Is There A Doctor In The House? (Part One)

We’re back on that thing again!! what? getting breakbeat scientific!! so damn!! what’s the dizzle? word from that dude O-Dog aka O-Dizzle? check the sound as he makes a declaration;   let the healing process begin!!

Especially in the midst of this COVID -19 / Coronavirus, O-Zone was like that dude down on Bay Street  in Nassau in the Bahamas saying stop the madness!! it’s on!! once again!!

China sprayed the mist / disinfectant in the process killing wild animals, but then naysayers claim O-Zone disrespected with the subliminal messages;  somebody asked if there was a doctor in the house?

Were caught up in a state of emergency!!! caught up in the middle of the action, losing traction? naw!! we’re moving forward / going forth /  Doctor O will come forth; who will work with me as I introduce the music /  jazz, funk, hip hop, and house?

Now were all up in the house rocking it, but haters were knocking it like Trump vs the press during pressers concerning the Coronavirus; it doesn’t surprise us but they didn’t know they aroused that revolutionary feeling!

Is there a doctor in the house? that was the question,  now were putting work in;  putting it down like this!!  locking it down like California or Illinoisduring this ongoing pandemic! check the evolutionary process of these breakbeat scientists..were not through dealing!

Check this out at Is There A Doctor In The House? (Part One)

It’s All Jacked Up PT.3 (Oh!! So It’s Like This?)

It’s all jacked up!! I was out here scrambling like Mike Vick did without blocking?  getting jacked up!!  I was looking for a breakthrough.

Gambling with fate like gamblers out for a fast buck?  small victories kept me in the game until something opened up!!  now I ask myself ; where did the Mystic Voyage take you?

System integrations led to system crashes;  the old didn’t blend with the new.

Systems failed like integration per desegregation? per Richard Rothstein  Ferguson and Baltimore will let you know what it do!

Real talk / true story / Reality spelled it out;  oh!  so it’s like this? that’s the question asked!

Questions answer themselves?  the answer? I mailed it out after pushing the envelope like a postal worker;  this dude multi -tasked.

A brotha never basked in the limelight; I’m not even going postal getting my crime tight!!  I just put it down like this.

This good word and funky sound is dropped after asking;  oh!!  so it’s like this?

You heard?  I tried to slide through the portal unscathed but I ended up with a few scars.

Now I bathed per the Balm in Gilead ;  I’m going through the healing process!! asking myself;  oh!!  it’s like this?  so I’m just trying to heal the scars.

I was trying to deal with it!! haters were raising bars and pulling out hoops to jump through like I was dealing with FIFA officials!!

I knew the deal about it!! the situation is all jacked up; beep, beep beep!! goes the bus after it backed up running over us!! oh!! so it’s like this? who can see what it do?