“Vinyl Sessions Vol.18” (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Thankful Thursday edition!

Throwback Thursday is also acknowledged the mothership gets good mileage so here we are once again enjoying this blessing!

It’s a blessing to be here so while we’re here we’re putting it down like this dropping this good word and the sound from our remote outpost out here off of I-20 in Atlanta!

A lot of moving parts here this weekend, with the NBA playoffs per the Boston Celtics!

Plus the Janet Jackson concert and even Taylor Swift is in town I didn’t have to run and tell it!

But we will celebrate it, what? life as we set this O-Dog Day Party off with “Vinyl Sessions Vol.18” (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey

Check out the playlist and the mix, y’all should know what it do; all the way live is how it’ll be!

Check this out at “Vinyl Sessions Vol.18” (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey


4-Hour Deep Afro House Music DJ Mix by JaBig (123 BPM playlist: Relaxing, Studying, Gym, Running)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues, check us out as we come through with this Music Monday segment!

The saga  / struggle continues as life goes on as the toil and strife goes on, we’re all eligible for it!

It’s that old “if it ain’t one thing its another” principle! I¬† enjoy the Janet Jackson pleasure principle more!

Frankie Beverly and Maze mentioned Joy and Pain, also hip hopped by Rob Base so like ESPN and the NBA playoffs we already know the score!

Somebody will feel me when I proceed and continue, going for more as this 4-Hour Deep Afro House Music DJ Mix by JaBig (123 BPM playlist: Relaxing, Studying, Gym, Running) plays in the background; it’s the soundtrack for life!!

Check out the playlist and the mix, get into it and get involved so you can enjoy life!!

Playlist Tracklisting:

Native Bush Trinidadian Deep

Touch It Trinidadian Deep

Native Revolution Trinidadian Deep

Tek Soul Trinidadian Deep

I Want Trinidadian Deep

Speak To Me (Trinidadiandeep Instrumental) Brie Boateng

Come Back To Me (Trinidadian Deep Remix) JayMoss Crew

Journey To The Light Stephane Attias, Trinidadian Deep

Caribbean Love Trinidadian Deep

Atmospheric Boogie Trinidadian Deep Erotic Dub Rockas Trinidadian Deep

Sonic Fusion Trinidadian Deep

Electric Boogie Trinidadian Deep

Ghost Trinidadian Deep

What It Is Trinidadian Deep

Lovin U Deep Trinidadian Deep

Dear Owen Trinidadian Deep

Native Tribe Trinidadian Deep

Italness Trinidadian Deep

Across My Mind Trinidadian Deep Remix Missing Soul

Again Trinidadian Deep

Yoruba Path Trinidadian Deep

JFG 1 Afro Cubist

Island Juju Trinidadian Deep

Abourisha Trinidadian Deep

Lovers Moments Trinidadian Deep

Move Yah Ting (Timmy Regisford Edit) Trinidadian Deep

Dub Fyah Trinidadian Deep

Cold Blooded Trinidadian Deep

Dub Yah Rub Trinidadian Deep, Native Bush

Ruff Way (Afefe Iku Remix) Rhythm & Sound w/ Tikiman

Exotic Drums Ron Trent

Obi Trinidadian Deep

Inside You Trinidadian Deep

Natty Dread Trinidadian Deep

Missing Chant Trinidadian Deep Dub Wendel Sield

Rooted Cultured Bashment Trinidadian Deep

Ninja feat. Ninsun Poli (Trinidadian Deep version)

Jay Tripwire NorthernLi Trinidadian Deep

FULL VINYL | Beats, Rhymes & Beer ūüćļ | Neo Soul Set | JMET

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this HumpDay Extravaganza!

Y’all should know how it goes, if not? check us out as we broadcast live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Somebody will tell a brotha its rough out here from Atlanta to your area to even Memphis where it seems hell has froze over on the day of the Tyre Nichols funeral; acting brand new with ya? no, but the broken one is still exposed. 

What? that broken spirit? jokers were once wild and carefree but now I see they’re no longer composed. 

Blossoms of love? oh no! like the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville says the devil is opposed so those blossoms never grew/ materialized. 

The cool / cruel climate wasn’t right but due to climate change and these earthlings acting strange I’m not surprised.

That’s cool, check out how we work things coming through with beats that bang our prizes to this world!

