Black Jazz Chronicles – The World Will Rock

Sunday Jazz Continues, but so does the madness; but O-Dog rocks as the sound is dropped! per the ongoing spiritual warfare it will be weaponized..

Good jazz is on these menus, we’re back with this as Seasons / Reasons change per the Fall Equinox; don’t act surprised..

Plots and schemes are devised like the GOP push for Brett Kavanaugh as they bamboozled y’all; part of the Full Moon in Aries madness?

O-Zone jots down the word on the curb, it’s rough out here in these streets!! parades will get attacked like Iran’s so what’s up man?    we still came back with this!

Is this zone? we’re kicked to the curb but we came back with the Black Jazz Chronicles, so The World Will Rock..

It’s going down!! we didn’t curb the hooptie, the I-20 Chronicles are still here but in the meantime and between time the world will rock..

The Nostalgia 77 Octet ‎– The Impossible Equation

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! we’re chilling out in the lab checking out this future jazz / abstract jazz from The Nostalgia 77 Octet ‎–with a track called The Impossible Equation.

It like a classical music suite, clocking in at 22 minutes!! It reminds me of one of those long Weather Report joints!!

It’s like going on a bad trip; the first few moments / minutes your ready to turn around and go back!! But if you stay on the trip / maintain course  and keep moving forward you’ll find out you enjoyed it!! Sorta like life isn’t it?

My grandmothers favorite catch phrase?  *everybody ain’t able* some people won’t get this, but that’s cool!!  Like the song’s title? It’s an Impossible Equation.   The Nostalgia 77 Octet consists of the following *cats* or players.

Graham Fox – Drums
Riaan Vosloo – Bass
Benedic Lamdin – Guitar
Ross Stanley – Piano
Tom Allan – Trumpet
Trevor Mires – Trombone
Jonny Spall – Alto
Mark Hanslip – Tenor