The Knowledge For The Day? Find A Portal To Slide Through..

The Knowledge For The Day? Find A Portal To Slide Through...


Whats the knowledge for today? if your kitchen isn’t clean don’t talk about anybody elses!

My advice? find a portal to slide through;  like us….good mileage when rolling on the Mothership; old girl said go on with your bad selves!

We were rolling like the Endeavour now back on terra firma; what’s the word from a bruh? we studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space…what’s the knowledge for the day? noticed the masses were malnourished due to meals prepared by chefs in hells kitchen!

Spanish cucumbers?  what will some succumb to? seminars and classes are conducted; now we refurbish the infrastructure…they were trying to corrupt ya!! that’s how were living!

A corrupt one like Ratko Mladic thought we were forgiving and forgetting; but it doesn’t work like that!

Whats up with this one? O-Dog will rock it!!  a peace envoy…but in some circles trust was broken; its like that!

Please!! I spotted the convoy trying to roll up like wagons that circled in the wild wild west!

Haters plotted and schemed; didn’t know we were highly favored and blessed!

The schematics are wrong; its blessed and highly favored…I have it backwards!

The fanatics stressed!! even the stock market will drop..some said you don’t quit and don’t stop!! if its not about a euro or dollar? folk were hustling backwards!

They Weren’t Checking For Us…Didn’t Realize It’s A Hood Thing…

They Weren’t Checking For Us…Didn’t Realize It’s A Hood Thing….

They weren’t checking for me;  I wasn’t rolling on the bus with Sarah Palin..but  mentioned before..that could be a good thing!

At the end of the day? you’ll get thrown under the bus!!  they’ll feel the energy; what’s up with this entity? some will recognize that this is a hood thing!

…..Spotted the wood grain in the old Buick Regal after I played it like Steve Miller;..they see me flying like an eagle!

…..Knowing a hater would bring the pain like Ratko Mladic; they were supposed to be a legal eagle!

In the hood chasing a brotha with a blood hound or beagle; plus the Ghetto Eagle or bird was flying high; scoping things out with the infrared!

Whats good? a brotha kept ghetto passes up to date!! I knew the apparatus would have some misled! 

Whats said? the streets keep calling me even though my number is unlisted!

Caught out in these streets?  it’s like NATO vs Hamid Karzai; the drama will jump off after its revisited!


Playing Baseball

Playing Baseball.

Took the first pitch it was over the plate; strike one! ..swinging at the second pitch and missed; strike two!

What it do? there will be no strike three; please believe me!! I’ll play it like Maury Wills..I’m getting on base even if I have to bunt.

Ooohh I like it was heard from Switch or Debarge; who’ll end up in a ditch? once large and in charge during the hunt!

A snitch pulled a stunt like it was Hollywood; some might resign like Jim Tressel; the situation is making it hard on all of us!

A switch was hit; button pressed….now the hottest in the hood called on us!

Plus the streets called us; numbers are unlisted but they reached us on the hotline!

Things heat up like Miami; I did the numbers…the consensus was I’m a hot mess with mine!

Listening to Quincy Jones Body Heat; bitter taken with the sweet…the defense? I press with mine like UNLV, Arkansas, or Georgetown from back in the day!

Astro turf on the other side of the fence? that’s the deally!! I saw some rolling like Curious George; were they back in the way?

The circumstance; whose keeping track of how they play? can’t be a ease.. we almost lost Detroit per Gil Scott Heron!

The circumstance? old school street scholars were still in the game; flipping weed, coke and heroin!

The Misled; Waiting In The Dark Mix PT.3





The Misled; Waiting In The Dark Mix PT.3.


Once again it’s on!!! another episode of the O-Dog Podcast..summer is here..based on The Memorial Day Holiday…the unofficial start of for The Summer of 2011? The Summer Madness Series from the Brotha O-Deezy….A Summer full of new mixes….breakbeat science is in full effect!! We’re gonna kick things off with this Misled ; Waiting In The Dark Mix…so called prophets, pundits and experts claim they have the key to peace and everlasting life..but they’re just out for profits..that’s how they do they get work…but this Sonic Assault will break up the network!! Our previous episode The Smoke and Mirrors Mix let you know what it do!! check out this mix!! also check out and …for more breakbeat science check us out at and at …thanks for tuning in!!

