We’re All In PT.4 (No Where To Run Or Hide In The Deep Waters)

So whats up?  we were all in!! damn!!!  were in it now..up to our necks!

Were in the deep waters surrounded by the sharks and piranhas; so you know a joker disrespects!

Like the New York Knicks without Carmelo Anthony …were in the line cashing reality checks; like the rest of the consumers? 

No debit or credit cards used!!  Chase Bank or Target  spell doom for us!

Whats the deal with it? oh there’s plenty of room for us!! the oceans are vast!

Whats the deal with it?  this dude had notions per Keith Sweat..I’m trying to make them last!

Whats the deal with it?  the podcast will blast!! fueling the submarine floating through the deep waters!

Trying to be real with it!!  not living in a Yellow Submarine per the Beatles!!  sharks and piranhas would creep up on us!

Trying to be real with it!  dude said I was asleep!! like packages not arriving on time per FedEx and UPS  he said I  missed the bonus!!   Rihanna’s Umbrella would have protected me from the inclement weather!

Trying to deal with it!!  floating through these deep waters!!  my kind were labeled as terrorists like the Muslim Brotherhood…so whats good? I was reminded of when I dealt with intergalactic drama!!  a fanatic said whatever!

In these deep waters?  we dealt with character assassinations..they say a brotha is up to no good!! sharks and piranhas are cunning and clever!!  but that’s how fanatics do!

There was no where to run or hide!!  but for freedom?  we continue to ride!!  doing what we do!