Ninja Ninja Drum and Bass Podcast / Ninja Ninja Guest Mix: North Base

Digital Crate Digging Continues on Christmas Day!! We’re providing funk for the function per the Ninja Ninja Drum and Bass Podcast with the Ninja Ninja Guest Mix by North Base. This is how it’s going down!! Check out the playlist and the podcast.

1. North Base & Cynematic (feat) Mitch Dowd – Polarity – Viper Recordings
2. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – The Truth – Technique Recordings
3. Culture Shock – Rush Connection – Ram Records
4. North Base Vs ISVK (feat) Ragga Twins – What R U Doing – Trei Remix – Viper Recordings
5 . Cyantific – Outatime – Viper Recordings
6. The Prototypes – Hypacube – Viper Recordings
7. B.Motion – Arabia – Viper Recordings
8. Insomniax – Lunar Dub – Viper Recordings
9. North Base (feat) Mica Give U Up – Viper Recordings
10. Matrix & Futurebound – Glow Worm
11. The Prototypes (feat) Mad Hed City – Pop It Off – Viper Recordings
12. Noisia & Phace = Drawback – Critical Records
13. Decimal Bass – Work for Nothing – Playaz Records
14. Bluescreens – Clockaround – Viper Recordings
15. B.Motion – Bear Hug – Viper Recordings
16. North Base – The Call – Viper Recordings
17. Dimension – Panzer – MTA Records
18. Culture Shock – Steam Machine – Ram Records
19. North Base – Join The Dots – Hospital Records
20. Mob Tactics (feat) Joel Fender – Neon God – Viper Recordings
21. North Base – Extrimus – Worldwide Audio
22. Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit
23. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Outlaw – Technique Recordings
24. Brookes Brothers (feat) Danny Byrd – Climb High – Viper Recordings

We Thought We Were Doing Something PT.3

We thought we were doing something, but mistakes were made like the attack on Doctors Without Borders in Afghanistan..

We thought we were doing something; fakes lost track of their surroundings, now like Russian jets shot down in Turkey borders or boaundaries are crossed; where will they land?

We thought we were doing something, but jive turkey ass manuevers get us in trouble, some are reckless like Laquan McDonald shot down by the Chicago Police Department…

We thought we were doing something, eating turkey, collard greens and sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving while others are barely living: they can’t afford McDonalds, while feed the hungry programs claim they’re out there in the heart of it…

In Paris? drama unfurled plus more was on the way;  I told some I’m finished with ya!!  they act like they’re part of the conspiracy.

It was confirmed: with devil’s advocates we scrimmaged but hope never diminished;  I keep moving at a high velocity.

Diplomatic Immunity?   oh yes!! that’s per being God’s Property!! no weapons formed against us would work…

Dipped from the community, then I dipped back; spot me rolling down I-20 in Atlanta but who will understand a bruh?  who will be there when good and evil collide? could be a demon or angel, so how will it work?

Some act brand new with me, they say I think I’m doing something!!  meanwhile O-Dog’s funk stanks, but that’s how the groove will be as we proceed and continue..

We thought we were doing something;  actuallly we give thanks, we have a lot to be thankful for!! the Thanksgiving Day meal?  check this good word and The O-Dog Podcast for the menu..

We thought we were doing something: banks already count the proceeds from Black Friday as these consumers claim they’ve got to have it…

We thought we were doing something; ranks are full of those with wants and needs making plans; reality will unravel it

Find A Quiet Place

The old school Baptist preacher said find a quiet place so you can communicate with the Lord,  so I claimed some territory.

The new school Baptist tried to change the conversation so  like ISIS in Syria and Iraq the crisis caused mass hysteria!!! but I’m back,  in the background I hear enlarge my territory.

I didn’t change based on my observation, now this breakbeat science will tell the story;  word from a war reporter on the frontlines of spiritual warfare!!

Excuse me for being extra like Brian Williams when I read the TelePrompTer;  O-Zone will take it there.

No elaborations like Donald Trump or like Jeb Bush shut down by Marco Rubio!!   I won’t take it there like a wannabe warrior, a hand to hand combat cat that’s  bluffing.

No elaborations like Vladimir Putin concerning the Russian Ruble!! I won’t fake it out there in those streets, but I see  the wannabe player was handcuffing.

Collaborations broken due to ego disputing? I won’t fake it out there like David Ruffin types leaving the  Temptations.

Collaborations broken due to ego disputing? Paul Ryan the new Speaker of he House said we have to pray about that!! I won’t fake it out there when things get rough son,  even when I’m low on rations.

Situations have  hearts and spirits broken, so I strengthen my relations with the Lord after I find me a quiet place.

Instigations out here in the heart of the danger zone had some broken!! I was chilling but who’s rolling up?  damn!!  jokers won’t be quiet in this race.

Now some want to be mad like Ted Cruz vs CNBC,  jokers won’t be quiet in this race, I guess a hit dog will bark…

You win some and lose some, you feel me? after we find a quiet place we’re back in the race!! O-Dog unleashed the Sonic Assault when we come back; the mothership? on earth is where it wlll park..



This Is How It’s Going Down : But I’m Just Saying!!

This is how it’s going down / this is what it do; but I’m just saying.

