It Was All Messed Up…

Everything was messed up; malfunctioning !! somebody needs to hit the reset button.

Astrologers blamed it on Mercury being retrograde in Aries or something!

But now its moving forward like I try to be!!  where did you find me? just cruising down Candler Rd in Decatur Georgia!

Cruising in the hooptie;  truth be told?  winning and losing is the mode; so I’m not trying to start with ya!

Choosing the assignment? change agents will dearly depart ya keeping Donald Trimble busy.

Or maybe AD Porter up in Louisville; whats the deal? some should know how the quiz will be!

Bubble in the circles on the scan sheet  so it’ll be processed in the machine!

Whats up with a brotha? rolling in the donk, box or bubble…whatcha know?  going in circles like the Gap Band; defeat or victory?  winning like Charlie Sheen?

TSA will screen passengers looking for folk on the no fly list!

How did we play? no longer with the gangsta lean !! but the apparatus or machine thinks I’m too fly with this!

I’m not trying to lie with this breakbeat science; rebuking the smoke and mirrors…let the truth be told!

Who’ll try to cry about this or that?  found out the truth; this world is cold!

To tell the truth? this and that were getting old so we proceed and continue.

Winning or losing?  this good word and brand new funk are on the menu!

Whatcha been through?  I know everything is messed up whose stressed up in this piece?

Cursed or blessed up in this; minus justice and peace?


You Heard?

Work is put in blue-collar style; as we hit you up with this!!  its like clockwork!

You heard? it’s like an old school factory…smoke hissing; machinery running….for some its awkward!

You heard?  broken beats and English used to release the pain and anguish…now that works for us!

You heard?  Syria is having a day of defiance…bearing witness to the cliché no peace no justice!

Actually the cliché is reversed; heard tribe members say were cursed!!  but that’s mind games being played!

Roles were rehearsed like Hollywood ; accountants do the numbers…. CEOs weren’t swayed!

Some cursed and prayed at the same time singing a Song of Ice and Fire.

The flavorburst revealed the Ice Age ; had to sip coffee or drinking Sam Pelligrinos because of the fire.

…..On Buford Highway in Atlanta ; damn!!! gringos are cutting up was overheard!

Thats word from Adolfo in reference to immigration laws passed by Georgia ; is it the final word?

Meanwhile this good word is dropped; O-Zone has a whole sack full.

Any interference like Stuxnet with Iranian nuclear systems?  some folk will act a fool!

Loathing and fearing about this!! like safety at Japanese nuclear sites because of the earthquake tsunami?

Checked the social engineering taking place; worldwide is where the drama will be!

Checked the scenario whats the deally?  mechanical engineering is used!!  industrial strength breakbeat scientific principles are implemented!

You heard? act like you knew a bro!!  steering the mothership to a safe haven safe harbor; coming real with it!

Busting A Move

What’s the move? it’s not the Royal wedding guest list..but confirmations were received..reservations are in place!

Meanwhile a con burned bridges; rolling like Gaddafi..who deceived the masses? I  wasn’t with it!! I had my reservations; I kept some out of my face.

Acting like I’m out of the race but actually I’m like the Boston Celtics..I’m in it to win it!

Back up in this thing!!! keeping pace but disrespected; society tried to  play me like a dimwit!

Some are wishing and hoping that hopes diminish for my folk; we even argue among ourselves like Tyler Perry vs Spike Lee..whose wanting us to go backwards?

But we continue to move forward like time; soon some see how that works.

But on the menu was pain and anguish;  some see how that works!! but a punishment glutton likes it!

I see them waiting all up in the spot that’s as dark as nights get!

These breakbeat scientists fight it!!  battles take place like it’s Syria or Yemen during spiritual warfare!

Old girl on Broadway in Louisville said you don’t know?  you better find this or that!!!  told me that in love or war nothing was fair!

Why go there?  she said…but I told her life is full of ups and downs plus old dude had the old cliché ;  you have to take the bitter with the sweet!

Clowns were to the left of me and jokers to the right like the Stealers Wheel song..little dude told homie don’t let me catch you out in the street!

Alt shift delete was the plan ready to be implemented; now so-called authorities have juice!

“It aint nothing nice” …who’ll pay the price in these hostile territories?  please!!  were like Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers busting loose!

