The Reign Began With A Drizzle / But Now The Sun Comes Out..

The reign began with a drizzle….American dreams per Martin Luther King or nightmares? like Brook Benton mentioned its a Rainy Night In Georgia!

Just trying to maintain!!  thats the dizzle !!  actually I think its raining all over the world!!  not just in Georgia!

From Cairo Egypt to  drones over in Yemen;  pay attention!!  but some might be too broke to do it!

Stressed…but bragging and boastng…said they’re smooth like Karo syrup!!  that’s the deal man!!  it’s real man!!  there’s no joke to it!

West Coasting…reflecting.…as we all go through it!!  blessed….getting what we need and not what we want!

Acting like we knew it !!  but some still get their swag on!!  I see them front and flaunt!

Now check the all out manhunt!!  like for Edward Snowden in Russia granted asylum or maybe like for  Al Qaeda operatives!

Hollywood type actors and actresses pull stunts like its Elysium!  floating like they’re gassed up with helium!!  I know how a joker operates!

The reign began with a drizzle!!  now were caught in a storm!

God provided shelter from the helter / skelter as we unleash Sonic Assaults; but  this science is not the norm!

But soon the storm is  the Sun comes out…its moved to whatcha know? I’m dipping down I-20 in Atlanta…moving on to the next..

Wishing it was simple….who will understand a bruh?  when I mention life has gotten complex..

Rolling Through…At A High Velocity..But With The Speed You Need

Dipping through the universe swiftly….at a high velocity;  but I had the speed you need!

Slipping and sliding through the portal; knew how the sport would go…intergalactic like the light from the super earth  55 Cancri e …whats it all worth?  opposition is met like the Swift truck that will be in the way on I-285 in Atlanta; who’ll understand a bruh?  true indeed!

Its Spring time..during this May weather I plant seeds like the CIA planted an informant in Al Qaeda in Yemen…..whats up man? were soon enjoying the harvest!

But like I mentioned opposition is met; whats up with it?  I keep fighting like Floyd Mayweather Jr; why did they start this?

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