We’re coming through with this¬†FULL VINYL | Beats, Rhymes & Beer ūüćļ | Neo Soul Set | JMET courtesy of The Moment! check out the playlist and the mix!! O-Dog Day Partying / Afternoon Jazzing, simultaneously rocking the world!

ūüéß Track List

00:00 | Intro

00:04 | Common / Come Close (inst.) [2002]

03:36 | Ron Trent / Never Too Far [2011]

05:51 | Yolanda Johnson / Individual (inst.) [2006]

08:31 | Adriana Evans / Blue Bird (Feet Remix inst.) [2007]

12:19 | De La Soul / Thru Ya City (inst.) [2001]

15:08 | Toni Braxton / You’re Makin’ Me High [1996]

17:32 | Keith Sweat / Twested (Sweat Shop Party Remix) [1996]

20:53 | N’Dea Davenport / Bullshittin’ (inst.) [1998]

24:05 | LSK / Hate or Love (SV Remix inst.) [2000]

25:52 | Waajeed / Starz [2003]

29:19 | Dabrye / First Law of Nature Rock Day [2018]

32:37 | IG Culture / Black Renaissance [2012]

35:59 | Andres / Step Pattern [2009]

38:03 | The Big Payback / Blue Berry Weed (inst.) [2007]

40:03 | Jaguar Wright / I Can’t Wait (inst.) [2001]

42:23 | Georgia Anne Muldrow / Bronx Skates [2019]

44:32 | JMB / Jamal # 156 [2008]

46:15 | Pete Rock / Stormy Weather [2005]

48:24 | Amp Dog Knight / Over U (33 inst.) [2005]

51:17 | Bilal / Love It (inst.) [2001]

54:20 | 50 Cent / 21 Questions (inst.) [2003]

56:06 | Silhouette Brown / Get With It (inst.) [2010]

57:49 | Zero 7 / Distractions (DJ Spinna Remix inst.) [2001]

1:00:58 | Domu / It’s You (inst.) [2006]

1:03:21 | Georgia Anne Muldrow / Blackman (inst.) [2006]

1:04:34 | Sa-Ra / Wonderful [2007]

1:06:48 | Slum Village / Players (inst.) [1997]

1:08:06 | Flying Lotus / Message Situation [2007]

What’s The Real Story? (Part Six)

O-Zone? they said I was meddlesome / nosy but your dude is just¬†trying to do the math…

I’m asking, what’s the real story? everything is not rosy / hunky dory; right now? it seems my people are feeling the wrath…

O-Zone? multi -tasking, funk and good word dropping; your dude is not quitting / stopping¬† rolling along this path, ¬†as we proceed and continue…

Limelight basking? naw, we’re¬†blue collar with it¬†rebuking a chef in hell’s kitchen that had meals that lack nutrition on the menu..

Crime tight! ¬†bashing the law / constitution like¬†Trump / Barr / McConnell check out how they flow; so what’s the real story?

Alright? ¬†so, what are me and my constituents supposed to do? beats bump as we jump over the bar that was put up to make us fail in this hostile territory…

Check this out at What’s The Real Story? (Part Six)

Funky Groove Jackin’ House By Cole 2020 (Happiness)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Music Monday, no NBA basketball or March Madness due to the coronavirus but we’re still trying to run a play…

…plus we’re hunkering down on this rainy afternoon in Atlanta; ¬†¬†self quarantining / social distancing y’all due to the coronavirus, ¬†but we’re loving from a distance y’all; the motto? “Let The Music Play”

Dropping that funky sound O-Dog Day Partying! going the distance dropping this sound and this borderline belligerence..

Dropping that funky sound O-Dog Day Partying! out there / out of distance / out of order with mine? that’s what the accusation is..

….this music is the medicine while in the heart of thing!! listening to¬†Funky Groove Jackin’ House By Cole 2020 (Happiness)

Check out the playlist and the mix as we do the damn thing!! we’ll enable the O-Dog Day Party skill! ¬†this sound might be the recipe for happiness..

Check this out at Funky Groove Jackin’ House By Cole 2020 (Happiness)

DJ Shadow & The Groove Robbers – Entropy

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza; we’re hunkered down in the lab..

…due to COVID -19 aka Coronavirus, the shot clock hasn’t expired on us like NCAA March Madness or the NBA season so we’re unleashing this sonic rehab..

Reality is not playing this thing is serious! just in time for Aries Seasonand the Spring Equinox?

