Deodato – East Side Strut (LP Version)

Sunday Jazz Continues!! we’re broadcasting like from Atlanta, home of Super Bowl 53…

We’re in chill mode while everybody else is hyped  / geeked up; that’s how I’m trying to roll, jokers can’t see me..

That’s the deal, check the mode; this is the real me, in the lab enhancing techniques instead of tripping on smoke / fog and  enhanced mirrors that’ll have us distracted..

That’s the deal, check the mode; sonic rehab is being conducted  after society wreaks havoc the masses corrupted; you’ll be caught out there like 21 Savage..

What’s up son? it’s rough out here but we’ll manage to survive!! we’re out here like Deodato doing the East Side Strut (LP Version)..

What’s up son? it’s rough out here but we’ll continue to ride for freedom; catch us out on I-20 in Atlanta on the East Side!! what’s up with it? we’re out here swerving!!


Robosonic Feat. Stag – Wurd (Camelphat Extended Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Saturday Night Fever, as we hit up a non-believer…

Hitting them up with this sound, getting down!! it’s the rebuttal to those that say O-Dizzle is not an over achiever..

In the huddle like Atlanta’s Super Bowl 53, so what’s the dizzle? Jermaine Dupri said welcome to the Atlanta where the players play..

What’s up with a brotha? Atlanta’s I-20 is the runway to the universe, per this verse? intergalactic is how we’ll play!!

What more can we say? maybe like Robosonic Feat. Stag it’ll be  Wurd (Camelphat Extended Remix)

What more can we say? Sonic Assaults are unleashed after my constituents beseeched; we’ll continue to get breakbeat scientific..