How Did We Move? (Part Nine)

As we proceed and continue on this Sunday morning the question is asked by inquiring minds; how did we move?

Breakbeat scientific is how the work will be, check us out as we broadcast live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta as we show and prove!

Life’s elevator? we’re trying to move up to the next level / trying to move forward now what’s next? per Betty Wright no pain no gain was the catch phrase, there’s no toil without tears!

How did we move? like the GOP voter suppression the next devil contributing to the toil and strife? check the history of tear stained pillows throughout the years!

How did we move? check it out, per the anniversary of the MLK I Have A Dream speech recognized by a March on Washington concerning voting rights no rest for the weary was the catch phrase!

No rest! O-Dizzle mentioned it got lonely out there but we kept running like a forest escape through the ongoing escapades!

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Folamour presents Love To The World Session #1

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; this Labor Day Holiday is also celebrated…

It’s going down!! O-Dizzle will make sure the good music will play and on the ongoing issues? O-Zone elaborated…

Sonic assaults are launched against evil forces that collaborated against my people!! some of them were talking crazy like Trump at a presser / campaign rally..

Now some of my people  are caught out there in the system / matrixvictimized by those that faked it!! foul! that’s how the strategy will be…

Some of my constituents know what the deal will be, they can feel me!! now ready to move on to this O-Dog Day Party as Folamour presents Love To The World Session #1

It’s going down from Atlanta to France!! check out the playlist and the mix!! check out the session!! we’re on one!!

Check this out at Folamour presents Love To The World Session #1


Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday,  on  a Monday evening; we’re trying to do the math / equation; trying to make odd equal even..

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on / once again it’s on!! we’re trying to do the math like Saturday was Pi Day now due to coronavirus some  try to cry the pain away but still believing..

The pain? God is still relieving with prayer the main vehicle so what it do? the devil still surprises us in these attack zones..

No pain no gain? not odd, Betty Wright dropped that insight but we’ll continue to fight; word from O-Dog / O-Zone…

Once again it’s on default settings, not Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday but history keeps repeating per listening to this HIP-HOP UNDERGROUND 90’s 00’s mix courtesy of Lou Dav..

Check the playlist and the mix to see what they’re begetting! jokers are forgetting that we’ll continue to get breakbeat scientific; how did they expect a Louisville dude to behave?

Check this out at HIP-HOP UNDERGROUND 90’s 00’s mix


SOUL FUNK & GROOVES The sound of 60’s 70’s

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday, check us out we were O-Dog Day Partying earlier…

I good way to start the week; empowering the heart of the weak, please!! we’ve got work to do!!

Who’ll work with you? naysayers  with the  disempowerment wreak havoc on the masses..

We’ve got work to do!! these players are on it!! dropping these mathematics on the masses..

Plus this sound passes through the constituency; we’re listening to SOUL FUNK & GROOVES The sound of 60’s 70’s

It’s courtesy of Lou Dav; crate diggers know how to behave when this Throwback Thursday / Flashback Friday sound is played!! check the playlist and the sounds that are heavenly!!

Check out the playlist and the mix at SOUL FUNK & GROOVES The sound of 60’s 70’s