This dude is still down for the cause,  but meeting opposition like Vladimir Putin as  ISIS in Syria is  attacked by Russia; this brotha felt the pressure, so I’m just praying.

Mentioned earlier my battle cry was Lord Help! Lord Help! That’s how I’m playing this.

Who paid attention? I was trying to help the masses with this breakbeat science, check out how I’m saying this..

Who paid attention to what was going down or were they too broke due to economic conditions?

Companies supposedly hired more employees in September but we’ll see how that works out:  meanwhile GOP Presidential Candidates said give me the rock like the Nike T-Shirt but they were  just a bricklayer;  I’m just saying!

Dude said *gimme the rock, the heroin or the go fast*  he was just a suburb dweller dealing with the wannabe goodfellas over in the Bluff in Atlanta.

…Soon the home of Atlanta Falcon constituents due to Arthur Blank money, he’s rollling with the real  goodfellas,  understand a bruh?

Did dude / G Money understand a bruh? who did he think I was?  while giving thanks to the Lord  he walked up on me asking me did I consider myself a good person?

Where did the mothership land this brotha?  was he some kind of guide or messenger? dude seemed to have good intentions but he was interrupting me, while I was writing this sermon!!

Dude seemed to be preaching to the choir like the Seventh Day Adventist that came knocking at the door this morning,  or maybe like Kim Davis vs Pope Francis? I told them God is still working on me, he’s not through with me yet..

We’re all out here approaching that last hour!! this is how it’s going down, I’m just saying!! we kept it moving even though we had to sacrifice:  we didn’t stop and we didn’t quit

Courtney Pine – Children Of The Ghetto

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! We’re checking out some soul jazz from Courtney Pine -with a track called Children Of The Ghetto. Check out the players and the track…

Ninja Ninja Drum and Bass Ninja Ninja Podcast 013 Mixed By G.H.O.S.T

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! once again it’s on!! we’re checking out the Ninja Ninja Drum and Bass Ninja Ninja Podcast 013 Mixed By G.H.O.S.T. Perfect for this Tuesday night or whenever!! Check out the playlist and the mix…

Grooverider – Rivers Of Congo
Nausika – Dominion
Krust – The Last Day
Code 071 – dubplate remix
Hydro – The’ Bomb Shit
Digital, J Bionic, Horrific James – Hellraiser (“In The End” London To Ipswitch Mix)
Total Science – Out of Touch (Source Direct Remix)
G.H.O.S.T – Viracocha
DJ Trace – Final Chapter (Chronic Mix)
Amoss – Crab Stance
Lenzman – Paper Faces (Ivy Lab Remix)
Loxy & Resound – The Hour
MartianMan – Keep Your Dread (Double O version)
Hyroglifics – Each & Every
Skitty – Spanglers
Nucleus & Paradox – Break North
Battery – Essence
Mantra – Ursa Minor
Earl Grey – Bermuda Triangulated
Loxy & Gremlinz – The Grouch
The Untouchables – Septimus
Pennygiles ft. – Looking In
Spirit – 107
Nebula – Rare Delight

Reality Checks ( It Was Like A Hot Message Delivered)

The Hot Message was delivered!!  like previous episodes at the Navy Yard per Aaron Alexis lessons are taught!! now we’re realizing that we’re worthy of better than this….

We shivered out in the cold per the polar vortex, realizing the sport is complex!!  now we go hard per the Spiritual Significance In This Operation, as we manifest that worthiness..

Opposition met as we cash these reality checks!! who’ll work with this? was going to chill out in North Carolina on the beach but there’s too many shark attacks!!  just in time for Shark Week on the Discovery Channel?

Opposition met as we cash these reality checks!! who’ll work with this? things are Out Of Control / but God Is In Control!! the Brotha O will roll on!! he told himself he’ll make it!! but soon lights blink on the instrument panel!!

Indicators on the panel say I’m stuck!! the mothership has landed!!  will we make it?  check out the Donald Trump reception due to the demographics..

Stressed about it? naw man!! we fight back!! O-Zone is writing code like he was computer programming and O-Dog is in funk mode he wasn’t slow jamming!! check the weapons used when dealing with these fanatics…

Out here!! In The Mainstream Of Mathematics aka Reality cashing these checks after receiving the *Hot Message* now check the mode of Transportation / Transformation…

Street and DaVinci Codes interpreted!!  Deja Vu like Denzil Washington?  some will overdose due to the overload of information..

Meanwhile we cash these reality checks just in time for Fourth of July!! Racing against the clock? check out the pace when we rock!! we roam the universe, moving at a High Velocity…

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, while some visit Confederate monuments in Stone Mountain fascinated by laser shows,  meanwhile due to laser like vision Dylann Roof types are spotted putting on shows!! who’s part of The Conspiracy?

Who’ll understand this brotha? O-Dog is in the lab!! he’ll pull tones, bass, treble, samples and other sonic tonics after the Hot Message was delivered!!

Reality checks are cashed!! that’s what we use!! O-Zone provides prime examples of the Ice Age after he shivered!!

Philadelphia International All Stars / Let’s Clean Up The Ghetto

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we’re checking out this classic soul jazz from the Philadelphia International All Stars with Let’s Clean Up The Ghetto. This was an all star group consisting of  the following artists on Philadelphia International Records; of course MFSB is on the beat; Let’s Go!!