Kraak and Smaak – Real Pain

This is how it’s going down on a #TerribleTerrificTuesday; that means it can go either way..

Positive? Negative? what’s the perspective? armchair quarterbacks were in the huddle; what’s the play?

Let the music play per Barry White!! he mentioned dancing the night away as he was going through it…

Let the music play as insight is dropped!!  some are dancing with the devil at the disco inferno!! some are going through it!!

Kraak and Smaak with Real Pain knew it; they asked the question: love, heartbreak, loneliness, being broke? nobody recorded a song about real pain?

It’s on jack per this #TerribleTerrificTuesday as we continue to drop breakbeat science; just trying to maintain..

The Adversity Anniversary PT. 2

Once again it’s on!!! the adversity anniversary rolled around,  it was a critical stage of development.

Adversity university degrees are priceless!!  worth more than merchandise purchased at Lenox Mall in Atlanta, where that cat looked like Speech from Arrested Development.

Inside jokes acknowledged,  as jokers pumped brakes;  tires screech,  per the latest developments on the breaking news!!

Propaganda pumped out by fakes per Atlanta TV?   please believe me,  they’ll have the slanted views

We don’t understand ya, that’s what they told me!! was that a reason for my adversity? relationships  were frosty like Benjamin Netanyahu vs Barack Obama?

….Concerning the Iran Nuclear Deal; how was I supposed to feel per this adversity anniversary? devil’s advocates made promises like ISIS did to Russia, saying there’ll be more drama..

Learning lessons per Louisville / Newburg manuevers aka Adversity University!! some of those lessons apply to today…

Dipping down Broadway  and  Muhammad Ali Boulevard up in Louisville in Buick Regals and old school /  big bodied Checker Cabs: now I’m in Atlanta in underground labs studying breakbeat science,  like Barry White let the music play…

Sending up a prayer for Muhammad Ali I heard times are hard, he wasn’t feeling too well!!  dealing with adversity is something!!

Sending a player a blessing? aw man!! you know that’s what the Lord is doing!! now it seems like the adversity was nothing!!!

Sending players that keep stressing? aw man!! you know that’s what the devil does!! it’s not like it’s a Blackwatch Polo Team!!

Players will rock more than Ralph Lauren BlackWatch Polo shirts, devil’s advocates rock Prada skirts!! they were All Along The Watchtower per Jimi Hendrix!! per this adversity anniversary?  they’ll plot and scheme on my team!!