A Guy Called Gerald – Groove Of The Ghetto

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday, as July comes to a close..

August is on deck, this summer has been something else!! but to the occasion? we rose…

Augustus Caeser types will oppose but a funky drummer will compose the rebuttal..

Trust us, something funky is dropped plus this prose is on point!! word from a brotha..

Word from a brotha who cosmic slopped but still chilled in the hood / ghetto!! I didn’t let it go..

Listening to house music / techno from   A Guy Called Gerald ‎ with a track called Groove Of The Ghetto

A Guy Called Gerald – Survival

Digital Crate Digging Continues! Terrible / Terrific Tuesday is the venue…

Digital? analog? are you digging it?  positive? negative? what’s the perspective!  what’s on the menu?

What have you been through? positive? negative? survival is probably on the mix…

What it do? with the drum and bass track  A Guy Called Gerald  even mentioned Survival while in the mix..

Your guy kicks breakbeat science, business as usual on the Terrible / Terrific Tuesday….

Survival? that’s what’s on your guy’s mind, as those per the Hostile Takeover act brand new with me!!



1988 – 1993 House Classics Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! we’re checking out this 1988 – 1993 House Classics Mix courtesy of Rave The City Statenhall.  Just in time for this Throwback Thursday, or whenever!! Check out the playlist and the mix!!


01. 4th measure men – 4 you
02. a guy called gerald – voodoo ray
03. mk – burning
04. urban soul – alright (zanzibar mix)
05. andronicus – make you whole
06. eddy flashin fowlkes – warwick (remy & sven mix)
07. fierce ruling diva – amsterdam slide
08. blunted dummies – house 4 all
09. reese project – colour of love (mk remix)
10. todd terry – jazz anthem
11. inner city – pennies from heaven (reese dream-a-lot mix)
12. fingers inc – my house acapella
13. cls – can you feel it
14. sultans of swing – dance together (energizer bunny mix)
15. liquid – time to get up
16. ricky rouge – strange love
17. napoleon – fortuna
18. shi-take – (in the age of) perfect virtue
19. rené et gaston – vallée de larmes
20. dajae – you got me up (underground goodie mix)
21. exposure – party claps
22. bassbumpers – the music’s got me
23. sil – windows
24. cece peniston – finally (acapella)
25. trixxnixx – i’m hot for you
26. solitaire gee – slumberland
27. nux nemo – i feel it
28. penetration – flash
29. stereogen – hi-q
30. latour – blue
31. rhythm invention – chronoclasm
32. halogen – bliss (sky mix)