Best of Nu Jazz Classics Vol. 2 – 2 h. Non Stop Relaxation Music 2023

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we come through on this Terrible  /  Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

We’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta after dipping I-20 in Atlanta like Eddy Grant on Electric Avenue trying to take it higher trying to make a play!

Oh yes! trying to make a play, taking time to pray then trying to manifest that terrific outcome then pulling out the drum for the celebration as we let the music play! 

Lab Techniques are enhanced as breakbeat scientific technology is advanced weaponized for the ongoing spiritual warfare my constituents will be able to “see what I say” .

Now check us out as we come through with no delay, Afternoon Jazzing! check out this Best of Nu Jazz Classics Vol. 2 – 2 h. Non Stop Relaxation Music 2023 courtesy of Irma Records!

Check out the playlist and the as we put it down like this!! getting breakbeat scientific? oh yes, it should be reflected in the records!!

Tracking List:

1 Sarah Jane Morris & Papik – Let The Music Play

2 Maestro Garofalo feat. Alan Scaffardi – These Notes 00:03:59

3 Silvia Donati & Belladonna – Ebatule 00:08:37

4 Amana Melome – Space Age Mama Mama (Fromwood Remix) 00:16:08

5 Henry B – June 00:22:47

6 Black Mighty Wax feat. Sarah Jane Morris – Shake Your Heart (Chili’s Freedom Re-Shake) 00:27:16

7 Lo Greco Bros & The Man With The Horn – Calling Back (Jazz 2 More Remix) 00:32:06

8 Soulstance – Waiting For The Sun 00:37:22

9 Fred Buccini – Marnie 00:43:40

10 Fromwood – Drive 00:46:49

11 Maestro Garofalo feat. Clan Greco – Tony Come Back 00:53:42

12 Lo Greco Bros – Funquero 00:57:48

13 Papik & Marvin Parks – It Feel Like Paradise 01:02:56

14 Soulstance & Jazz 2 More – What I Do 01:05:52

15 Acusmatic Group – Fish Food (Riccicomoto’s Barracuda Remix) 01:11:16

16 From P60 – Get Free 01:18:52

17 Giuseppe Milici & Neja – I Will Survive 01:26:11

18 David Florio – Keep On Turning 01:29:30

19 Vito Lalinga (Vi Mode Inc Project) – Nu Jazzid 01:33:47

20 Bebo Best & Magnetic4 – The Rhytmo 01:38:06

21 Soulstance & The Modern African Spirit – Land Of Love 01:41:28

22 Lo Greco Bros & The Man With The Horn – Naked Eye (Soulstance Remix) 01:47:37

23 Duran Y Garcia – Morgan’s Cafè 01:53:38

24 Agostino Maria Ticino – At The Garden In A Winter Sunday 01:59:00

25 Lovin’ Beats – What I Feel 02:02:24


The Jazz Renegades- All in the Mind

Sunday Jazz Continues as Sunday morning transitions into Sunday afternoon here in Atlanta!

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on, but we’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out here off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Local / national / international and intergalactic frontiers are explored, somebody will understand a brotha! still dropping this sound plus still writing: bending pain into poetry.

Acting irrational while caught out in the storm? the reign began with a drizzle! lightning / thunder, grieving rain? it’s rough out here, of course it’ll be!

Acting irrational? even angels cry after insight is provided. This poem? written before the sunrise, with twilight it collided.

Good and evil collided / coincided but we’re trying to maintain, like this track by the Jazz Renegades it’s All In The Mind!

Reinforced by Sunday morning type of business, dropping insights on trying to deal with that and this! it’s all in the mind!

Best of Jazz Fusion and Funk Music – Feel The Base

Sunday Jazz err wait a minute; Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Music Monday segment…

O-Dog Day Partying earlier, we’ll continue that vibe in another form or fashion, can you dig it?

….something tells me you will, kick back / chill; this shelter in place vibe is still going down, ignoring the thought and fashion police,  even though Trump and others seem to be through with Covid -19..

… a second shutdown on the way? meanwhile beats will bump we’ll put it down!! dropping this good word and the sound will play!! this is how we’re dealing…

Check the sound, we’re jazz funking listening to Best of Jazz Fusion and Funk Music – Feel The Base…

…it’s courtesy of IRMA records Official ; for the record? they’re jamming!! this is the link for purchases, check out the players and the tracks to see how we work this; from Milan Italy we’re on the case!!

