The Train Has Left The Station…

On the road again like Willie Nelson; the train of thought has left the college basketball the  ESPN analysts talk about our road record.

Constructive criticism?  negative feedback?  whose telling some to give the weed back!!  they were catching wreck with it!

The train wreck is fascinating for some…but this train of thought keeps rolling!! is hazard material  spilled?

The pain gets heavy!! but I knew the deally..this brotha chilled!

Time revealed like El Debarge; floating through the stream of consciousness…like a barge on the Ohio River.

Was it the trail of tears? Cherokee were here for years!!!! can’t believe somebody mentioned an Indian giver!

Meanwhile the Clarksville Indiana liver dipped across the bridge to Louisville to pull a caper!

A real winner!!  spotted at a concert..received the retribution…now on the six o clock news or in the newspaper!

Old girl said trouble doesn’t last always!!  it tapers off but it comes back!

The drama will unfurl; meanwhile O-Dizzle does CSI investigation on vinyl and cassette tapes…soon he brought the drums back!

Homie runs back upstate going back to Chi-Town he stated he doesn’t like Atlanta.

Not a home run hitter like Hank Aaron..former Atlanta Brave…meanwhile Obamas state of the union address was heard..similar to this good word..but they told O-Zone we don’t understand ya!

They ask me..where did the Mothership land ya? after I studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space….out there with the Discovery at the ISS ..told them I’m back down to the earth!

Wisconsin tries to break up unions ;  the response to them? we built at family reunions..we found out what it’s all worth!


Industrial Strength…Blue-Collar Style..


Hard work is put in!! blue-collar style!! mechanical engineering ; its industrial strength!

Dollar chasers make their pilgrimage;  but not to Mecca Libya they’ll disrespect ya!! …but they say they’ll go the length!

Go Speed Racers Go!! but out on I-285 in Atlanta? vehicles break down!! now they’re consulting with shade tree mechanics.

Plays were called by armchair quarterbacks!! but it’s after the fact..they’re just fanatics!

Playing the field!!  said its the real deal like Holyfield …thought I told you to study the mathematics!

Running game like Donald Rumsfield in Iraqi killing fields!! wearing full metal jackets.

Running rackets trying to get over like Curtis Mayfield singing Superfly if you win or lose don’t ask questions why!

Mechanical engineering industrial strength James Bond style Live and Let Die!

Social engineering is robust so try a little tenderness like Otis Redding!

Loathing and fearing is the deal with this baby girl even said I was a hater I told her history keeps repeating!

Entities were self-defeating others were dipping passing the baton like the Jamaican relay team.

Featuring  Usain Bolt others dodging the lightning bolt!! a faking Jamaican, just because they had dreads…everything is not what it seems!

It’s not the dreads but the mind heart and spirit!!  as I float down streams of consciousness rocking the baldy..industrial strength blue-collar style!

Peeping game..wasnt feeling the spirit some had blues like BB King from chasing a dollar…the situation is foul!

Whose sleeping in the game? wake that ass up…get your ass back to work…due to the mechanical or I mean social engineering!!

These brothas are deep in the game….O-Dizzle has the brand new funk…O-Zone has the good word…no more loathing and fearing…



The Lines Were Blurred..

Threw a quarter into the wishing place a bet on the lotto!

A brotha had a dollar and dream thing going..soon become a fly negro?

See me over Cairo reclaiming history that was stolen…rolling in a hooptie listening to Black Moon….“don’t know I got cha open”

History repeating?  they’re even protesting in Iran…as the world turns.. 360 degrees: with different technology…the defense attorney tried to use reverse psychology.. but Judge Judy denied the motion!

Somebody lied…said they knew about music…..said they knew about technology..they even got the promotion!!!  but now they can’t sign on to the system!

Entry codes and passwords were denied!!  ecological ignorance altered the fate..dude said he hates how he’s living!

Rolling in discrete modes…ghetto passes still valid!! they haven’t expired…based on not forgiving one for the past injustice!

Old civil rights movement pioneers died or retired!! but I still hear the slogan no peace and no justice!

Had it justice no peace is how it works but it’s still relevant!

My back hurts….plus my shoulders!! carrying the weight of the world that’s not benevolent!

Blue collar style!!  name written on my uniform ..smoke hisses and loud noises are heard!

Old school factory like Detroit or Pittsburgh mechanical engineering replaced by the social one…in the smoke and mirrors the lines blurred!

What will the factor be? the old winos speech was slurred when he asked for spare change!

Told him to leave the gray area..where the lines are blurred..check the spiritual warfare for the real change!

The Highs and Lows…

Highs and lows are navigated when floating through the stream of consciousness.

No lies!!  a bro knows were still hated..some even said were like Obama..a socialist or communist!

Social and mechanical engineering is rebuked when we come with this!!  the assembly line comes to a screeching halt!

