down…