Insomnia – Deep Experimental Drum and Bass

Digital Crate Digging Continues as my Afternoon Jazz segments morphs into Saturday Night Fever..

We jazzed it up / hip hopped and even jazz – hopped!! the madness never stopped, did we believe it would?

Almost spazzed up in this piece, but there’s no need to catch and kill the story like the National Enquirer..

Almost razzed up in this piece, inside jokers almost broke us but they had their own issues that wouldn’t expire..

They didn’t praise us like Trump did Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, we keep clashing with the arch nemesis up in our face..

Trying to keep pace!! check out the playlist and the mix from this sound dropped by Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture  called Insomnia a  Deep Experimental Drum and Bass ..

0:00 – Nami – Characters

02:12 – DAAT – Meat Grinder (Justice & Metro Re-Grind)

04:43 – Sulex & Holly – Babarong

05:55 – Gyrofield – Technological Plateau

06:47 – Hyroglifics – Chitchat

08:18 – Conspired Within – Artifact

09:13 – Fearful – Shock

11:33 – Conspired Within – Emperor’s March

12:39 – Cypher – Ritual

16:10 – Kolectiv – Age Of Enlightenment

18:31 – Lockjaw – Human Research

21:37 – Icicle & Proxima – Deep Dreaming

23:49 – Mystic State & Kit Curse – Diablo

24:49 – Missing – Empire

26:23 – Mtwn – Mantis

27:17 – Obeisant – On Time

28:13 – Signs – Scanner

29:40 – Muted Hue – Impasse

33:53 – Taelimb – Breath Mint

35:43 – Ewol – Hesitate (Survey Remix)

36:49 – Amoss – Flex

38:17 – Bal – All City

39:56 – Arkaik – One

41:24 – Vulgarythm – Xenoglobin

43:15 – Beepo – Control

46:10 – Wingz & Nosfer – Shallow

47:38 – The Untouchables – Sour Face

50:35 – Halogenix – Bitter

54:24 – Hyroglifics – Delicate


Bah Samba – Reach Inside

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I like to call the Saturday Night Fever…

Afternoon Jazz was going down earlier, actually I’m on that same kind of vibe; please believe a bruh!!

Soon spazzing on another? naw, I’m laying low in the compound trying to chill out…

Soon razzing another? naw I’m playing something smooth; coming with the sound putting the real out..

How y’all feel out there? not rolling at 100 percent? like this track by Bah Samba, might have to Reach Inside…

Oh yes!! still on that house music / jazzdance vibe!! this is how a brotha is getting down doing this for the tribe!!



Chip Wickham – The Detour

Digital Crate Digging Continues  per my Afternoon Jazz segment…

Chilling out on a 90 degree day in Atlanta, understand a brotha; the dude is not negligent…

Shady dealing out here in Babylon? I roll up with a regiment playing funk, soul and house music…

…plus hip hop and jazz; that way a dude won’t have to spaz; the sound is conducive…

At the moment? this jazz exclusive from Chip Wickham with a track called  The Detour will play..

Check out the players and the track, this track is perfect for chilling!! your dude’s motto? let the music play!!

Smooth Jazz Session Mix 126

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Saturday afternoon, on what I call my Afternoon Jazz segment…

The saga / struggle continues!! it’s rough out here!! they say the unemployment rate is down from Blacks and Latinos but I’ll need to call in a regiment..

Some say Deep State elements are evident check the scenarios!! plus the old school Baptist preacher told me the devil will oppose us..

Digging deep in the crates for sonic artillery!! it can be old school / new school or next school!! O-Dizzle will even compose some, doing justice!!

So what’s up with us? we’re listening to Smooth Jazz Session Mix 126 courtesy of Smooth Jazz Nation Power

DJ Equip Mode is doing justice!! check out the playlist and the mix!! it’s good for this afternoon or any hour..

Track list:

1.Paula Atherton – Between Me & You

2.Marion Meadows ft. Lamar Gaines – Humanity

3.Boney James – Powerhouse

4.Chillaxing Jazz KolleKtion – Four Miles

5.Kool Klean – Dimensions

6.Nathan East – SeveNate

7.Oli Silk – Take Some Time Out

8.Rob Zinn – Blue Night

9.Cal Harris Jr – Soulful

10.Ipanema – fusion

11.Steve Cole – Intimacy

12.Valeriy Stepanov – Happy People

Jazzmatazz, Bilal – Certified

Digital Crate Digging Continues, a dude has an afternoon jazz thing going…

The saga / struggle continues, check the attitude; we’re going for what we’re knowing…

Still showing / proving on this jazz tip; genres might even get blended…

Still showing / proving slick like Michael Cohen? verdicts soon rendered?

We’re still trying to get open, listening to some jazzhop from  Jazzmatazz and  Bilal with a track called Certified

Check it out!! we had a notion preventing us from spazzing after we heard somebody lied..



Black Jazz Consortium –Forward Elevation


Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out some of this jazz / funk / soul from the Black Jazz Consortium with a cut called Forward Elevation…

The Deepblak Presents BLAKTROPOLIS Vol.1 project from 2008…check it out..

Source: Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Black Jazz Consortium –Forward Elevation

 Gerald Albright / Hey Young World

Sunday Jazz Continues……checking out some Def Jazz…listening to Gerald Albright…with his version of Slick Rick’s ….Hey Young World…its jamming y’all!!

Source: Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Gerald Albright / Hey Young World

Jeff Lorber / Can I get A

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out this Jeff Lorber interpretation of Jay-Z’s  Can I get A…

This is from the Def Jazz  project released in 2005…featuring jazz versions of hip hop songs….check out the players and the track…

Source: THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Jeff Lorber / Can I get A

Marvin Gaye – Right On

Digital Crate Digging Continues on some Afternoon Jazz business!! We’re checking out this classic from Marvin Gaye called Right On. This is from the classic Whats Going On album…

Right On really breaks down the state of the world around 1971 …..talking about the differences between the rich and poor, good and evil, love and hate,  and other socio /economic / political factors that are relevant to this day!! Check him out!!

Source: Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Marvin Gaye – Right On

 Arts The Beatdoctor / Laughs, Drinks, Jokes, Tricks

Afternoon Jazz Continues; checking out Arts The Beatdoctor  with a track called Laughs, Drinks, Jokes, Tricks. Sounds like he has the whole spectrum covered!! Anyway, check out the track!!

Source: Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Arts The Beatdoctor / Laughs, Drinks, Jokes, Tricks