Pat Metheny Group – Third Wind

Sunday Jazz Continues check out the menus as this Sunday Brunch is served!

Sunday morning has transitioned into Sunday afternoon, still feeling the affects of the Aquarius Full Moon; the scene is observed! 

Now we’re ready to roll, we’re on our way! I mentioned moving forward / sliding through the portal / filling the void!

It got lonely out there but we kept on running! those with the shady dealing? we avoid!

We kept on running! we got our second wind or maybe like the Pat Metheny Group we’ll get our Third Wind

Check out the players and the track as we drop this good word to go along with the blend!


Sliding Through The Portal: Filling The Void (Part Ten)

 Sliding through the portal, filling the void / that empty space!

Still following Mr. Cole’s advice, told to avoid the dog eat dog / rat race!

Ready to roll I’m on my way, after observing the scene check the pace! I’m trying to level up from my father’s and grandfather’s life!

But check out how I roll, it’s like being out here on I-20 in Atlanta! I’m on the level of bad drivers caught up in toil, strife.

Caught up in another type of traffic jam! sliding through the portal filling the void but soon feeling the void, taking a toll per the overwhelming grief.

Caught up in the system / matrix feeling the roid rage or road rage from the bad mood? in need of relief!

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The Temperature’s Rising But It’s Still A Cold World (Part Eight)

The temperature is rising here in  Atlanta, check it out!! as July transitions into August it’s staying in the 90’s consistently..

We’re still getting with ya with these breakbeat scientific procedures;stuck in the 90’s with that hip hop? thought and fashion police keep accusing me..

Please!! a lot of jokers are losing me even though they’ll pull out graphs and charts like Trump showed Jonathan Swan in the Axios interview.

Please!! a lot of jokers are losing me, they’re out here breaking hearts!! fools swoon due to this weeks Aquarius Full Moon, an illumination or culmination of what they’re going through?

Still holding it down, even though I wasn’t feeling the energy floating around; staying on point even though the temperature is rising… 

What’s the deal?  from Covid – 19 to systemic racism I told you I’m  not feeling the energy that’s floating around!! realized it’s a cold world even though the temperature is rising… 

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What’s That Noise? (Part Ten)

Like crowd / audience participation / virtual fans piped in to NBA Bubble games in Orlando, they’ve got me asking; on this Tuesday morning they’ve got me asking, What’s The Noise?

The ambiance? laugh tracks like old school comedies on television? please!! enough of the fake, I’m trying not to lose my poise!!

The ambiance? speaking up like Dr Deborah Birx  with her scarves, regaining her voice after endorsing Trump earlier

Making advances, that dude O-Dizzle works it all out in the midst of the madness!! bringing the noise like Public Enemy!! check this good word and beats that’ll bump, we’ve got work to do!!

Making advances, your homie is peeping game; I’m checking it all out; I see everything moving / I’m observing the scene!

What’s that noise? damn!! somebody creeping up in the game acting nefarious? already know what it do! spotted those losing or winning, the Aquarius Full Moon was illuminating the scene..

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90’s Underground Hip Hop – 90 Minutes Old School Tracks

Digital Crate Digging Continues on Music Monday; perfect for a rainy afternoon / evening here in Atlanta..

I mentioned earlier Tropical Storm Isaias was getting ready to hit thatSeaboard / Carolina area when jokers were asking me, What’s That Noise? somebody will understand a brotha!

Paid attention, work to do now that’s I’m broke out here going for broke!!astrologers will blame it on the Aquarius Full Moon..

Played in this dimension? even in the midst of Covid 19 and systemic racism it’s all game! jokers act nefarious, a fool will swoon.. pursuit of money / power / respect, soon some will disrespect but in Babylon what can we expect? game was spit back in the day about all this per this 90’s Underground Hip Hop – 90 Minutes Old School Tracks

Call this a Full Moon special edition courtesy of Nicola Armellin :  check out the playlist and the good music playing; facts!! 

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Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; excuse us as we set this O-Dog Day Party off!!

July is gone, August is here we’re taking it there!! the Aquarius Full Moon will provide the illumination even though some signals will be off…

…..everything seems off, we were already in a hot mess like Trump dealing with the coronavirus…

We’re going off in response, fighting back with this good word and the sound, utilizing breakbeat scientific weaponry as thought and fashion police oppose us…

…but it doesn’t surprise us!! sheltering in place the pursuit of the prize is put on hold!! mentioned earlier that the temperature is rising but the world is still cold..

Today’s prize is this HOUSE MUSIC AUGUST 2020 CLUB MIX courtesy of Stefano Dj Stoneangels Channel Two ; check out the playlist and the mix as we put it down!! it’s too cold!!


1 – Per Qx, Rare Candy – Say Yes! (It’s An Inside Job) (Original Mix)

2 – Earth n Days – Burnin’ Up (Original Mix)

3 – KC Lights & Juliet Sikora – Tonight (Extended Mix)

4 – Noizu – Summer 91 (Extended Mix)

5 – Block & Crown, Dzialach – Bring Back da Phunk (Original Mix)

6 – Tom Junior – Lies (Original Mix)

7 – DJ Chus, Siwell – Love Me (Extended Mix)

8 – 84Bit – Get Along (Extended Mix)

9 – Austins Groove – Still Love You (Extended Mix)

10 – Peter Brown – Disko Madness (Jazzy Funk Extended Remix)

11 – Nari & Stefano Pain – Forty House (PornoStar Rec)


The Temperature’s Rising But It’s Still A Cold World (Part Seven)

Checked the seven day weather forecast for the Atlanta area; the high temperatures will be in the 90’s..

“The Temperature’s Rising But It’s Still A Cold World”; on this Monday Morning did I need a Avirex coat,  North Face  Bubble Jacket or maybe a Starter jacket or coat like back in the 90’s?

Found a cure?  still rocking  Washington Bullets or Charlotte Hornets Starter hats,  polo shits, baggy jeans,  plus still listening to 90’s hip hop!!

Award Tour like the Tribe Called Quest as we continue our quest, rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!! every now and the then rolling down I-85 up in Charlotte, plus over off of Beatties Ford Road or West or South Boulevards; it’s hard on these boulevards!! noticed the temperature is rising up that way, the madness doesn’t stop..

“The Temperature’s Rising But It’s Still A Cold World” ; now, because of Covid 19? depression and anxiety are rising also!!

The mothership landed me back on this cold world  like the NASA Space X capsule; I guess we’ll have to read a manual on how to deal with these earthlings or we’ll just  “go for what we know”

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