Putting It Down Like This…

No justice no peace came to mind; Arizona immigration laws remind me the situation is obvious.

….Just us receiving a little piece of this and that….a haters main objective was to stop us.

….Or have us drop out of the race …not getting in it like Milt Romney..they’re wanting us to quit or forfeit.

As we lay it down….putting it down like this!! we take a look around..whose for it or against it?

Pain and anguish is felt during the ongoing process; but hustlers keep hustling and the players keep playing!

From bumpkins country like turnip greens to ATLiens so fresh and so clean as I was observing the scene!!  so whatcha saying?

Intergalactic with the steelo of aliens playing intergalactic funk on the podcast!

A fanatic will oppose rolling with Satan ; hating!!  they werent like Keith Sweat trying to make it last!

Trying to destroy the past and present so theres no progress.

Troops? a hater will deploy like Afghanistan or Libya …whats the deal with ya? I spot another hot mess!

We wont quit or stop this as we proceed and continue!

Whats the deal? a question I ask myself;  the good word and brand new funk is on the menu!

Whatcha been through? somebody told me the drama was the real deal like Holyfield!

Whatcha been through?…excavation crews try to tear down whatcha build?

Whats the deal with it? circumstances are debatable!

Being built or torn down? some didn’t turn the level of scorn down…some continue to show hate a bro!



Cuz tried to holla at me down by the Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta ; asking me if I had spare change!

….Had his buzz on!!! that other other was what he’s on;  had to admit he was ready for change!

Like Libyan army commanders defecting……acting strange these days..but back in the day a heavy hitter.

Two cars and a home out in the Atlanta suburbs; rolling through fronting on busters and herbs; he was a don’t stop get it get it getter!

It gets better…everything was enhanced with herbs from Jamaica and powder from South America…Grey Goose to rinse it down; in the ATL Mexican Cartels get down!! its Outta Control.

The job market dried up…now mind blowing decisions were made like Heatwave; now some will lose their soul!

Whatcha knowing? whose Bustin Loose like Chuck Brown when they roll through the ATL?

Whatcha knowing? as we get down….putting it down like this... using this breakbeat science; we have a story to tell!

A story about how easy it is to fail in Babylon ; falling for the okey doke!

A bruh had a story about being homeless; being played like a joke.

Caught out there ; moved overseas; cars repossessed, homes foreclosed on.

Caught out there;  it’s no joke!!! the devil is opposed!!  word from the old school Baptist preacher; once again its on!

Old dude from the old school can teach you a thing or two about the flip side!

The attitude? when down to Plan Z some will flip for freedom..they’re ready to ride!

Others aren’t that shrewd; as they slip and slide trying to survive in Babylon!

This good word is dropped..but some think I babble on!


Back In The Mix Again….

Back in the mix again..back in the game!!  wasn’t trying to go there; but it’s about freedom like Libyan rebels…I was pulled back in!

Back to the Dirty Tricks days of Richard Nixon!!  haters still find a black man to blame; even GPS tracking them!

Noticed that  Trick Bags stay full!! the system plays a fool… Robert Palmer told you about them.

Rags to riches stories tell us about American dreams; but I see I always had my doubts about them!

Championship teams like Duke will rout them!!  but even they’ll get beat!

Motherships rolling through streams of consciousness conduct surveillance; spotted some whose mission is alt shift delete.

Trying to see your defeat; jokers will get greasy like Church’s Chicken.

Or maybe Popeye’s or Bojangles up in Charlotte ; like the one on West Boulevard!!  homies front like they’re hard…but noises make them scatter like chickens.

As I write these prophecies like Charles Dickens epiphanies are cleared off the rack!

Whose stopping these?  authorities say I wasnt given clearance for that!

Stopping us in these hostile territories in our pursuit of freedom!!  there’s interference with that!

The hot style is enhanced by social engineering; loathing and fearing is the by-product of that!

Rebuked by industrial strength mechanical engineering!! please!! the brand new funk and the good word is the by-product of that!!  as we proceed and continue!

Out in space….steering the mothership to a safe haven safe harbor;  rocking the venue!


The Mission Statement…Funk Is Dropped

Funk is dropped; but that’s our mission!!! old girl from the old school will start spraying Lysol!

