The Holding Pattern (Part Six)

They’re in a holding pattern like being stuck in traffic on I-20 eastbound before you get to Wesley Chapel Road in the Atlanta area. 

Meanwhile, O-Zone?  beauty beholding, the pattern is compelling per the saga / struggle after I peeped game  / understand the scenario. 

Chilling out in our remote outpost out here off of I-20 In Atlanta; visualizing the sequence! as tomorrow whispers in my ear I check my Apple Watch.

Calibration with the universe, on one accord with God’s will? EPMD said we need to chill per the Flashback Friday reference! a routine when the day or night has come.

The holding pattern? accented when Google or Twitter algorithm led to arrhythmia? that beat was hard to catch!

Recognize the pattern after jumping to the conclusion per O-Zone! like Grace Jones a slave to the rhythm, trying to play that drum!

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