Bleach and Penicillin PT.2 (The Smell Lingers )

Were all up in the spot …once again it’s on!!   the strategy is minding and tending.

…That’s  per old girl spraying the Lysol with the original fragrance due to the epidemic!!  but I also smell bleach and penicillin.

The smell lingers…can we take this? like the OKC Thunder beaten by San Antonio it seems some are through!!  the illness had them one way or another.

Don’t smell the fingers…everybody’s hands are dirty!!’s out of control!! I’m acting like I knew!!  it’s either physical, mental, or spiritual …jokers act like they’re on some “other other”

Who will work with me? actually?  I’m on some “other other”  too!!  doing what I do!!  check the status.

Of course this keeps me in trouble!!  but I won’t resign like Eric Shinseki or Jay Carney.. I continuously bump heads with the apparatus.

Plus merchants of trouble “holla at this”  like Carl Icahn and Phil Mickerson?  but I’m not buying what they’re selling.

Actually these dream merchants are selling these clearance rack epiphanies…while Donald Sterling types make a mess!! now  custodians pull out the bleach and penicillin.

Tires screech due to the ATL shady dealings…the old church van was used in the smash and grab..either Virgin Remy or designer jeans triggered the sense of purpose…

Tired ones reach to throw punches!! ..but there arms are too short to box with God..but check out how we work this…

Science is dropped…others had hunches..or they were misled…now they’re waiting in the dark..

Succumbing to the smell of bleach and penicillin in the home of the shady dealing? victimized by those hating…the smell left a mark…



Issues and Answers

I’m seeing what it do / what it does;  like the crisis in Syria..there were plenty of issues but no answers!

I’m seeing what it do / what it does; being built or torn down? its what a debatable circumstance was or is…

Plus I’m hearing what it do / what it does; its like the music was playing but there were no dancers!

Plus I’m hearing what it do / what it does; the intergalactic drama jumps off from the NASA LADEE launch to the moon to all the way to the ATL……like Obama strategies might fail..who has the answers?

No Cancers or Capricorns were in the spot!!  so no work was getting done!

The enemy was advancing!!  locking horns with Aries Rams that were saying they weren’t the one!

Gamblers out for a fast buck dipped in fast trucks!!  Dodge Rams or Toyota Highlanders!!  stolen ones used in Atlanta smash and grabs?  said they were done after the caper was pulled!

Ramblers off at the mouth snitched then switched genders like  Chelsea / Bradley Manning;  just a bunch of interlopers and highlanders chasing paper but they were fooled!

Some went postal; packages returned to senders or  stamps were put on it !! outlandish in souped up Subaru Outlanders…..waiting for answers!

They had plenty of issues;  we even felt the pressure..who will understand us?

They had plenty of issues……now they want to abandon us…love doesn’t live here anymore like Rose Royce….

Now waiting for answers! meanwhile we made moves…jokers damned us if we did or didn’t ..but we listened to our own voice…

Check out the Answers Mix by O-Dog



The Storm Passed Through / Waiting In The Dark

A storm just passed through the Atlanta  area;  now there’s a power outage!

Now were waiting in the dark..waiting on Georgia Power …so they can  ‘go all out ” with it!

They had vehicles waiting in park / waiting to be deployed;  but these days?  jokers are slacking!

The blue-collar style played out!!  especially since Detroit is bankrupt …plus banks corrupt the masses …meanwhile ATLiens give classes on macking!

Whose chasing a dollar?  NSA was tracking them!!  they knew all the habits!

Whose casing the joint?  holla if you hear me!!  ….magicians had hats full of rabbits!

Whose casing the joint?  ATLiens smash and grab it!!   they were waiting in the dark !! caught in a moment of time!

During these critical stages of development thought and fashion police had vehicles waiting in park;  the arch nemesis?  an opponent of mine!

Breakbeat science?  it’s a component of mine!!  the brand new funk and this good word!

Waiting in the dark?  naw!  I didn’t waste my time.. please!!!  its gotta be good!!  you heard?

Waiting in the dark?  naw!  others said they were following hunches!!  saying all they had to do was wait..that didn’t work out….

Hating per George Zimmerman? ? that’ll spark an uprising…no free lunches…check the Justice For Trayvon rallies nationwide…per Willie Hutch brothas are gonna work it out..