The Remote Outpost

Chilling out!!  maxing and relaxing… way way out there!!  you can say its a remote outpost!

Dealing with it..out there…Meteors fall like in Russia / Siberia…but  I see there’s no fear in ya..rolling like Kim Jong-un in North Korea…flexing..and I hear you out there as you brag..others you try to out boast!

Meanwhile these brothas are outside the box; but not acting funny with the money like G20…

Check the style / swag / steelo..O-Dizzle will rock..rebuking the hustle knock…some say we’re done

Staying modest / humble ;  please!!  like the State vs Christopher Dorner?  incendiary tear gas, bombs and gunfire will rumble around those fronting and flexing!

But were on top of this!! we crossed the boundary or border…now transmitting live; the good word is dropped and the bass will rumble;  is this the next big thing?

The so called simple thing was complex… drama bringers throw salt into the game like Republicans vs Obama!

But some pimp through this thing like David Petraeus or Herman Cain …catching up was part of the agenda!

Others limp through this thing like the Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius!!  not fronting but injured;  some wounds self inflicted..its rough out here for a pretender!

We get through to some;  breakbeat science?  we kicked it!! transmitting live!!  O-Dizzle is the sonic defender!

The big beat blender;  Sonic Blackjack swinger!!    way way out there transmitting live!

Some will get whats coming to them ; we bring the hardcore style..we didn’t shuck and jive!



We’re Taking A Look At Things / Peeping Game

Check the street terminology…the sociology..psychology…the brotha O-Zone is peeping game!  haters were foul with this..

Taking a look at things…using a Fresh View / Fresh Vision…but rolling discrete; usually quiet is kept in these danger zones…not protesting at Morsi’s palace..

But I wasn’t sleeping in these games!….a crook thought he had things..he had to change his mind..but I was keeping an eye on these jokers..wolves in sheep clothing show malice..casting the blame on my brethren; Ice Cube mentioned Americas Most Wanted! 

A brotha removes him self from the front lines like Tommy Tuberville up to Cincy…I wasn’t a sacrificial lamb..I kept it moving / dipping; a moving target is hard to hit…I wasn’t fronting; I never Hollywood stunted!

 I never fronted and flaunted…staying on top of it; but knowing.. sometimes its hard to see in the smoke and mirrors! 

I gathered and hunted..putting in work blue collar style; its no joke out here..its like the Israeli Gaza Conflict..check the horrors and terrors!

Bomb scares were confirmed…but like PSY some contradicted themselves.. destiny manifested after the O-Dog funk was dropped! 

Stock markets plummeted!! money invested lost!! portfolios were chopped! 

Its all game…check the climate change..agreements made at  Doha /Kyoto Protocol …meanwhile O-Dizzle cosmic slopped all up in this piece! 

Peeping game!! O-Zone is like a pro to y’all…I noticed the reign began with a drizzle;  when will the madness cease?

Business As Usual / Getting BreakBeat Scientific With It

Please !! this is business as usual like drama in the Gaza Strip…I had to do the knowledge…now I flip it..after  this brotha was peeping game!

Please!! this is business as usual..breakbeat scientific with it…I had to acknowledge..I was quiet but I wasn’t sleeping in the game!

Plus its not unusual that I’m down with the tribe; worldwide…that’s how we ride…from protests in Europe against austerity  to Obama / congressional fiscal cliff talks…my peeps catch all the blame for this and that!

Checking out the vibe;  sideways glances showed me its all game..hostile like James Holmes from Aurora Colorado? plus jokers were slacking…they can’t deal with prosperity…soon realizing that its like this and like that!

As we continue to fight that…dealing with debatable circumstances..being built or torn down? like people in Boulder Colorado against fracking….tired of corporations jacking…some aren’t right with that!! they’re  benefitting from ongoing instigations!

As we continue to fight that…..the system tries to take us back;  retrofitting!!  even said some are fitting composites during investigations!

Its business as usual; as these polar opposites drop this good word and brand new funk!

Its business as usual; unfortunately.. one and two years olds shot off Polar Rock road in Atlanta no composite sketches for jokers getting crunk!

Its business as usual:  peeps said they were bipolar;  off their meds…meanwhile O-Dizzle will rock!!  its breakbeat scientific business as usual!

Jokers think they know a bro;   the hustle? they knock..but thats business as usual!

As we at least act like we knew…which actually leads to work being put in…blue collar style…

As we at least act like we knew….had to admit like the hadron collider / symmetry…everything is not working…word to those who’ll pull my file…

Something Just “Ain’t” Right / I Wasn’t Feeling The Energy..

I wasn’t feeling the energy;  peeping game…knowing what the deal will be!!  something  just ain’t right!

I don’t like the way its going down….whose caught up in the system / matrix? ..not sleeping in the game…but like Donald Trump I didn’t try to clown;  I just drop this insight!

Plus the sounds will thump…check the steady bombardment of the enemy position with the Sonic Assault!

