Burn Baby Burn!!

Reflecting…checking out the strobe lights at the disco inferno;  burn baby burn!

Disrespecting?  society is!! no Oscar Awards..or even Golden Globe awards ….please!!  I wasn’t on the runway!! they told me earn baby earn!

Disconnecting;  my priority? I kept it moving…Life Is A Marathon…I “doobie doo”  run away like the Roy Ayers joint!

…but collecting overdue charges after paying the price!!  boy please!!  were funds delayed like Sandy benefits for Hoboken by Chris Christie proteges? these players?  society didn’t anoint!

It’s all game!!  I realized that after soaking up game while I was all up in the spot!

Lebron James nor Michael Jordan was coming through that door!!  that wasn’t  part of the plot!

…or the story  in these games;  the sport is complex…but I was rocking Air Jordans..plus Rocawear jeans!

Hostile territory uniforms worn for the spiritual  warfare after observing these scenes!

The lesson?  like investigators figured out the Target security breachI learn baby learn!!  …after doing the knowledge!

CDs?  I burn baby burn!! check out the intergalactic funk… after the mothership  got good mileage!

As the world turns baby turns!!  life goes on…like Taliban attacks in Kabul..we learn how foul it can get..but there were plenty of good moments…

Burn baby burn!! that’s what I said  about the rubber on the hooptie as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta…understand a bruh…I’m up on it…