End Of The Summer / Back To School / Class Is In Session

Its the end of the summer…some have gone back to school…but reality will give us crash courses; class is in session!

Fatalities tabulated in the warfare when these jokers act a fool; its going down from Louisville to the ATL…from Kandahar to Damascus; due to the aggression! 

Hostile territories are run by thought and fashion police; just like Assad in Syria...don’t ask us what the country can do for you; what can you do for the country?

Hot styles tell this story; warm enough to make Arctic Sea Ice shrink…breakbeat scientific principles are followed; but some act like they’re done with me! 

My files were dusty…others weren’t really checking for me..I was overlooked! 

Maybe because I ignore those chefs in hells kitchen; the meals aren’t nutritious and the beef is overcooked!  Random Thoughts From A Brotha: End Of The Summer / Back To School / Class Is In Session.