You know the deal!!  O-Dizzle cosmic slopped like school and relics…its the Sonic Assault !! spraying those that got foul with y’all!

Haters want to see us fall like Libya…remind me of Sinister Bar Sinister!

Talking about I’m gonna get you next time!!  after we win!

A starter and a finisher!! wearing an old school Washington Bullets Starter cap; Chocolate City representative?

Pulling a caper like Marion Barry?  then gaining redemption..whose acting tentative?  there’s no exemption for that!

ATL another Chocolate City?  little homie told me I need to keep it pimping player!!!  I need to go all out for that!

Out in the street there’s no’s a long war like Gaddafi says …plus its like that in the government and corporate world;  but some will fall for that!

Dont let me catch you out in these streets were the instructions given to Gus or Herb!

Thought they were latching on to stars in the galaxy; ..but it was the okey doke per the word on the curb!

Plus dude thought he was rolling like Peaches and Herb, Ashford and Simpson or maybe Jay and Beyonce!

Materials were found to be hazardous;  like the food contaminated in Japan…what will the response be?

Spiritual significance in this operation…but first responders will be on the case…but it was a set up!

Our response was with the Sonic Assault!!! these brothas can’t let up!

Wise to the set up!! what’s the deal?  the saga /struggle continues.

Work was put in up in souls kitchen…check out our mission… the good word and brand new funk is on these menus.

Industrial Strength….Blue Collar Style Pt.2


What’s the style..what’s the busines?….check the Blue collar style..industrial strength; whose strong-arm muscling?

It’s beyond the inner city blues that makes you wanna holla like Marvin Gaye!!! beyond plan A or B..going the length!! caught out there!! needing the Strong Arm John Foy; caught hustling.

Similar to rustling cattle out in the Wild Wild West during cowboy days!

Drama is robust!!!  bustling like in Libya..whats up with ya I was chilling listening to the mix DJ Cowboy plays.

Whats up with ya?  going all out….Hollywood or bust!!  beyond a Ghetto Superstar.

Heard Mya, John Forte and old Dirty Bastard!!  meanwhile word from the dastardly was heard; something about raising the bar!

Who pressed the button to activate the glass ceiling? now some are boxed in!

Wasn’t impressed with a punishment glutton; it’s like the rumble in the jungle.. dealing with the champion in a ring is where they’ll box in!

The system stressed but we rocked them with the steady bombardment!

….conspiracy theories were confirmed whose playing a part in it?

Were out there in the heart of it!!! sonic revolutionary card-carrying members!

Playing a part in it the solution ; using the sound…the sonic assault dismembers!

Caught out there in the spot where old dudes with members only jackets on!!  drinking brown liquor talking about back in the day!

….Remembering the time when we fell in love like Michael Jackson’s joint; Eddie Murphy was all up in the video!

Remember the mind the Lord blessed me with!!  no weapons formed would hurt a bro!


…On Some Other Other..

They were on some other other; how did I know? because I was on some too!

Whats up with this brotha? usually dropping breakbeat science…basically I’m just trying to make it do what it do!

Whatcha going through? drama is similar to Libya. somebody was peeping game…they see your having trouble!

It’s a world full of it like Lou Rawls said!! what’s the deal?  it’ll have you crying like the Miami Heat!! watch the stress double!

But you’ll be blessed double for your trouble at the end of the day!

As I blast off into the universe like a Discovery Space Shuttle; studying the Dark Mystery of Time and Space.. but somebody will get in the way!

Authorities supposedly on the case!! but I knew how they play…like old school baptist preachers suggest I govern myself accordingly.

They had me knocked out for a minute!!  but I did the math..I knew what the order would be!

Looked at charts and maps; knew where the border would be.

Superior Court will be where some land then convicted by a jury of their peers.

Superiority complexes in the sport had some on the trail of tears.

Just like Cherokees; down I-75 I dipped in Jeep Cherokees..O-Zone steers the vehicle towards Atlanta!

A brotha is all the way live like Lakeside when I creep!!  but they told me we don’t understand ya!

Kicked to the curb; now a bus runs over me!!  they threw me out there…it could be Marta or even the short school bus!

Word on the curb? don’t start with a bruh!!  you know there’s no justice or peace…it’s just us!

Caught out there on some other other I spot the rest of the travelers.

….they’ve got us coming and going but were mystery unravelers!