Distraction / Distortion / Blown Out Of Proportion

It’s all about freedom!!  but due to government shutdowns  and other factors my people are out here struggling! so now it’s all about survival! 

It’s all part of a big distraction!! check the interaction with these actresses and actors;  moves were made to delay our arrival!

Were all up in the action though..all the way live like Lakeside!!  seeing how the fake ride!

We’re Transmitting Live with the hardcore style!! but soon things are blown out of proportion;  like moves made by Tea Party Republicans ….check the distortion..damn  so I see that’s how the fake ride!

Speakers were blown out due to distortion! channels played on one side until O-Dog got it straight!

Barking up the wrong tree?  mission abortion was the proposal..smoke and fog was enhanced by mirrors;  like Neptune in Pisces? all I got was hate!

Parking lot pimping!!  was that wrong of me?  an identity crisis? portions from default settings were dominate!

Embarking on mystic voyages per Roy Ayers…but it’s not a simple thing;  please!!  wishing that it was!  but check how we respond to it!

Sparking it!!  changing the conversation..discussing the ways of Babylon with the Jamaican!

Parking it on the same page… didn’t change our observations after observing the scene;  spotted those faking it!

Distorting it!!  blowing it out of proportion..but it was just a distraction!

Not aborting this mission…using a fresh view / fresh vision… were all up in the action!


Don’t Worry About It (Worried About The Wrong Thing? )

I heard what was said! ….saw what was done; damn!  some are worried about the wrong thing!

Al Roker type weather forecasters said it’s partly cloudy!!  over in Atlanta shorty said its awesome!!  but I was showing heart son!! now  I’m getting rowdy!! not like Bob Filner…but  some said I’m the wrong king!

Scorpion King like the Rock!! or Dwayne Johnson…but they said this is the wrong kingdom!! even the Jamaican knew what the deal was…he said Babylon was about to fall!

Its Scorpio season but the drama royalty had it locked down on all fronts!! local national international and even intergalactic..but I’m still going all out y’all!

Without a doubt y’all!! any loyalty shown?  the arch nemesis was on the premises!

But I was playing like John Stockton or Jason Kidd in his prime..passing out assists!

But I wasn’t playing any H Stockton or Louis Vuitton  name brands kid!! ..that wasn’t what I was on!!  some are worried about the wrong thing!

….Plus I wasn’t worried about them;  I was West Coasting out in Oakland, Richmond, San Francisco, San Jose and Stockton…they should worry about me!!  but is that the wrong thing?

Episodes go down..they had me thinking;  was it on them or me?

Modes and codes are interpreted..now check out how I work it!! soon realizing that it’s on me!

Soon realizing that it’s on me to put it down like this…getting breakbeat scientific….going deep like the deep sea internetI wasn’t worried about them…

They should worry about me!!  some said they would show loyalty…but I have my doubts about them…

Check out the Don’t Worry About It Mix by O-Dog



Taking The Wrapper Off PT.3

Here we go with another one!! like more drama from Charlie Sheen…its brand new… I’m taking the wrapper off!

Here we go again!! sometimes fighting like Canelo and Mayweather.…but a bruh is usually using breakbeat science and math to go off!

….As I go off on another tangent…leaving the solar system like Voyager 1 …based on being intergalactic;  as I put it down like this!

The drama is local, national, international and intergalactic…haters wondered how I managed to survive against all odds!! …that were manipulated by a fanatic aka gambler out for a fast buck;  as I put it down like this!

Wandered through the Babylon wilderness…fire rages like its The New Jersey Boardwalk; but I arrived at a safe haven / safe harbor!

Now wondering what the deal is;  the arch nemesis was soon on the premises!! …hatred they harbor!

But still doing the damn thing!! real with this!! but who will show a brotha loyalty? 

Taking the wrapper off this damn thing…but like US-Russia talks concerning Syria were still dealing with the drama royalty!

Paying the price!!  now due a rebate, royalties, and fees; that  need to be broke off!

“It aint nothing nice” …but we drop these clearance rack epiphanies;  math and science is dropped when these are broke off!

“It aint nothing nice”….damn!! dirty work is done like Jesse and Walter White on Breaking Bad… just take a look around…but some are in denial….

