I Closed The Door

I threw up the peace sign…but they still played me like a criminal!

No justice no peace is the catch phrase!! but like Democrats saying thanks but no thanks to Obama during this election year? … I see some messages are subliminal!

Whats up with us? please! I’m letting it go….life is a marathon..I’m moving on.. in some spots? I might have to close the door!

Cutting my losses…. please!!  Alex Rodriguez can tell you the sport is complex..blowouts one minute…but  now how close is the score?

It’s all game…during crap games and coin tosses?  some jokers were running from the devil per that Ohio Players song!

Strokes of good luck when I kept it moving..one step ahead of the next level dramatics; damn !! those Ohio players up  in the Nati  weren’t wrong!

Jokers thought we weren’t strong because we were silent like true gangsters are!

Sonic Assaults are unleashed!!  some will get whats coming to them;  now they want to heal the physical and emotional scar?

But  that’s par for the course…once played by Tiger Woods until he started pimping!

We went far and near!!  East to West Coast…worldwide…intergalactic..but of course its tight in these hoods!!  its not a simple thing!

Others were pimping like Teddy Pendergrass telling the honey to close the door so they can give her what she’s been waiting for!

It’s not a simple thing ! I made a peace treaty with the past… now I close the door and move on;  damn!!  what was I hating for?