Don’t Worry About It (Worried About The Wrong Thing? )

I heard what was said! ….saw what was done; damn!  some are worried about the wrong thing!

Al Roker type weather forecasters said it’s partly cloudy!!  over in Atlanta shorty said its awesome!!  but I was showing heart son!! now  I’m getting rowdy!! not like Bob Filner…but  some said I’m the wrong king!

Scorpion King like the Rock!! or Dwayne Johnson…but they said this is the wrong kingdom!! even the Jamaican knew what the deal was…he said Babylon was about to fall!

Its Scorpio season but the drama royalty had it locked down on all fronts!! local national international and even intergalactic..but I’m still going all out y’all!

Without a doubt y’all!! any loyalty shown?  the arch nemesis was on the premises!

But I was playing like John Stockton or Jason Kidd in his prime..passing out assists!

But I wasn’t playing any H Stockton or Louis Vuitton  name brands kid!! ..that wasn’t what I was on!!  some are worried about the wrong thing!

….Plus I wasn’t worried about them;  I was West Coasting out in Oakland, Richmond, San Francisco, San Jose and Stockton…they should worry about me!!  but is that the wrong thing?

Episodes go down..they had me thinking;  was it on them or me?

Modes and codes are check out how I work it!! soon realizing that it’s on me!

Soon realizing that it’s on me to put it down like this…getting breakbeat scientific….going deep like the deep sea internetI wasn’t worried about them…

They should worry about me!!  some said they would show loyalty…but I have my doubts about them…

Check out the Don’t Worry About It Mix by O-Dog




Mad At The World / In Conflict With The World

I was peeping game…checked the attitude…like people buying gas in California…. some of these jokers seem like their mad at the world!

But I wasn’t sleeping ….check the is put in…not fumbling like Mike Vick is.. check this breakbeat science I’m kicking to the world!

….based on being in conflict with the world.. sometimes it feels like I’m standing alone against it!

But I suddenly feel like a giant!!  now stepping over all the pain and anguish!

Noticing how strange it is….being subject to the authority; but some say its like Venezuela with Hugo Chavez …..under the reign of corruption!

All up in the spot surrounded by the yellow tape; supposedly the site is under construction!

Meanwhile some are in conflict with this world..mad at it;  outraged by the destruction!

Check the Total Chaos…some are in a state of despair and turmoil;  meanwhile we plant seeds in fertile soil..that’s whats up son!

Taking a loss?  firing on the police like Jonathan Bun or going off like James Holmes in Colorado?

Taking a loss…the police said stay on point when visiting Detroit…jokers are  mad at the world;  needing to contact the heavenly father!

…..especially after the drama unfurled..more than global warming was making things hotter!

Some talk tough like Mitt Romney…but aren’t going to do anything..not knowing all the details…especially when the seat gets hotter…

The Timing Is Off / Trying To Get Back In Sync

English: Young Jeezy performing in July 2005.
English: Young Jeezy performing in July 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Rick Ross aka Ricky Rosay
Rick Ross aka Ricky Rosay (Photo credit: hollywoodsmile78)

Whats up? diplomatic immunity was revoked…I noticed the timing was off.. now were trying to get back in sync!


We dipped back to the community..jokers were acting brand new with me…some blame it on the Full Moon In Aries… or even the Uranus Pluto Square….but we continue to go there…but its like were on the Titanic about to sink!


Or maybe the Costa Concordia … for the border bruh!! its like Young Jeezy vs Rick Ross at the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta… a fanatic was trying to flex!


Or like Ahmadinejad vs The UN…whats happening? Total Chaos was the business;  mathematics revealed I’m saying damn!!  whats next?


Whose taking a loss? the Poverty Tour 2.0 per Smiley and West will shine a light on it!


Rock with me !!   this breakbeat science is pure old / new / next school… jokers said Right On…I Can Dig It..I’m with it!


Rock with me!!  but I’m out of sync..victimized by the deliberate falsehood!


