It’s Going Down…But Were Ready To Wrap It Up… – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster

It’s Going Down…But Were Ready To Wrap It Up… – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster.

ts going down; but were about to wrap this thing up like it’s Macy’s gift the service desk..what’s up with this? it’s like the Atlanta Falcons running their plays…I can’t say that I like it!

Its going down; we’re at your service with this..but we were told to accept the status quo; they said it is what it is!! some were in comfort zones..unlike Libyan rebels I can’t say that they’ll fight it!

It’s going down like the Arab Spring …now we’re into’s the weather? some are scared of revolution…they said whatever..they might have to sacrifice!

…But they already do that due to the bad’s going down!! things were bad from Europe to America ..what can I tell ya?  “it ain’t nothing nice”

We’re broke but still paying the price ….just trying to wrap it up…shut it down and try again tomorrow…but some had to think twice; what it do? they’re soon swept way like protesters at Occupy Portland …they should have already knew!!  they should have saw how it was going down!

…Some will peep game; now taking Loose End’s advice…they’re slowing down!

The Wishing It Was Simple Mix

The Wishing It Was Simple Mix.

What it do? I’m back handling this breakbeat scientific business…right now were in survival mode…one of my earlier episodes mentioned that life is hectic….indeed it is..bear witness to how complex it is…but what’s my motto? we proceed and continue…we just wish it was simple…that’s what this mix is about….for further details check my blogs at and at …this is how it’s going down!!!

Dedicated To The Truth Mix PT.2

Dedicated To The Truth Mix PT.2.

Once Again It’s On….BreakBeat Science Is Dropped..These Brothas Are Dedicated To The Truth…Truth Or Reality As We Know It…As We Go For It…Putting It Down Like This!! Dropping This Sound plus we have the good word at and also at check us out!!

Chilling Out….Low Key…The Blogster Edition – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster

Chilling Out….Low Key…The Blogster Edition – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster.


I’m just chilling out; low key with this!! that fact was mentioned in other areas!

Real with this thing!!! outside soaking up October sun rays just at the moment the Sun moved from Libra to Scorpio; checking the scenarios!

Not Hunting For Red October ;  I’m too busy going for what I know!! observing the scene from the barrios to the ghettos; from Wall Streets to settlements in the Palestine!

Whose liberated like Libya? they ask me..what’s the deal with ya? told them I’m dedicated to the truth and reality; but some will get foul with me because I’m going for mine!

Searching for proof; Scorpios are like that!! digging in the gold mine like San Francisco 49er’s wasn’t beneficial!

Whose broke? owing the banks plus the company stores..whose rolling with low creditscores..were the ratings official?

Let’s Keep This Thing Going PT.2 – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster

Let’s Keep This Thing Going PT.2 – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster.

As we proceed and continue; what’s on the menu? the race goes on..R.I.P Dan Wheldon; let’s keep this thing going!

True indeed; breakbeat science is on the we go for what we’re knowing!

Flowing through the stream of consciousness in the old beat up broke down hooptie trying not to draw attention!

Low key with it; but I spotted Hector with the immigrant status up in the GMC Denali with rims on it..riding down Buford Highway in Atlanta..packages with controlled substances were delivered…in another way?..he was also trying not to draw attention!

What will the style be? we checked the doors and windows of opportunity; these dual dimension navigators exercise diplomatic immunity; now they’re falling through!

Checked the scores on ESPN for the NBA; what? don’t tell me  they’re locked out!! I guess plans are falling through!


THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Low Key PT.3….. Laying In The Cut

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Low Key PT.3….. Laying In The Cut.

Check me out..I’m low key with it; chilling on this so called Columbus Day..dude got lost and discovered America? in love or war whose fair with ya? meanwhile I’m just laying in the cut! 

Wise to the whole set up..the okey dokey; who knew what the inside joke would be?  Coptic Christians in Egypt said they’re like me..I’m not playing around with the corrupt! 

What’s up with it? check out this Coptic script..or maybe more like Nubian Letters…breakbeat science is in full effect… I broke free from the locks and chains; might Occupy Wall Street..haters say y’all will meet defeat…once knocked down; now I get up and put it down like this! 

Check out this don’t stop get it getter!! but low key with it…laying in the cut…but broken English is manipulated by O-Zone; plus O-Dizzle rocked the sound; as we put it down like this!




Options get weighed like I was getting ready for a boxing match! 

Word from Mayweather or Ortiz!!!!  please!! O-Dizzle is coming out fresh with a brand new batch! 

May weather signalled the start of summer madness; it’s over with!! now we fall through…but we continue to catch hell like Natalie Cole!

Haters say whatever..probably misinterpreting signals like virus infected drones…now O-Zone is  back with this forensic rhetoric…as we proceed; holla at us if your ready to roll!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Narada Michael Walden : I shoulda loved ya (remix)

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Narada Michael Walden : I shoulda loved ya (remix).

Sunday Night Jazz continues…lets give the drummer some…Narada Michael Walden is one of the baddest!! ….Narada Michael Walden is a drummer, musician, singer,producer, songwriter whose career has spanned three decades…while researching one of my earlier posts with the drummer Billy Cobham I kept seeing his name pop up on a lot of songs…check this one he put down..this track has a more funk / disco vibe to it than the straight ahead jazz….check it out!!