The Grand Scheme Of Things / Part Of A Bigger Plan

Using a fresh view and fresh vision…that’s the way I’m trying to look at things…

Seeing what it do..acting like I knew…it’s all part of a bigger plan…the grand scheme of things..

What’s up man? I’m trying to be a bigger man..ignoring all the riff raff..some are flipping out;  I understand some will scheme up on things…like the GOP with their so called clean debt ceiling plan..

I’m only  5/8 but I have the heart of a bigger man..avoiding frick and frack..apparatus representatives..fronting or swagging like Iran and their Nuclear Program..

Some still show hate…whatcha know man? I told them it was all part of a bigger plan…I was looking at the picture..

Some still show hate…whatcha know man? I might flip like Samuel L Jackson going off on Sam Rubin..all black guys look alike?  get it we do this..O-Dizzle has hook lines and his own beats while I bring this scripture…

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