Whatcha know? the indigenous were beseeching us!! so O-Dog nuked the apparatus with the Sonic Assault.

Hell is caught like Natalie Cole refered to some are bearing witness!

How were we trying to roll? so-called powers that be weren’t deferred to…a bruh wasnt with this!

In the last hours a vast majority will  rise to the occasion like it’s Egypt.. its a cast of thousands!

Some blasted on security!!!  praising one another in the bunker..saying they housed them!

What aroused them?  they rise up to the icon that was the judge,  jury, and executioner!

What aroused them? Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown weren’t acting like they knew ya!

Some are aroused by the players from Atlanta!!  gabardines..kicks by Stacy Adams and Steve Madden!

Prime Time players like Deion Sanders making headlines!!  X’s nd Os conceived like John Madden!

Who understands us?  whats happening ?some get played like X-Box or John goes down from Afghanistan to Sudan.

From the ATL to Louisville…whats the deal?  answers are in front of us…we have to do the knowledge man!

Going Through It…

I let them go through what they’re going through!! meanwhile we’ll make a comeback like Minnesota Vikings.. I’ll see them on the other side.

Already knew what it do!! acting like I knew!!  launching the Sonic Assault..for freedom a brotha will ride!

Get free and stay free is the motto..Republicans try to roll back progress to the 1950’s.. but we’re not slow..moving at a high velocity.

Staying on point..some said they did me a favor..had things layed out for me!

But it’s a setup!! so-called anointed ones will run and tell it!!  just to acquire favors.

But we get up to get down operating like Craig Mack working on brand new flavors.

Avoiding those trying to enslave us with variations of the 19th century.

Staying a step ahead!!  dipped in the Cutlass Supreme or the old school Buick Century!

….Regal..flying like an eagle…but didn’t take the money and run..word from Steve Miller.

I see ya little homie said!! …as I cut the corner listening to some old J-Dilla.

Big homie said he’s keeping it more “realer” than the average man!

Back in the day?  didn’t do the no skills were gained..that means no leverage man!

Adult beverages had the man staggering!!  the weed leveled everything off.

No swagger could a bruh bring!! plus the shot administered by Seven Counties up in Louisville supposedly kept the devil off!!

As I time travel off in this piece!!  might have mentioned…a mysterious traveler like Weather Report.

Down with my fellow travelers..mystery unravelers..knowing what it do and does up in this sport!

Back With It….Didn’t Quit…..

I couldn’t quit!! it’s still business as usual…just chilling out…check The Sonic for the details….The Brotha O is still Going All Out….without a doubt…check out Random Thoughts at to see what it do… we act like we knew…just rolling on the Train of Thought…check The Funk Seminar at to see what’s up…..

So What’s Really Going On?

………………..Trying to get my mind right..but there’s interference on the network.

20-20 hindsight is the fuel….it’s all game…whose cruising up in the Cutlass in the A-Town?..dude was trying to get work.

Coming through shining light…hardhat with the lantern on top in the Babylon wilderness..easy to get hurt in the darkness.

My kind aren’t right? admitted it..some of the family members will start a ruckus!!

Chicago Bear style!! Dick Butkus, Erlanger or Refridgerator Perry.

Whatcha know? spotted old the old player down here in Atlanta..fumbling to get to the 38..the style? khakis, polo shirts, and topsiders by Sperry………………………………..

Still in the boxing’s like the rumble in the jungle.

Still on the block..O-Dog will rock..O-Zone has the math..the podcast will rumble.

Hustles some knock..even old dude couldn’t get paid…mad atcha..fumbled to get to the 38 in his pocket..after the drama unfurled.

Hard to see in the smoke and mirrors..haters will rock this world.

Plus it’s raining all over the world..not just in Georgia …but a hater said whatever.

Word from Brook Benton..can’t put a dent in it..can we circumvent it?…out there in the bad weather.


Latest Updates………..

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Some don’t see the big picture…the system is shaking things up.. like an old school polaroid picture.

I’m thinking big…check this scripture…plus big beats by O-Dog in the mixture.

Trying to avoid’s similar to Iran…in these streets storm troopers roll up.

Trying to avoid rapture….takes more than Obama to inspire me…..God is in the blessing business…I protect my soul..the Mothership will rise up.

As I size up the wise and otherwise…..traffic is is full of junk.. how are they trying to roll?…so whats up?

It’s just a big waste…but we pick up the pace..rise up..revolutionary style…bumping heads with the corrupt.

………………………………………the following is from
Cruising down Covington Highway in Decatur Georgia..behind the stolen Chrysler 300.

Short dog and them are probably ready to pull a caper…that’s whatsup with them.

Dekalb County has a plan for them..soon the family will visit them at the county facility on Memorial Drive.

Or the state facilty at Reidsville..or mortuaries like Donald Trimble or Levitt Brothers..what’s up brothers? like Lakeside…this thing is all the way live…