Produced, recorded and mixed by Lo Greco Bros, Milano /Italy

Germano Zenga: Tenor Sax

Francesco Manzoni: Trumpet and Flugelhorn

Niccolo Cattaneo: Piano and Keyboards

Enzo Lo Greco: Bass and Guitar

Gianni Lo Greco: Drums and Percussion

Tracking List:

1 – Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation – Feel The Base 00:00:00

2 – Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation – Sweet And Salt 00:04:09

3 – Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation – Funky Doctor 00:08:56

4 – Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation – Power Of The Soul 00:13:19

5 – Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation – Crooked Hip 00:17:41

6 – Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation – Light From The Roof 00:23:09

7 – Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation – Most Of All 00:28:54

8 – Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation – Sweet Bread 00:33:23

9 – Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation Pressing Groove 00:37:40

10 – Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation – Warm Floor 00:42:58

11- Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation – Time of Joy 00:48:42

12 – Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation – Song For The Best 00:52:12

The Best of Acid Jazz Today

Sunday Jazz Continues!! we’re back on the set on this Sunday morning after a brief hiatus; dealing with consequences fate had for us…

Sunday? a day of rest / reflection; even the Lord rested on the seventh day, mentioned in  the last episode of Sunday Jazz with the Jan Hammer track; this is the bonus..

Blessed even though we get in our own way, knowledge discussed with the kinfolk at the home going ceremony for Dave Cee aka Nitt Pitino..

Stressed by the way these crooks / politicians play concerning the Trump Impeachment trial?  we already knew they were foul after peeping game / observing the scene bro!!

Blessed? O-Dizzle aka O-Deezy  is seen “going for what he knows”; tires screeched after he pumped brakes, now moving forward after getting his mind right per the 20 /20 hindsight..

Stressed? naw, chilling listening to The Best of Acid Jazz Today, courtesy of the Acid Jazz channel; check the playlist and the mix; in 2020? the mission is getting our minds right…

Check this out at The Best of Acid Jazz Today

Sweetback – Gaze

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza; we’re broadcasting live from out off of I-20 in Atlanta..

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on; getting over the hump? that’s the mission for O-Zone, understand a brotha?

Struggle / strife in this zone but it’s on! we keep striving, eventually arriving…

…at our predetermined destination overcoming the infestation per the arch nemesis being on the premises; we’re surviving..

Swerving!! O-Dog Day Day Partying earlier but at the moment bringing it down a little bit, listening to Sweetback with a track called Gaze

Serving that soul jazz meal!! some know the deal with Sweetback, Sade’s band!! check the vibe!! vocals provided by  Amel Larrieux   check out how it’ll go!! soon relaxed,  in a daze!!

Jazzanova ft Ursula Rucker – Keep Falling (Forss Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per my HumpDay Extravaganza segment…

The saga / struggle continues; getting over the hump is the business understand a brotha? we’re all eligible for it!!

The ineligible will be for or against it; some specialize in hustle knocking..

Oh yes!! they’re certified, I heard the lie they’re real special with it but so are we in our own way so we’ll keep rocking!!

We’re locking it down, dropping this good word and rocking the sound!! handling business before it handles us!!

Listening to Jazzanova ft Ursula Rucker with Keep Falling (Forss Remix); getting breakbeat scientific, that’s how we’ll handle this!!

Young Disciples – Apparently Nothin’

Sunday Jazz Continues, but excuse a dude; digital crate digging will be a factor..

Son!! spazzing would be the alternative based on how these jokers are trying to work it; but we’re chilling in the lab gathering battle plans like North Korea with a nuclear reactor..

We’re like North Korea testing weapons but they’re usually of the sonic variety consisting of vinyl, cassettes or CD’s….

..or even MP3’s check the swag / style / steez; check the Sonic Assault based on the hell that’s caught; man please!!

We can’t be at ease even though Trump said no recession is coming  /  remain calm, it’s nothing;  man please!!  it’s just  empty promises!!

We ease on down the road rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to the Young Disciples with a track called  Apparently Nothin’ as we confront that arch nemesis on the premises..

This is the Soul River mix, featuring Carleen Anderson on the vocals; check the players and the track, I’ve seen rivers like Nicolay and Kay so I’m not dealing with just the locals..

A survivor on Local / National / International and Intergalactic fronts while another acts irrational  / like a fanatic that fronts; O-Zone knows how a joker does..

Check this out at

Top Acid Jazz Music – The Jazz House Independent, Vol. 8 ( Acid Soulful Deep Techno House )

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Music Monday format; this is how it’s going down..

Chilling out at the moment; let the music play is my mantra / catch phrase!! this is how we’re getting down..

Chilling out at the moment; earlier? I was soaking up Taurus sun rays out in the hot ATL weather…

Chilling out at the moment;  the cloak and dagger thing has me questioning; who’s for or against us? but at the end of the day it’s like whatever!!

Shady dealing out there? oh yes!!  the evil opponent is on it!! I’m reflecting / contemplating while listening to Top Acid Jazz Music – The Jazz House Independent, Vol. 8 ( Acid Soulful Deep Techno House )

It’s courtesy of AcidJazz; is it the real thing? oh yes!!  providing Monday Motivation!! check out the playlist and the mix!! it’s going down like this,  when we’re all up in the house!!

