Caught In A Moment Of Time / Easy Like Sunday Morning

Were caught out there!!  damn!!  we’re caught in a moment of time.

It’s a critical stage if development; we’re  trying to move to the next level with it!! I’m going on with mine.

Writing this on a Sunday Morning when it’s supposed to be Easy like the Commodores but it’s pitiful!! like the Gaza Strip land mines and IEDs litter the landscape !!

Some are in mourning as we try to exercise power like a forward per Alonzo Mourning or was he a center? as we continue to be interfered with by those that hate.

What it do?  jokers usually aren’t checking for me unless it’s the by-product of hate…

What it do? capers are pulled; who’s wrecking the getaway vehicle like it was a Tesla Model X  as investors continue to debate..

We’re dealing with the drama that’s manufactured like Republicans debating the  so called immigration crisis!!

We’re dealing with the drama even on this Sunday morning that’s supposed to be easy! please believe me we’ve already been paying the prices!!

Might have to contact Clark Howard as far as the price gouging is concerned! during the process my conduct a hater will stress due to stereotypical principles.

We know how the last hour can get!! so check out the rebuttal to the madness!!  armchair quarterbacks weren’t in the huddle when we bring these breakbeat scientific principles.

Check out this rebuttal against policies and procedures that so-called invincibles implemented.

Were caught up in a moment of time trying to be Easy like Sunday morning!! trying to deal with it.


We’re Still Breakbeat Scientific With It / Business As Usual

Once again it’s on!!  this is business as usual….we’re back at it!!  were back on course.

It’s time to get down like it’s the Masters minus Tiger Woods due to a bad back… but what’s up son?  like Bubba Watson were back on the course.

It’s tight in these hoods…but we’re in the lab aka attack zones cutting up and breaking beats.. the masters of course;  O-Dizzle is getting busy.

It’s tight in these hoods..a drab day in Atlanta …check the mist and drizzle along with the cool weather…rocking a scully…myself?  I bully..O-Zone is getting busy…

It’s tight in these hoods…jokers take a stab at it like the dude at the Pennsylvania school..a fool was flipping out due to the actions of a bully…it ain’t easy…

In rehab / fabrication?  beats get manufactured like souls forged that we’re ain’t nothing nice;  it’s not easy.

In rehab / fabrication like corporate Easter Sunday type business? it’s not easy like Sunday Morning per the Commodores with Lionel Richie.

Exercising power like a forward Alonzo Mourning in the Hall of Fame..but I’m way way out there.. it’ll be hard to reach me.

Earthlings beseech me;  all up in the spot?  they’re in mourning…shorty is gone.. fanatics were in control of this realm.

Check out how we work things;  breakbeat scientific with it but acknowledging God is at the helm.

As we break it down like this!!  we’re spelling it out for them and those.

As we get breakbeat scientific with  it…but like the old school baptist preacher said…we know the devil will oppose.


Were We Being Built Or Torn Down?

Somebody might know what I’m talking about per Richard Pryor!

Wondering Which Way Is Up!! check the NYC stop and frisk from cops that are corrupt! we hope you didn’t have priors!

I’m wandering through Babylon!! slick tires on the hooptie, it’s leaking oil and  I’m down to a quarter of a tank of gas!

But I’m wondering;  am I being built or torn down?  because God will continue to bless!

…Plus the  odd will continue to stress  like the Russian terrorist crackdown per the Winter Olympics; please!! they’re even looking for the Black Widow!! you should know these devils advocates stay busy!

Circumstances are debatable..check the dynamics;  are we being  built or torn down?  some try to maintain their  lofty position…but I’m trying to be easy!

….Per Sunday Morning per the I dip through these portals or doors!!  some wonder what I’m on!

Some are in mourning after finding about how the sport goes!! its complex! but like The Doors?  were Riders Of The Storm!

Like Alonzo Mourning I exercise power like a forward  or  center all up in the game!

Whatcha know?  its hard to move forward!!  being built or torn down?  …when were caught up in the game?

It’s all game!  I mentioned that the sport is complex!! check the circumstance!

Being built or torn down? they said it  got hot due to global warming!!  but check  out the polar vortex or debatable circumstance!