Paying the price for the merchandise? …soon taking the wrapper off…now they’re standing in line at the service desk…after they see what it do…

Clearance Rack Epiphanies / The Holiday Sale / Letting It Out

As we proceed and continue…Memorial Day Holiday as I type this…time for these clearance rack epiphanies…check how were letting it go / were letting it out!

True indeed…..like the Benghazi and IRS scandals …Public Enemy told us..don’t believe what the hype is..but a bruh felt the pressure;  I was sweating it out!

True indeed…..this brotha is the type of entity to get bold with this…but not the type   that’s out there flipping out  like Michael Adebolajo over in Woolwich attacking soldiers ..but a bruh felt the pressure;  I was sweating it out!

True indeed…a brotha who knew the deally?…retro-futuristic?…please!! I’m new or next school like Morpheus in the Matrix plus an old school player like Orlando Woolridge..out there in the game…sweating it out..

Check these clearance rack epiphanies…were letting them out..but this is how we do..that’s business as usual in Babylon;  whatcha on?  soon you’ll be jumping and recognizing!

Danger zone business had us urging  /merging   but with this breakbeat scientific business? were not purging;  downsizing!

O-Zone drops this good word / O-Dizzle has the funky sound!!   surprising those who thought nothing was going on!

Raw data is processed…breakbeat scientific business is handled!! so whats really going on?

As we holla atcha with these random thoughts aka clearance rack epiphanies!

…based on being selected at random;  caught up in the system / matrix ….trying to deal with these!

….and those;  the devil will oppose!!  but we knew how he would act!

Thats why were letting it go;  if its meant for us?  it’ll come back!

We Get Scientific With It

Like Boston University requesting Junior Seau’s brain..were getting scientific with it; that’s the true essence of this discipline!

Who will work with me? breakbeat science is dropped; our form of benevolence …this is what we deal in!

…Surrounded by shady dealings…like a Facebook IPO…. whatcha know? as hackers interfere with the code..spreading a virus!

Surrounded by shady villains…..as  jackers followed the street code; as we roll in a discrete mode..God is with us!

Some said I’m shady…because I’m a Louisvillian..but God  continues to bless..actually he’s working it out for all of us!

But menus prepared by chefs in hells kitchen will show us….on earth? there’s no peace or justice!

No justice or peace is the catch phrase; catching Aries sun rays as I write this; now the Sun moves in Taurus!

No justice no peace is the catch phrase;  as we avoid jakes up in the Ford Taurus!

Whose for or against us? you’ll be left out there like Chen Guangcheng..as we wrestle with the wooly mammoth!

Pain and anguish felt during the process!!! haters say its nothing… but I still school some with this math check it!

Ice Cube told them to check themselves before they wreck themselves; spectators were fascinated by the crash!

It’s like a Rubix Cube ; we were wishing it was simple…but its Babylon that we pimp through so we stay scientific with Titans we clash!


Cuz tried to holla at me down by the Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta ; asking me if I had spare change!

….Had his buzz on!!! that other other was what he’s on;  had to admit he was ready for change!

Like Libyan army commanders defecting……acting strange these days..but back in the day a heavy hitter.

Two cars and a home out in the Atlanta suburbs; rolling through fronting on busters and herbs; he was a don’t stop get it get it getter!

It gets better…everything was enhanced with herbs from Jamaica and powder from South America…Grey Goose to rinse it down; in the ATL Mexican Cartels get down!! its Outta Control.

The job market dried up…now mind blowing decisions were made like Heatwave; now some will lose their soul!

Whatcha knowing? whose Bustin Loose like Chuck Brown when they roll through the ATL?

Whatcha knowing? as we get down….putting it down like this... using this breakbeat science; we have a story to tell!

A story about how easy it is to fail in Babylon ; falling for the okey doke!

A bruh had a story about being homeless; being played like a joke.

Caught out there ; broke...jobs moved overseas; cars repossessed, homes foreclosed on.

Caught out there;  it’s no joke!!! the devil is opposed!!  word from the old school Baptist preacher; once again its on!

Old dude from the old school can teach you a thing or two about the flip side!

The attitude? when down to Plan Z some will flip for freedom..they’re ready to ride!

Others aren’t that shrewd; as they slip and slide trying to survive in Babylon!

This good word is dropped..but some think I babble on!