Defected Radio Show: Paige Tomlinson & Rio Tashan Takeover – 27.01.23

 Digital Crate Digging Continues check these menus as we rock these venues as a Friday afternoon shifts into a Friday evening!

The saga / struggle continues as life goes on as the toil and strife goes on! once again it’s on as we kept believing…

…so we keep achieving on this Fabulous Friday so called because it’s a blessing to be here!

Flashback Friday energy is also exhibited as we get retro futuristic, y’all should know we would try to take it there…

…in this world where they’re not playing fair as we fight back with this sound, coming through dropping this Defected Radio Show: Paige Tomlinson & Rio Tashan Takeover – 27.01.23

Check out the playlist and the mix, we’re not playing around with this!! funky? this is how it’s going to be!!

1. Livin’ Large – The Second Coming [Rise ‘n’ Shine] 00:00

2. Julian Fijma – Teach You Something [WYLD Records] 05:50

3. Roach Motel – Movin On (Darius Syrossian Remix) [Faith Records] 09:48

4. Sidney Charles – Bloc Party [White Label] 14:05

5. Padwerk – Flute 99 [Salty Nuts] 18:22

6. Salt City Orchestra – Storm (Thunder Clap Dub) [Tribal America Records] 23:09

7. Garrett David feat. Simone Green – Emergency [Global Swing] 25:49

8. Most Rated: Floorplan – We Give Thee Honor [Classic Music Company] 29:53

9. NY Stomp – The NY House Trak [4Lux Black] 34:58

10. 4 To The Floor: Andronicus – Make You Whole (Dusky Remix) [Collective Leisure] 39:24

11. Laidlaw – Tasteful [Beeyou Records] 44:18

12. Happy Larry’s Big Beat Orchestra – Lego Beat (Higher States Waster Dub) [Deep Distraxion] 47:26

13. Tuccillo – It’s Not Over [Nu Groove Records] 51:27

14. Man/ipulate – 1st date [Sentaku] 56:32

Paige Tomlinson B2B Rio Tashan 1:01:14

1. Big J – Sylvester’s Groove (Sylvester’s Rude Boy Dub) [Nice ’N’ Ripe]

2. American Dance Ghosts – Freak Machine (Garret David Dub) [American Dance Ghosts LLC]

3. NiCe7 – Groove Key [Mother Recordings]

4. Demuir – Rawness Beat 3 [Hot Creations]

5. Bootshonk – White Ghost [Bootshonk]

6. HWLSD10.5 – U.K. One (FeD e Greg EDIT) [Howl Records]

7. FMC – Up & Down (Club Mix) [Dr Banana]

8. Laura O & The Heartbeat Line – Rhythm (MCM Mix) [Cutting Records]

9. Gaskin – Bootie [White Label]

10. Deee-Lite – Call Me (Ralphi’s Extended LP Mix) [Elektra]

11. Anonymous – Groovement Edit [Homecuts]

12. Politics Of Dancing – Listen To My Speil [Politics Of Dancing Records]

13. Cool Jack – Just Come (Ralphi’s Main Mix) [4 To The Floor Records]

14. Armando – Hey Girl (Original Mix) [Plastik People Digital]

15. Gaskin – Everybody Pumpin [White Label]

16. Glam – My Mother Said (Club Mix) [DFC]

17. Adelphi Music Factory – Sample Seduction [Shall Not Fade]


Defected Worldwide – Chicago House Music DJ Mix 🕺🇺🇸💃 (Deep, Acid, Vocal …

Digital Crate Digging Continues check us out as we come through with this Saturday Night Fever segment!

We’re broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta but the science dropped is local / national / international and intergalactic!

Can you dig it? something tells me by the end of the day somebody will “see what I’m saying

Can you dig it? we’re coming through dropping this good word and this good music is playing.

Coming through, no delaying! we’re listening to this Defected Worldwide – Chicago House Music DJ Mix 🕺🇺🇸💃 (Deep, Acid, Vocal ..and Classic House

Check out the playlist and the mix! from London to Chicago to here in Atlanta we’re doing this! we’re all up in the spot / all up in the house!

Check this out at Defected Worldwide – Chicago House Music DJ Mix 🕺🇺🇸💃 (Deep, Acid, Vocal ...

Sam Divine – Live from London (Defected Virtual Festival)

Digital Crate Digging Continues as a Saturday afternoon shifts to a Saturday Evening; we were O-Dog Day Partying earlier…

Now we move on to the next, not forgetting that the sport is complex but still believing we can make it, making a break for it!! we’ve got more work to do…

Now we move on to the next!! naysayers ask, who’ll work with you? issues? we work through, we’ll pray and then take action..

Mentioned earlier the sport is complex, out here dealing with this coronavirus, you’ll find us caught up in the middle of the action..

Check our reaction, it’s the Saturday Night Fever but we’re not sick with it!! we’re listening to Sam Divine – Live from London (Defected Virtual Festival)

Check out the playlist and the mix!! it’s going down from London to here in Atlanta!! check us out to see what it do!!

Check this out at Sam Divine – Live from London (Defected Virtual Festival)