Aroop Roy – You Know

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon; usually afternoon jazzing…

A continuation of the Saturday morning vibe I had going? is it showing? chaos and confusion will have me soon spazzing…

The situation? “buking scorning” razzing? naw, actually showing compassion like what’s needed for California Camp Fire victims..

Or maybe compassion  for the approaching migrant caravan,  meanwhile Trump has plans for blasting on them..

Beats are blasting, check out the session man!! we’re listening to some soul jazz / house music from Aroop Roy with a track called You Know..

Beats are blasting, check out the session man!! perfect for this Saturday afternoon or whenever!! we continue to go for what we know!!

Funky Vibes UK – DJ XS Funk Mix 2018 September Selection (Funky House, Hip Hop, Breaks ‘n’ Soul Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; Flashback Friday / The Labor Day weekend  is the forum / occasion…

The saga / struggle continues but a positive Friday Feeling is exhibited; that’ll be the persuasion…

A brotha is still swerving down I-20 in Atlanta, it’s  my portal to the universe as I drop a beat and a verse..

Digital curb serving / getting down!! hip to how the sport will go!! per Flashback Friday? we’ll move forward and put it in reverse!!

Didn’t curb the appetite or back away from the buffet as far as this sound is concerned; listening to Funky Vibes UK – DJ XS Funk Mix 2018 September Selection (Funky House, Hip Hop, Breaks ‘n’ Soul Mix)..

Sho you right!! let the music play!! check out the playlist and the mix for the discernment!! it’s going down from London to the ATL, this is a special edition!! usually working this at my satellite station  the Sonic Assault where we also get breakbeat scientific!!

1. Grime labinc – FreshFruit

2. Flamingosis – Return of The Love Jones (1:49)

3. Frank Booker – Points (4:30)

4. Karim (KRM) – Tale from the Underground (7:46)

5. OBM Records – If You Ain’t Trippin You Ain’t Hip (ORE055def) (12:02)

6. Piadina Funk – Sexy Things (14:37)

7. The Allergies – Can’t Keep Working This Hard (17:43)

8. Skip Easterling – I’m Your Hoochie Koochie Man” (Professor Shorthair Remix) (21:48)

9. Stephane Deschezeaux – Sweet Melody (24:30)

10. Stephen King – Hold On To You (28:20)

11. Chevals – Fairy Tales (31:17)

12. Aretha Franklin – Jump To It (Nova Black Late Night Edit) (37:37)

13. Fish From Japan – Fever (Original Mix) (41:45)

14. NFC & The Funk District – Hold On Me (44:48)

15. Oldchap – Je Vend Du Reve (49:19)

16. Sleazy McQueen & Vagabundo Club Social – Chips y Salsoul (52:06)

17. Childish Gambino – Amerika (Aroop Roy brukup) (56:26)

18. Tuff Vibes – Baby Do You Feel Me (Vocal Mix) (1:00:00)

19. BeBe Winans, Louie Vega – He Promised Me (Louie Vega Extended Remix) (1:05:19)

20. Djar One – Beggin’ (1:13:39) 21. Aretha Franklin – Midnight Train to Georgia (1:17:56)


Aroop Roy – I Listen

Sunday Jazz Continues!! trying to get back in the swing of things after a brief hiatus / sabbatical..

Son was about to spaz, the madness continues even though dude down on Bay Street in Nassau down in the Bahamas said jokers need to stop it; he was real radical…

Son was about to spaz but I checked these menus while digital crate digging; letting the music play seems to be the best meal…

All about that jazz;  it’s good with funk, disco, soul and house music elements mixed in!! oh yes!! to me? that’s the best deal!!

Blending genres, listening to some disco jazz / house music / jazzdance from Aroop Roy with a track called called I Listen, which is what I do!!

Check it out y’all; it’s perfect for this Sunday evening or whenever!! listen, you’ll see what it do!!

Chilled Hip Hop and Neo Soul Mix #20

Sunday Jazz Continues!! oh yes!!  this is the real!! it’s going down like this!!

We’re in chill mode;  knew the deal, debates were held but the truth wasn’t told; somebody might feel this…

We’re in chill mode, the saga / struggle continues, so a dude had to slow things down for a minute or two..

We’re in chill mode, the saga / struggle continues!! check the attitude as breakbeat science is dropped; we let you know what it do!!

While in chill mode genres are mixed; we’re listening to Chilled Hip Hop and Neo Soul Mix #20 courtesy of – Raphael –

Check out the playlist and the mix; jazz overtones per this hip hop and soul music / you can use it / even a jazz purist has to know the deal!!
1. 00:00 / Disco Duck – Darkhouse Family
2. 02:45 / Inbetween Times (feat Octavio Santos & J Vibes) – Mecca:83
3. 04:24 / BADU Interlude – DMobbs
4. 05:24 / Tell Me (Instrumental Mix) – Slum Village
5. 07:16 / Midnight Kids (feat Kan Sano x Buscrates) – Mecca:83
6. 09:21 / Inner City Life (Cazal’s Slump Mix) – Cazal Organism
7. 12:29 / The Wave (Prod. Tom Misch) – Kieron Boothe
8. 14:36 / Down – Barney Artist
9. 17:50 / Eye contact – TUAMIE
10. 19:37 / Keep Moving – Tom Misch
11. 21:50 / Solid Gold – Darkhouse Family
12. 25:19 / Just Business (Tall Black Guy Spanky Remix) – Renegade Brass Band
13. 28:31 / In the Dark – OthaSoul & Emmavie
14. 31:32 / 1nce Again (FloFilz Remix) – A Tribe Called Quest
15. 34:45 / Fingerprints – Hiatus Kaiyote
16. 38:35 / La Brea – Alex Isley
17. 41:59 / Girls – Skater X J Robb
18. 44:23 / Infinite Us (Ian Ewing & Flamingosis flip) – Machinedrum
19. 46:09 / Lyrics to Go – A Tribe Called Quest
20. 48:10 / In The Spot – J Dilla
21. 49:06 / Aint That Sweet (Kan Sano Remix) – Aroop Roy
22. 52:02 / Blow Me Away – The Age of L.U.N.A
23. 54:23 / Scanner Resurrection – Chief
24. 56:17 / Suspended in Time – Group Home
25. 59:16 / Dream Dust Interlude – AstroLogical