Check how we ride shotgun on the stagecoach….a veteran in the game..but like Mike D’antoni  I now coach..please!!  some were like Natalie Cole ..hell was caught!

Armageddon approaches…Iranian Military Exercises go down…spiritual warfare is fought; please!!  it goes down from the streets of the ATL and Louisville to the halls of Congress and the Senate!

….to these states and the nation’s capitol;  on Wall Street corporations acquire capital…they’re just gamblers out for a fast buck;  in it to win it!

A dimwit aka a Buster or Mark will get played;  they fell for the doctrine!

They’re mad at the world because Obama won;  during the ongoing drama O-Dizzle brought out the drum…he’s rocking them!

Checked the drama after plans fizzle…the vehicle running off a cliff that’s fiscal?  hustles? the system is knocking them!! Republicans will try to sabotage operations!

Checked the drama;  haters sweat the technique…trying to see how I run my operations!

I wasn’t feeling the energy..the vibe was negative;  that’s not how I’m trying to live!

I’m not about that kind of life…full of toil and strife;  check out this breakbeat scientific business; …this is what I have to give!

Dipping and Diving…But There’s No Where To Run Or Hide

So what’s the deal?  the mothership has landed back on earth…didn’t take pictures of ourselves like the Mars Rover…but the game is not over….were at the point of no return;  there was no going back!

So whats the deal? peeps are struggling on Staten Island after Superstorm Sandy…somebody might understand me when I tell them there was nowhere to run or hide; but  devils were told to “go on with that”

They were geeked up…somebody said they were “wilding ” ….told to “go on with your bad selves”  now check out the by-product!

Jokers were talking the other way like WSB radio does Pres. Obama ….or other media pundits…now whose caught up in the drama? people even question my conduct!

Broken beats and English are the essence of this discipline….scientific with it;  as I conduct myself in an orderly fashion!

Dedicated to the truth…that’s whats spoken…still low profile / low-key with it …sometimes it seems I’m standing alone against the world….too much attention drawn when in the limelight basking!

No ice cream like Baskin and Robbins ….plus you can’t have your cake and eat it too…haters schemed and plotted all up in the spot!

“It aint nothing nice” ….last days in Bainport due to baron robbing? the American dreams turn into nightmares due to perpetrations by the usual suspects..all up in the spot!

One prays..after feeling pain in this sport…but they kept on running...even though these culprits make it hot; now the temperature rises due to the climate change per Superstorm Sandy…there’s nowhere to run or hide!

Corrupt ones hinder progress in this climate…its not strange…its been this way… but they didn’t stop us..through the portal we slide!

The mothership was rolling…out beyond the farthest supernova…dipping like a  old school Chevy Nova with the 327 engine in it…

The total solar eclipse November 13 /14 is approaching as I write this…the game is not over..there’s no where to run or hide…we’re all in it..



Jokers were politicking….I heard what was said…some were talking junk… others  were tricking;  they said they had it!

Others were kicking knowledge supposedly like Mitt Romney at the debate... rolling like Michael Jackson ….bad with it!

What will the response be? I’m peeping did the fad get? like  Nehru and Members Only jackets it was played out after a while!!

Sleeping in the game?  like so called friendly fire killed the Border Patrol agent?  you get gaffled that way!!  rough like the Members Only episode of The Sopranos…meanwhile my staff will play the brand new funk on Cd’s, cassettes, MP3s, and vinyl!

Whose politicking up in this piece  like its the presidential campaign?

Some said were behind schedule because we didn’t participate…but actually were a step ahead;  just trying to maintain!

What did one gain?  politicking!!  rolling in the Lexus …swagging…the license tag said hurt em bad!

The vanity plate on the Fleetwood Brougham over in Decatur said blessed and highly favored; but old girl was dragging baggage like Erykah  Badu mentioned…what about the drama they had?

I heard what was said.. the politicking;  some work the angles and opposites!

….Said they’re scientific like Sir Isaac Newton but acting brand new again…now  matching composites!

A fanatic shows flashes of brilliance like Cam Newton but they aren’t ready!

Erratic when they’re politicking ….asking what the deal is with job reports like Mitt Romney;  what will the response be? cons will be running games.. they’ll get rocked steady!

Disenfranchished / Discombobulated PT.2….Life Is Hectic

Disenfranchised…discombobulated…a brotha was out of sync with the ways of the world per Earth Wind and Fire…so that made life hectic.

Mentioned earlier I’m in conflict with the world after the drama unfurled; like Mitt Romney vs Obama at the NAACP meeting  I was disrespected!

I was disconnected; the operator says the number is no longer in service at this time!

Areas were disinfected from the pest….Sade was asking is it a crime! 

ATL prime time players were recruiting members; hall of fame or hall of shame?

Prime Time like Deion Sanders in an Atlanta Falcon uniform or maybe the red number 7 Mike Vick jersey…who’ll work with me? I’m  down here with wannabe macks and divas; its all game!

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