….like bad PCP sold up in Camden New Jersey;  some are acting false in the hood!


Jokers were acting like its all good!!  happy go lucky!!!  but its just a front!


Please they’re like me Hanging On A String like Loose Ends;  trying to pick up loose ends…as we gather and hunt!


Dude said hang in there!!  do your thing!!  don’t let them steal your dream!


….as we try to get back in sync;  amongst jokers that will plot and scheme!


Peeping Game; Realizing There’s No Where To Run Or Hide

We were out there….intergalactic journeys were taken out in the universe..but authorities took pictures like the Mars Curiosity Rover;  I realized there’s no where to run or hide!

Peeping game on how a fanatic will work these…you can be universal or all up in the spot;  check this scripture….soon  realizing that good and evil coincide!

Who will work with bruh?  jokers try to play me like Obama after the DNC … sideways glances revealed true colors like Cyndi Lauper!

But we continue to ride through the inclement weather like it was the New York area….we told Al Roker to check the Doppler!

We continue to ride for freedom like rebels in Syria;  whats the deally yo? O-Dizzle will rock you…O-Zone has this good word for ya!

It seems nobody was checking for us; unless they’re interested in disrespecting us..trumping up charges….saying we tampered  with evidence like Johnnie Cochran…please!!  a brotha will rock them…but some even told us we never heard of ya!

Please!!  hustles? jokers will knock them; I’m asking did that work for ya? we’ve got that work for ya!!  O-Dizzle will put the funk out!

O-Zone bears witness to the Total Chaos and confusion; so-called masters of the universe will punk out!

They take a loss…. then ask us;  how to work did we try to ride?

We were still chilling..but on the frontlines; realizing there’s no where to run or hide!

But every now and then when a joker fronts on mine we slide through a portal that opens up!

But everybody can play the fool sometimes per Main Ingredient we didn’t get our hopes up!

This Is A Test And Only A Test

This is a test and only a test of the emergency broadcast system!

At least that’s what the robot said;  folk seem stressed..who will work with me?  how are they living?

Transformers and Go-Bots fight…they’re not dead….others were misled ….out in the cold shivering …not affected by global warming!

All up in Tropical Storm Leslie…then trying to test me!!!  caught up in the storm / system  /matrix;  Al Roker didn’t give us a warning!

A joker said it wasn’t storming….please!!  Hurricane Isaac hit up the RNC and DNC… a joker was in denial;  but I saw he had an umbrella per Rihanna!

Another  joker was the darling of the industry!!  until TMZ caught them up in the drama!

….But it was just a test to see if he could stand the rain per New Edition!

Blessed and highly favored was the catch phrase from old girl down here in Decatur; acting like a brand new edition!

She was over on Candler Rd in the “stankin lankin” or Lincoln for the slow folks…looking at her lottery scratch off tickets…plus on the cell phone…she was holding up traffic!

I understand the mode;  it’s a test and only a test…. so I passed on the left;  at a high velocity; refusing to be held up in traffic!

But the euphoria or magic wears off;  I’m on I-20 in Atlanta stuck behind the Nissan Versa! some being recalled because of airbags

…Who knows how the story will go? old girl said it’s not becoming when one boasts and brags

…it might work for another! The funky drummer is drumming….that’ll work for this brotha;  as we put it down like this

Realizing this is a test and only a test; I chilled..refusing to be stressed;  as its going down like this!

All Up In The Spot….The Block Is Hot….Concepts Are Revisited..

All Up In The Spot….The Block Is Hot….Concepts Are Revisited...


al roker didn’t have to tell us about the weather….

All up in the spot!! it’s like Tripoli in Libya...they had my folk under siege!

Hows the weather? no need to check with Al’s hot like Hotlanta; the Lord some will besiege!

Some say whatever…but even though your homie is beige he rolls like a Black Panther!

…Affected by empty crack viles; smack syringes…empty Salem’s in the green pack!!  jokers on drinking and smoke binges; whose waiting on an answer?