Digital Crate Digging Continues as we set this Music Monday edition off; we’re going off!!

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on but once again it’s on! excuse us as we set it off!

Oh yes!! Music Monday is here, so it leads to another episode of this O-Dog Day Party!!

Let the music play!! to my people we’re prescribing / giving this medicine even though naysayers are meddling, I told them don’t start with me!!

Let the music play is my response to the madness!! doing this for my peoples worldwide!! for freedom? we continue to ride!! no need for opiates to get us high!!! that’s not how we’re living..

Warming my people up but I warned them about the temperature in this world; it’ll be cold and some will be shivering!

Check out what we’re delivering coming through with this WORLDS GREATEST 90’s DANCE MIX BY STEFANO DJ STONEANGELS

Check out the playlist and the mix, check out how we’re working this; working all the angles!!


Gala – Freed From Desire

Marie Claire D’Ubaldo – The Rhythm Is Magic

Playahitty – The Summer Is Magic

Maxx- Get A-Way

Ice Mc – Think About the Way

Culture Beat – Mr. Vain

Sash! – Adelante

2 Brothers on the 4th floor – Dreams

Fourteen 14 – Don’t Leave Me

Cleo & Marcus – Move Your Body

2 Unlimited – No Limit

Gyorgy – Let Me Get Down

Mo-Do – Eins Zwei Polizei Cabballero – Hymn

Netzwerk – Memories

Taleesa – Let Me Be

Da Blitz – Movin’ on

2 Unlimited – Jump For Joy