01. Duran y Garcia – Un peu de jazz 00:00
02. AdrianoMaria – Io e te 05:27
03. Papik – Brivido Felino [Mark Di Meo Jazz Mix] 12:49
04. Quintetto Lo Greco – Time After Goodbye [Soulstance Remix] 19:27
05. Suz – Shield Machine [Noego Remix] 23:57
06. Belladonna – Jazzy Afternoon 28:28
07. Réseau – Abbey Song 33:18
08. Jazz 2 More – Feel It 40:29
09. The Brother Foster – Horny Rear 44:39
10. Papik – I Will Walk Away [Sounds of Soul Retouch] 49:16
11. Peepstyle – Sold Out 55:46
12. Lo Greco Bros – You and Us [Maniak Instrumental Mix] 01:00:08
13. Duran y Garcia – Jazz Vibes 01:05:37
14. D’Andy, Bodyles – Very Smooth 01:11:31
15. Dn3, Cesare Dell’Anna, Guido Nemola, Mauro Tre – Channel 3 [Decomposer Edit] 01:16:19
16. Ltj X-perience – Let There Be Groove 01:21:11
17. Réseau – This Is an Intro 01:26:48
18. Agostino Maria Ticino – At the Garden in a Winter Sunday [Guido Nemola Remix] 01:33:11
19. Aaron Tesser, The New Jazz Affair – Lights and Stars [Riccicomoto’s Solar Edit] 01:39:47
20. Jazz Reason – Brother Wind 01:46:23
21. DN3 – Silence 01:55:04
22. Dn3, Cesare Dell’Anna, Guido Nemola, Mauro Tre – Silence [From P60 Remix] 02:03:46
23. Belladonna – Jazz Dreams 02:09:10
24. Gazzara – Heaven [Jodadj Remix Instrumental] 02:16:22
25. Luca Ferrari – Summer’s Gone [Guido Nemola Minimal Jazz Remix] 02:23:03
26. Christian Faria,s Luigi Gori – Better Than You 02:29:51

Homeboy ‎– Control Yourself Cousin (NY Night Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Friday Night Fever!! I found me a new favorite song, this soul jazz / acid jazz / house music track from Homeboy ‎called Control Yourself Cousin (NY Night Mix).

What? who said something about a rare groove? This is it cousin!! Check it out!!

Jazz House Classics – 3 Hours of Deep Jazzy Soulful and Chilled House

Sunday Jazz Continues!! We’re checking out this Jazz House Classics – 3 Hours of Deep Jazzy Soulful and Chilled House courtesy of irmachannel1.

Ah yes!! It’s perfect for this Sunday evening or whenever!! Check out the playlist and the mix!!

Tracking list:
1) Duran Y Garcia – Heavy Piano (00:00)
2) Jestofunk – Be a Warrior (Barbon street rmx) (03:59)
3) Key Tronics Ensemble – Music You Got Me (Free piano mix) (10:39)
4) Deep Aural Penetration – Into the kick with Tito (16:39)
5) Sicania Soul – Starlite (Danny Krivit re-edit) (21:57)
6) Don Carlos – Take me higher (Yukihiro Fukutomi Instrumental mix) (31:20)
7) Arcoiris – Anno Zero (Belladonna club Remix) (39:32)
8) Duran y Garcia – Jazz Expression (47:13)
9) Belladonna & Delexy feat. Silvia donati – A new born day (53:23)
10) Don Carlos – House of Blues (59:53)
11) Belladonna – Black Jazz (01:06:44)
12) Amana Melomè – Caterpillar (Atjazz remix) (01:11:50)
13) Nona – The Sweetest Taboo (Quiroga rmx) (01:18:44)
14) Mozart & Master Freez – Let the music Move me (Funk Instrumental mix) (01:23:19)
15) Key Tronics Ensemble – House of Calips (Softh House Version) (01:28:34)
16) Polix – Get it (Nocturnal Dub) (01:36:54)
17) DN3 – Mojo Drums(01:41:44)
18) The Loop Experience – No More II (RhodBass mix) (01:47:36)
19) Sepia – Last tango in paris (original ballad) (01:51:42)
20) Black & Brown – Cool Affair (Eric Kupper Remix) (01:57:16)
21) Dom Um Romao – Sambao (Jerome Ibadan Deep House rmx) (02:04:22)
22) Gazzara – Spirit of Summer (Jon Cutler Distant Music Mix) (02:11:10)
23) Sure Pleasure – Spirit (02:17:55)
24) Be Noir – Love Themes (Instrumental piano) (02:23:23)
25) M – Swifty – Fly High (02:28:00)
26) Riviera Traxx – Gimme good love (Remix) (02:34:58)
27) Yukiro Fukutomi – It’s Just (02:39:22)
28) Hanna – Adam & Eve & the Serpent (02:45:32)
29) Belladonna – St Tropez Affair (02:52:14)
30) Brisa – Release (Main Pass) (02:58:15)
31) Sicania Soul – Life is a tree (tribute trio treatment) (03:04:35)