Nightmares on Wax – Back To Nature

Digital Crate Digging Continues as I take it back to the future on this Throwback Thursday!

The saga / struggle continues!! this hunter gatherer is hungry / thirsty on this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday…

Work will be put in, check out the by-product!! combo meals were served at the satelite station!!

A dude chills but the way we swerved was Local / National / International and Intergalactic!! it depends on the occasion..

As Pluto stations direct in Capricorn maybe we can play it like Nightmares on Wax and get Back To Nature..

Act like you knew bro!! word is born!! evil doers consider this nightmares on wax! we rebuke them! it’s not natural the way they play you and me!! God angry? Hurricanes Irma / Harvey and Maria display the force of nature..

Joe Zawinul and The Zawinul Syndicate – Zansa II

Sunday Jazz Continues!! We’re listening to some jazz / world music from Joe Zawinul & The Zawinul Syndicate with a track called Zansa II; Check out the players and the track..



Dele Sosimi – Turbulent Times

Sunday Jazz Continues!! oh yes!! we’re dropping a little something to help you get your mind right!!

Madness? the saga /struggle continues!!  pundits and so called experts provide the 20/20 hinsight..

Back with this! making sure mine is tight!! loose leaf and drumkits are how I work this!!

Back with this, during the proper timeframe!! rebuking systematic mind games is how I work this!!

Dele Sosimi ‎mentions Turbulent Times on this jazz funk / afrobeat track!! I’m in the amen corner like an old school church deacon…

Check out the players and the track as we bring it back!! it’s going down like this!! let the church say amen and amen again!!

Mr Raoul K – The African Government

It’s going down!! Trump headlined the RNC while Hillary Clinton reigns supreme at the DNC

It’s going down!! thumped upside the head by reality? so what will the choice be?

Poise needed to run the government, but drama? some are loving it, it’s an extravaganza!!

Mr Raoul K  plays  The African Government per this Afrobeat / house music / world music track, part of the #HumpDayExtravaganza..

The world is losing it!! understand a brotha? drama goes down from France / Germany to #BatonRouge to here in the #ATL…

The music? I’m choosing it!! somebody understands this / it’ll work for me!! a coping strategy that won’t fail…



Magic Malik Orchestra – Madness

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! It’s another edition of the #SaturdayNightFever..

Digital? Analog? those type of weapons are used on a non-believer, or an underachiever..

We see ya!! contributing to the confusion in the world, now from Baton Rouge to Minnesota to Dallas the drama has unfurled…

Playing my position!! not weak, curled up in a fetal position due to the Madness mentioned by the  Magic Malik Orchestra, on the turntable the track twirled…

Playing this Afrobeat track, as I *holla back* at those that orchestrate the Total Chaos; I’m outraged by the destruction….

The heatwave continues: #SaturdayNightFever part of the outcome? check out the track as we fight back, outraged by the corruption..

Johnny Blas – Picadillo (Carl Craig’s Extended Version)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this #FridayFeeling. We’re listening to some latin jazz / future jazz from Johnny Blas with a track called Picadillo (Carl Craig’s Extended Version). Let’s Go!!

Nu Jazz Instrumentals – Non Stop H.Q. – Two hours of music – lounge jazz house breackbeatz

Sunday Jazz Continues on Mother’s Day!! Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!! Hopefully these Nu Jazz Instrumentals – Non Stop H.Q. – Two hours of music – lounge jazz house breackbeatz will get everybody in the right frame of mind. Check out the playlist and the mix. Let’s Go!!

1. If I Had Said To You – Agostino Maria Ticino – (00:00:00)
2. Un Grosso Guaio (Dave Masoch Re-Jazzed) – Acusmatic Group – (00:03:01)
3. So Fine (Instrumental) [Bonus Track] – 2 Men 4 Soul – (00:08:45)
4. Cool Affair – Black & Brown – (00:11:25)
5. Miles 2000 – Modulo5 – (00:16:48)
6. Let’s Go – Low Fidelity Jet Set Orchestra – (00:21:16)
7. Heavy Piano – Duran & Garcia – (00:25:31)
8. Tony Come Back (feat. Clan Greco) – Maestro Garofalo – (00:29:34)
9. My Spring Will Not Return – Agostino Maria Ticino – (00:33:42)
10. Coffee Table Music – Modulo5 – (00:36:31)
11. Secret Lovers (Suonho Motion Capture Mix) – Acusmatic Group – (00:42:29)
12. Electric Boogaloo – Modulo5 – (00:49:37)
13. Very Smooth (feat. Lucio) – Dandy & Bodyles – (00:55:33)
14. Drink For Being Man – Agostino Maria Ticino – (01:00:21)
15. Dawn – Modulo5 – (01:04:07)
16. Pet Shop – Low Fidelity Jet Set Orchestra – (01:10:21)
17. 115 – Dandy – (01:12:56)
18. The Rustlers – Low Fidelity Jet Set Orchestra – (01:16:59)
19. Kyoto Blue (feat. Lucio) – Dandy & Bodyles – (01:21:49)
20. Night In Paris – Duran Y Garcia – (01:27:15)
21. The Original Sound – Low Fidelity Jet Set Orchestra – (01:33:06)
22. Value For Money – Low Fidelity Jet Set Orchestra – (01:36:44)
23. Focus On Sight (Dave Masoch Remix) – Modulo5 – (01:42:21)
24. Four Channel Sound – Low Fidelity Jet Set Orchestra – (01:47:40)
25. Tony’s Revenge – Maestro Garofalo – (01:52:19)
26. The Project, Pt. 1 – Low Fidelity Jet Set Orchestra – (01:54:26)
27. Fus-Ion – Duran Y Garcia – (01:57:18)
28. The Project, Pt. 2 – Low Fidelity Jet Set Orchestra – (02:01:57)
29. Jazz Expression – Duran & Garcia – (02:06:31)
30. Enigma (feat. Lucio) – Dandy & Bodyles – (02:12:41)

Ralph MacDonald ‎– Universal Rhythm

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! we’re checking out some latin jazz / disco jazz / jazzdance from Ralph MacDonald ‎ with a track called Universal Rhythm!! Check out the players and the track…

Backing Vocals – Frank Floyd, Tony Wells , Ullanda McCullough, Vivian Cherry, Zack Sanders  / Bass, Guitar – Eric Gale / Congas, Percussion, Electronic Drums [Syndrum] – Ralph MacDonald / Drums – Steve Gadd / Lead Vocals – Yogi Lee / Percussion [Additional] – Joe Brown / Piano – Richard Tee  / Soprano Saxophone – Grover Washington, Jr. Steel Drums – Robert Greenidge  / Strings – Al Brown*, Charles Liboue*, Gene Orloff, Guy Lumia, Jonathan Abramowitz, Julien Barber, Kermit Moore, Lewis Elley*, Marvin Morgenstern, Matthew Ramondi*, Maureen Gallagher, Max Ellen, Paul Gershman, Sanford Allen / Synthesizer [Oberheim A] – William Eaton / Timbales – Nicky Marrero

Hugh Masekela ‎ – The Seven Riffs Of Africa : Medley

Sunday Jazz Continues!! We’re checking out some Afro Beat / jazzdance from Hugh Masekela ‎ with  The Seven Riffs Of Africa : Medley. Check out the players and the track..