Kirk Degiorgio Presents As One ‎– The Circle Suite

Sunday Jazz rrr wait a minute; Digital Crate Digging Continues!! oh yeah!! y’all can see what kind of mood I’m in!!

Setting this HumpDay Extravaganza off, going off on another tangent damn it!! this is what’s up / what’s happening!!

During this time frame? usually O-Dog Day Partying but you’ve caught me in another mood with another attitude!

Not playing a mind game with myself leading to a derailment I’m coming from a place of gratitude!

Check the mood, Afternoon Jazzing!  we’re checking out some jazz funk from  Kirk Degiorgio Presents As One ‎with a track called The Circle Suite. 

Lets Get It / Let’s Go!! spazzing is prohibited in this district we’re chilling! but we’re being realistic about everything; “it ain’t nothing nice / it ain’t nothing sweet” 

Check this out at Kirk Degiorgio Presents As One – The Circle Suite

As One – Contours

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon as we chill out for a minute or two in the lab!

Afternoon jazzing or O-Dog Day Partying? coming through with a little bit of both as we provide sonic rehab…

…delivering like these were my Taxi Can Chronicles or rolling up like overworked Amazon and UPS drivers..

Dealing with the madness as the devil and his advocates try to tax us but we’re all the way live with this!

Jokers try to stop us from Georgia to Florida to Texas us with the Jim Crow 2.0 but we’ll continue to fight this!

 Came right back with this still getting breakbeat scientific dropping this good word and the sound!

Like Kirk Degiorgio aka As One check the Contours as we provide these cures with this sound!

Check this out at As One – Contours

Tate’s Place – Burnin’ (Kirk Degiorgio’s As One Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon; we’re in the midst of an Afternoon Jazz set..

..we sprinkled in some hip hop / jazzhop, toy know a dude wont stop / you know how i’ll get!!

On the brink of it? naw! I stopped / quit  before I fell over into the abyss, now I’m back with this!!

It’s on again like fighting along the Turkey – Syria border, so much for a Donald Trump / Mike Pence engineered ceasefire by now y’all should know what it  do / how it is!!

Enlightening a jive turkey that’s out of order plus these beats will bump, feel this!! we’re listening to Tate’s Place ( (Chris Franck and Julie Dexter ) with a track called  Burnin’ (Kirk Degiorgio’s As One Remix)

I posted a jazzhop version and a jazz version of this track earlier; this version is more trip “hoppish”; we didn’t quit / stop this, we continue getting breakbeat scientific!!

Check this out at

Kirk Degiorgio Presents As One – Elegant Systems (K.F. a.k.a Calm Re-Work)

It’s going down!! on a Sunday afternoon / evening? check us out as Sunday Jazz Continues..

It’s going down!! check the tunes,  soul jazz / jazz funk / electro jazz / jazzdance; they’ll all be on these menus…

The chef is O-Dizzle, the reign began with a drizzle!! so what’s the dizzle? on a cool evening in Atlanta the sounds are hot, they’ll sizzle…

So what’s the dizzle? at the end of the day we’ve got work to do fighting the devil and his systems / strongholds!! putting work in making his plans fizzle!!

Oh yes!! it’s the Real Deal Holyfield, as we listen to Kirk Degiorgio Presents As One with Elegant Systems (K.F. a.k.a Calm Re-Work)

Breaking loose out in the field!! once caught up in the system / matrix but we made a break for it!! now out here putting in work!!


Jack Costanzo – Calypso Blues (As One Remix)

Digital Crate Digging per the HumpDay Extravaganza! We’re checking out some  latin jazz / soul jazz / house music from Jack Costanzo  with a track called Calypso Blues ( As One Remix). Check out the players and the track!! Let’s Go!!

Baritone Saxophone – Bob Campbell / Bass – Rene Camacho /  Congas [Conga Drums] – Jack Costanzo / Drums, Percussion [Timbales] – Mike Hoquin / Piano – Lynn Willard / Remix – As One / Tenor Saxophone – Steve Feierabend / Trombone – Roy Brown / Trumpet – Bill Caballero, Gilbert Castellanos / Vocals – Quino

Kirk Degiorgio Presents As_One ‎– Elegant Systems

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; it’s a matter of perspective..

What it do? we can play it either way, per the mind game; it can be positive or negative!!

How are we trying to live? O-Dizzle mentioned the Truth Game, or reality as we know it…

He also mentioned being Caught Up In The System / Matrix; caught up in the game!! some of us don’t even know it…

Kirk Degiorgio Presents As_One ‎mentioned  Elegant Systems, flashing lights dazzle some per Kanye West featuring Dwele..

Work to do per the Adversity Anniversary? oh yes!! we keep clashing with so called Titans, we had no time to play..