The Arch Nemesis Is On The Premises PT.5

The arch nemesis was on the premises; like B-52 bombers flying over the Chinese defense zone they’re making a mockery of these proceedings!

Thought and fashion police roll up after empty promises were rendered null and void! staying one step ahead..them? I try to avoid… per Quincy Jones….secret gardens?  I’m seeding! 

….so I’m needing you to hold that thought is what I told a naysayer;  it’ll get cut up with the Sword Of Truth..I didn’t want to hear what they had to say!

True indeed!!  this thing is legit!!  dropping this good word…plus its the funk O-Dizzle had to play!

……plus O-Zone had to pray up in this piece!! Lord Help was the battle cry!

Danger zone hooligans were up to their old shenanigans!!  I heard that damn lie!

But I understand why; its rough out here!!  jokers were playing the hand they were dealt!

I  understand why;  please!!  check this brotha out..the pressure was felt!

Retailers and pundits talk about Black Friday...but bad  cards were dealt by these gamblers out for a fast buck!

Please!!  I took Miss Peters the fourth grade teachers advice….you can’t trust to luck!

I took it to the streets per the Doobie Brothers!!  the charade is over!! I teach lessons with the Sonic Blackjack!

Alt shift delete was the mission of the arch nemesis;  but we continue to fight back!


The Arch Nemesis Is On The Premises PT.4

Damn!! the arch nemesis is on the premises! now I’m like Thor in a Dark World!

Is it my Call Of Duty  per the Ghost Protocol / Mission Impossible type of drama that will unfurl?

Winds of change whirl around like Typhoon Haiyan out in the Pacific Ocean!

Winds of change whirl around..manipulated by weather makers aka corporate tycoons?  being specific?  they had a notion!

Winds of change whirl around… Billy Ocean playing in the background back in the day  at K-Mart …as I dealt with the cleanup on aisle three!

What is the color of love?  green per Wu Tang Clan with Cream… that’s whats up!!  that’s what the style will be!

The arch nemesis is on the premises! foul will be the antics employed by those jokers!

The empty promise was heard like with Obamacare …but we continue to go there!!  knowing what the inside joke was!

….or is…as we continue to handle business before it handles us!

Knowing how the sport goes / how a joker plays!!  the hooptie has damage from Halloween pranksters…knowing how a vandal does!

Scorpio sun rays bless us!!  that’s Gods work!!  among many of the miracles he performs!

Knowing how the sport goes!!  this son of God plays on!! Doing What I Do!! rebuking the Devils so-called perfect storms!

The arch nemesis is on the premises!! alarms ring and security heightens!

Empty promises were not believed!! as we proceed and continue to clash with these so called Titans….

Don’t Worry About It (Worried About The Wrong Thing? )

I heard what was said! ….saw what was done; damn!  some are worried about the wrong thing!

Al Roker type weather forecasters said it’s partly cloudy!!  over in Atlanta shorty said its awesome!!  but I was showing heart son!! now  I’m getting rowdy!! not like Bob Filner…but  some said I’m the wrong king!

Scorpion King like the Rock!! or Dwayne Johnson…but they said this is the wrong kingdom!! even the Jamaican knew what the deal was…he said Babylon was about to fall!

Its Scorpio season but the drama royalty had it locked down on all fronts!! local national international and even intergalactic..but I’m still going all out y’all!

Without a doubt y’all!! any loyalty shown?  the arch nemesis was on the premises!

But I was playing like John Stockton or Jason Kidd in his prime..passing out assists!

But I wasn’t playing any H Stockton or Louis Vuitton  name brands kid!! ..that wasn’t what I was on!!  some are worried about the wrong thing!

….Plus I wasn’t worried about them;  I was West Coasting out in Oakland, Richmond, San Francisco, San Jose and Stockton…they should worry about me!!  but is that the wrong thing?

Episodes go down..they had me thinking;  was it on them or me?

Modes and codes are check out how I work it!! soon realizing that it’s on me!

Soon realizing that it’s on me to put it down like this…getting breakbeat scientific….going deep like the deep sea internetI wasn’t worried about them…

They should worry about me!!  some said they would show loyalty…but I have my doubts about them…

Check out the Don’t Worry About It Mix by O-Dog



The Arch Nemesis Is On The Premises PT.3

Security is compromised…now the arch nemesis is on the premises!

Curious George types aka Republicans wouldn’t the government is shutdown due to empty promises!

Serious when we come with this!!  like Saturn In Scorpio Interfacing with the Uranus Pluto Square…keeping squares out of my circle!

Knowing how the sport will go;  a veteran in the game peeping game!

Spotted the arch nemesis rolling up from a galaxy away!!  supposedly living the American Dream!  but I wasnt sleeping in the game!

Lucid dreaming like Jared Loughner…The ATLien dipped down I-20 in the Lexus SUV!! a rental or loaner?  swagging / fronting in the game!

Delusional like Miriam Carey or even Aaron Alexis?  dipping like the SUV..the Range Rover on Westside highway in NYC!!  being chased in the game!

Bikers thought they were lame as Hollywood Stuntz are pulled!! who said  these are the best of crimes? 

The arch nemesis even said like us on Facebook! said they’re  the hottest in the hood!!  said these are the best of times!

The empty promise was spoken!!  face to face with a crook!! many heard the telemarketer or received the spam e-mail!

The empty promise was spoken or written by the Russian, Nigerian, or Eastern European…. don’t open that e-mail!!

The arch nemesis is on the premises!!  seeing you or me fail is the mission! I

….spotted them a galaxy away!!  check out how I play!!  using a fresh view fresh vision!