DJ Steve Adams Presents… Alli’s Mix Vol. 5

Digital Crate Digging Continues as a Saturday Afternoon shifts into Saturday evening; I guess it’s a good time for Saturday Night Fevering!

No Covid 19 symptoms even though I’m still social distancing, this pandemic isn’t over the system is deceiving…

…them and those, the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville told us the devil will oppose and I can see he’s staying busy!

We chose to ignore the devil and his advocates now we’re back with this sound, getting busy!

No need for a Special Counsel per Trump investigations we already know he’s guilty but that’s another story / situation! we’re acting real special as the good word is dropped plus beats bump as we rock the nation..

..actually the universe as we proceed and continue to move forward not in reverse check out the occasion!

As the O-Dog Day Party shifts into the Saturday Night Fever we’re dropping this DJ Steve Adams Presents… Alli’s Mix Vol. 5

Check out the playlist and the mix , I see I’m going to have to catch up on previous episodes but excuse us as we go into funk mode; it’s all the way live!!


1. AlexZ – That’s The Way (Angelo Ferreri Remix)

2. Waterstone – So Good

3. Chocolate Puma – I Wanna Be You (Robert Georgescu and White Remix)

4. DAN:ROS – You Make Me

5. Avicii & Sebastien Drums – My Feelings For You (Mark Knight Extended Remix)

6. Yass – Been A Long Time (David Penn Remix)

7. Dead As Disco – Good Feeling

8. Paul Adam ft Laureen (IT) – Sing It Back (The Funk Mix)

9. Maickel Telussa – Pray For You

10. Crazibiza – Give Yourself

11. Deee – Lite – Groove Is In The Heart (Block & Crown Remix)

12. Dennis Ferrer ft Mia Tuttavilla – Touched The Sky (CASSIMM Extended Remix)

13. Double Dee ft Dany – Found Love (David Penn Remix)

14. Sean Finn & Paul Jockey ft Yvvan Back – Dare Me (Yvvan Back Remix)

15. Sean Finn, DJ Kone & Marc Palacios – Outro (Earth n Days Remix)

16. Gat Decor vs Pamela Fernandez – Passion Kickin’ In The Beat (DMC D2 Remix)

17. Ant Brooks – Classy P

18. Fuzzy Hair – An House Trax

19. Major Boys ft Kathy Brown – Time & Time Again (Junior Jack Mix)

20. Mark Knight – In And Out

21. Mind Electric ft Kylie Auldist – I Must Be Doing Something Right (Guz Remix)

22. Mr Timothy ft Donica Thornton – Keep Rockin’ (KPD Remix)


The Mid-Week Session Vol. 5

 Digital Crate Digging Continues check these menus as we serve this sonic brunch! we’re trying to wake up those waiting in the dark following a hunch!

As Saturday afternoon transitions into Saturday evening we’ll hit them up with a tune or two because we kept achieving plus Brotha O-Zone is doing the math, numbers he’ll crunch!

Please! we’re putting work in blue collar style we’re not out to lunch! in fact we’re setting this O-Dog Day Party off!

. We’re celebrating life, even though the struggle is real as we deal with the toil and strife that  almost threw us off..

…our game but we realize it’s all game so at the moment we’re playing this The Mid-Week Session Vol. 5 courtesy of DJ Steve Adams!

Check out the playlist and the mix as we continue to get breakbeat scientific; we’re jamming!!


1. John Khan & Paul Lyons ft Leighton Jones – Do It Again (Original Sunshine Mix)

2. Kenny Hamber – Used Ta Be My Girl (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Extended Disco Mix)

3. Michael Gray – 24 7 People (Club Vocal Mix)

4. Tenobi – Sublime (Dr Packer Extended Remix)

5. Martin Thomas – Nothing At All

6. Nick Hussey & Jamie Van Goulden ft Alexis Hall – This Time Baby

7. Cocolorez & Sibylle – Only You (Souxsoul Remix)

8. Nari & Steve Tosi – Saved My Life

9. Keith Mac – You Don’t Know

10. Micky More & Andy Tee, Cevin Fisher – All About The Culture

11. DAN:ROS & N2N ft Ida Flo – Tough Guy

12. Richard Grey & Eddie Pay – 21 Questions

13. Ant Brooks – Classy P

14. O-Galla, Agent Greg, Terri B! – Burning Up

15. House Of Virus, Peter Brown, Dominic Lawson, Yvonne Shelton – Love Story (Kid Massive Extended Remix)

16. Nhan Solo & Ezee – Music On

17. Damon Hess ft Vicky Jackson – Sweet Loving

18. Killed Kassette ft Shawnee Taylor – This Ain’t Love (Zsak Extended Remix)

19. David Novacek & Juan Galvis – Break It Down

20. Sugarstarr – Hey Sunshine (DJ Kone & Marc Palacios Remix)

Funky House Mix By Cole 2020 (Fruit)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday / Thankful Thursday, it’s multi – dimensional..

Check out these menus, retro – futuristic with it? oh yes!! this is how the work will be / this is what it do!!

Check out these menus, acting brand new because some heard we had diplomatic immunity? we’re trying to shelter in place during this coronavirus pandemic..

Oh!! the Trump administration is trying to open up America, using theherd immunity strategy like Sweden?  “ain’t nothing nice” it’s not a sweet thing do the mathematics!!

Oh!! beats will bump rocking this nation, actually the universe;  dropping this Funky House Mix By Cole 2020 (Fruit)

Check out the playlist and the mix as this work is put in at the same time O-Dog Day Partying!! this is how we roll!! bear witness as we bear fruit!!

Check this out at Funky House Mix By Cole 2020 (Fruit)