Laid Back / White Horse (12″ Version)

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out this classic /  phat track from Laid Back – with the White Horse 12″  ..if u wanna ride? ..don’t ride the white horse” ..check it out y’all !!

Jamie xx Boiler Room London x Young Turks DJ Set

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out this Jamie xx Boiler Room London x Young Turks DJ Set…only had a limited playlist…but I was checking out a comment on You Tube…per breevil

 “In fairness DJ’s often spend days, weeks, months digging for tracks to craft a special set. Although it’s nice to find out the names of tracks you love I think it should be up to the listener to actively seek out these and do a bit of their own digging and not have a list put on a plate in front of them, as a respect to the selector!”

…anyway….check out the playlist and the mix…..

[000] ?
[002] Lennie De Ice – We Are IE
[004] Bicep – Nova
[008] Real Lies – North Circular
[011] The Durutti Column – Otis
[014] Kyla – Do You Mind (Crazy Cousinz Mix)
[017] ?
[018] DJ Wire – Believe Me
[020] ?
[022] ?
[024] ?
[026] Jamie xx – Sleep Sound + Mike Skinner Acapella
[029] Freez – IOU (Ultimate Club Dub Mix)
[030] Jamie xx – Girl
[032] ?
[034] ?
[036] DJ Furious / Wiley – Lethal B Diss
[037] XTC – Functions On The Low
[039] Ruff Sqwad – Your Love Feels
[041] Wiley – Gangsters
[043] ?
[047] Nookie – Only You
[047] Jamie xx – All Under One Roof Raving

Rameses B – Ecosystem

Sunday Jazz Continues..checking out some chillout / electrojazz / future jazz from Rameses B -with a track called Ecosystem. This is track 2 of his new  ‘Reborn’ project. Get the album here:…   Or on iTunes:…

Innerspace Halflife ‎– Orbital Maneuvers

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out some acid house from  Innerspace Halflife -with this 4 song EP called  Orbital Maneuvers

The 4 songs on this EP are …Polar North  /Transmolecular Crunch  /Macrocosm Engineering and Laidover Check it out and Enjoy..

GQ Podcast : Multi-Genre Mix & The Noisy Freaks Guest Mix [Ep.124]

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out this GQ Podcast : with their Multi-Genre Mix & The Noisy Freaks Guest Mix [Ep.124]…check out the playlist and the mixes..

00:00 Astronaut – Rain (Centron Remix) [Monstercat/Disciple]
01:37 The Crystal Method – Over It (Bixel Boys Remix) [Free DL]
04:09 Yanntek – Moving On (Au5 Remix) [High Intensity]
06:11 501 – Inside The Machine [Never Say Die]
08:46 Favright – Funcats [Free DL]
13:09 Meta – Fringe Disco [Free DL]

19:23 The Noisy Freaks – Love Robot [Tasty]
22:34 Dads On Display – Do You Disco
25:09 Branx – Smoove Operator
27:04 The Noisy Freaks – Funky Kids [Tasty]
28:40 David Orton – Let’s Talk [Plasmapool]
30:15 The Noisy Freaks – Straight Life [Tasty]
33:30 Kill Paris – To A New Earth [OWSLA]
34:36The Noisy Freaks – French Club [Tasty]
37:31 Centron – Funk Me [Disciple]
40:25 Cash Cash – Overtime [Big Beat]
42:41 Lemaître – Steady State
44:25 Louis La Roche – Malfunction [Ever After]


Basement Jaxx DJ Set – Ministry of Sound, London February 15th 2014

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out this Basement Jaxx DJ Set – as  they put it down on Ministry of Sound Radio , London February 15th 2014


Soulstice ‎– Illusion

Digital Crate Digging Continues….on this Winter Solstice /  Venus retrograde in Capricorn day …this is supposed to be a turning point…

No better time than now to listen to Soulstice ‎– talking about an Illusion..hmmm

King Britt – A Foreigner No Longer feat. Rich Medina

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out science being dropped by King Britt Feat. Rich Medina  with the spoken word–with a track called A Foreigner No Longer…check out the track along with the lyrics

Lyrics: A foreigner no longer…(King Britt[beats] and Rich Medina [lyrics])

Life long the storm has rained and clapped thunder in face of the need to smile/ Good times usually follow sunshine and the opportunity of vacation from the occupational premise…/Here in this crazy world it seems like Americans live to work and Europeans work to live and the rest of the world just works for them. And democracy has failed itself once again by… Showing off the potential to power trip on the less fortunate…stateside or otherwise/ Giving birth to fear hatred and bigotry weighed on global scales for the lust of equity and the need to claim records sales of bumble crop crap and the control of the uncontrollable,…life In my country tis of thee, we have invaded pillaged and plundered our own for so long that we know no other way but to be self serving, afraid of all we do not understand…it’s a crazy place. Planet earth/ We know nothing besides these supposed quests for the best at all cost,…love, integrity, spirit, afterlife….don’t seem to mean shit when you calculate the American way of life into things Fuck it if it don’t make money and get all you can for free and complain at the idea of working for the rest. Land of the thief…home of the slave. As of today I have come up with a few candidates for potential assholes of the world/ All wiped clean by financial sunshine and a shady canopy of military leaves for the days when the heat is just too much… Shit! Free or not sometimes I hate this fucking place! Cause, I know how it cheats and cards and lies to serve it’s own purpose/ Though I appreciate my rights granted, those that have been taken from me are the ones I yearn for most,…the legitimacy of my freedom shrinking in a police state called Babylon also known as planet earth…/ A place where the leaders are the dent in a brand new vehicle/ And your home ain’t necessarily yours, no matter how much you paid for it…

GQ Podcast : Chill Mix & Centron Guest Mix [Ep.115]

Digital Crate Digging Continues…still in a chill mode…but picking up the pace a little bit.

Checking out the  GQ Podcast : Chill Mix & Centron Guest Mix [Ep.115]…..check out the playlist and the mixes…

00:00 KOAN Sound & Asa – This Time Around (feat. Koo) [Inspected/OWSLA]
06:44 Little People – Aldgate Patterns [Youth & Progress]
09:42 Rameses B ft. Meron – Underwater [Monstercat]
13:52 Singularity – Rift (feat. Jenn Lucas) [Play Me]
17:06 Mr FijiWiji & Tülpa – Sentient [Monstercat]
18:20 Koven – More Than You (RoughMath Remix) [Viper]
22:35 The Neft, Ellipse – Come2Gether [Plush]

25:48 Centron – Hey Charlie! [Disciple]
28:45 Centron – Funk Me [Disciple]
31:17 Centron – ??? [Unreleased]
33:30 Far Too Loud – Trailmixing [No Tomorrow]
36:24 Zomboy – Braindead [Never Say Die]
39:54 Centron – One Dollar Smile [Disciple]
41:52 Dodge & Fuski vs Culprate – Vice [Disciple]
43:27 Astronaut – Pinball [Disciple]
46:01 Zero Hero – Theme [No Tomorrow]
48:46 Culprate ft. Torqux – McFunk [Inspected]
51:04 Gramatik – You Don’t Understand [Lowtemp]