The deally? good music is playing, some can see what I’m saying like I can see what they’re saying; O-Dizzle will rock!!

…checking out some classic hip hop / turntablism from DJ Shadow and ¬†The Groove Robbers with a cut called Entropy

…. Its the B-side to his collabration with Asia Born (aka Lyrics Born)’s “Send Them” single (1993) / classic material; ¬†dope? oh yes, that’s what it’ll be..

Check this out at DJ Shadow & The Groove Robbers – Entropy

Mr Raoul K – African Paradigm (Kuniyuki Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday or even a New Music Friday; whatever you want to call it..

..also a Fabulous Friday in spite of the circumstances we’re still out here taking chances slowed down by Coronavirus? hard to ball with it..

….even the NBA ¬†and the NCAA March Madness can’t ball with it; somebody asked me what’s up? told them I can’t call it; right now? it’s all God’s Plan…

….per Drake? the struggle is real it’s not fake!! madness methods are developed it’s all part of a bigger plan..¬†

Brakes aren’t pumped the saga / struggle continues aka life goes on!! the perspective of this dude, an African descendant?

Coming through, it’s going down from the Ivory Coast to Germany to Japan to here in the ATL; we’re listening to some afrobeat / house music from¬†Mr Raoul K with a track called African Paradigm (Kuniyuki Remix)

Check this out at Mr Raoul K – African Paradigm (Kuniyuki Remix)

Caught Up In The Middle Of The Action (Part Ten)

Caught up in the middle of the action on this Throwback Thursday , check it out!! down I-20 in Atlanta I swerve.

Caught up in the middle of the action; who’ll work with me? just solving the riddles or trying to at least act like I knew! the scene? ¬†I observe.

Caught up in the middle of the action, but trying to hide that last nerve;  but damn!!  these earthlings are trying to find it.

…so they can get on it; ¬†sick like the Coronavirus? ¬†a highly medicated Trump tried to take charge, but ¬†damn we need more than a travel ban; any cure for it ?¬†¬†we need to find it.

Blinded by the light like Manfred Mann and the Earth Band? some will understand the Throwback Thursday reference.

Blinded or lit after drinking it?  what/? Gil Scott Heron mentioned the Bottle!!  a WCLK Morris In The Morning Throwback Thursday reference.

Check this out at Caught Up In The Middle Of The Action (Part Ten)


Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, but your dude will get all retro – futuristic…

Astral traveling / Time traveling / Mystery unraveling, so who’ll work with me? acting all brand new with this?

It doesn’t matter what your brand is, your bandwidth will be hit up by this!! it’s going down from the ATL to Rome Italy..

…all spots are covered in between, some will know what I mean and I know what they mean; “I Can See What They’re Saying

GOP coverups with plots / schemes that bothered the scheme of things? like Trump at the Prayer Breakfast with the arrows he slings, claiming championship rings instead of praying about things? meanwhile we get breakbeat scientific good word dropping with the good music playing!!

Any love up in this piece? even Snoop Dogg is mad at Gayle King for shade throwing at Kobe; meanwhile you should act like you know me as we get breakbeat scientific good word dropping with the good music playing!!

Serious about this we’re not playing!! listening to this¬†TECHNO FEBRUARY 2020 CLUB MIX courtesy of¬†Stefano DJ Stoneangels

Serious about this we’re not playing!! checking out this Euro techno after getting to the roots with the Detroit techno from Juan Atkins and Model 500; check out the playlist and this mix as we keep it 100, O-Dog Day Partying / doing the math working these angles!

Check this out at TECHNO FEBRUARY 2020 CLUB MIX

Methods To The Madness (Part Five)

We’re trying to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza; we may need new and improved methods to the madness..

My dude Young Nitt mentioned doing that Hump Thang, may he rest in peace / power / paradise; “it ain’t nothing nice” but we’re back with this..

The attitude? back with it keeping the Legacy going like it was a Subaru so what it do? check us out, being retrospective per being introspective;per the coronavirus areas are disinfected.

In 2020? there seems to be a weird energy,  20 /20 hindsight used to get our minds right;  insight gathered after being disrespected.

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta understanding that it’s expected per the ways of the Babylonian.

Rolling!! methods to the madness developed as ¬†the saga / struggle continues; ¬†life goes on / toil and strife? ¬†it’s on once again.

Check out the rest of this article at Methods To The Madness (Part Five)