What’s The Deal? A Question I Keep Asking Myself….PT.8 – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster

What’s The Deal? A Question I Keep Asking Myself….PT.8 – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster.


Whats the deal?  damn!! that’s a question I keep asking myself!

Trying to keep squares out of my circle; damn!! a bruh can’t get any rest!

Whose gonna pass the test? it’s not a scan sheet with multiple choices on to leave high school you don’t have to take it..this brotha is riding for freedom!

Whose riding with me? some talk a good game like Ratko Mladic ..I see them but wouldn’t want to be them!

Hiding behind the tough or boisterous talk like the so called WizardofOz behind the curtain!

….Or the so called Wiz per Diana Ross and Michael Jackson; all up in the action? at the end of the day whose hurting?

Read the fine print and clause in the contract; dealing with shady ones similar to Hamid Karzai; knowing for certain were dealing with a weird entity!

Solitary confinement is self imposed; please!! unlike Janis Joplin they weren’t taking another piece of my heart!! I was feeling the weird energy!

Winds of change were blowing like the tornadoes in Joplin; or down south!

Strange like home girl Cameo talked about; but some like it..they even followed her down south!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Where’s The Duct Tape? The Structure Is Falling Apart

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Where’s The Duct Tape? The Structure Is Falling Apart.


The structure is falling apart; who has the duct tape? please!! even the plumbing is stopped up!

Whats up with ya? during the home invasion up in North Carolina?  tied up with duct tape…plus Georgia is a corrupt state…even the  janitors and custodians stayed busy; the floor is mopped up!

Scores are given by O-Zone like he was ESPN reporting on Lebron and them;  might try to start something like Howard Cosell did with Muhammad Ali..feel me!! plus O-Deezy hip hopped up in this peace!

Residing in the danger zone like were dealing with Al Qaeda in Yemen...we didn’t hold our breath waiting on the madness to cease!

Wasn’t waiting for answers up in this piece!! questions will answer themselves!

Dancers and critical thinkers are both mesmerized by the funk we pulled off of shelves!

What’s The Deal? The Sonic Assault Edition.

What’s The Deal? The Sonic Assault Edition..

Floating Like The Space Shuttle Endeavour

Floating Like The Space Shuttle Endeavour.


Its like the Clash of The Titans but haters didn’t know they were dealing with a bruh that’s a professional.

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie listening to Dashboard Confessional!

Dashing through the universe like the Endeavour; moving at a High Velocity but with the speed you need!

Intergalactic with it….studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space…also local and international with this thing..but rationing resources like oil is soon a high priority; true indeed!

Didn’t beg borrow or plead for sympathy like Hosni Mubarak…or BB King; even though  I have a blue style!

Rolling down I-20 In Atlanta listening to Alice Coltrane Blue Nile!

This is not a new style; reflecting on when the crime boss chilled in Louisville at the illegal club; he had a Tina Turner type Private Dancer!

Now rocking a new style; dude wasn’t a fast learner; went from a crime lieutenant to just a private; now looking for an answer!

Even Beyonce is a Tina Turner 2.0 without the Ike; like Digital Underground she’ll do what she likes.

What will the response be? I’m still Po Pimpin like Do or Die ; even had to throw away my bootleg Nikes.

Doing The Knowledge…As Usual

Doing The Knowledge…As Usual.


Assets and liabilities get quantified; Pops told me somebody lied; so we did the knowledge!

Reality issued a lot of checks…society disrespects; so whose really sanctified? who will acknowledge?

The banks lied!! stated they needed bailouts like Greece; now profits are phat and all that! 

The O-Dog funk stinks!! plus it’s not Doomsday but these prophets will try to call that!

Noticed others will fall for this and that!! they believed the homie Harold Camping  when he said he was doing the damn thing!!

Now there’s no happy camping; we have to crawl!! or things come to a stand still due to karmic repercussions that the damned bring!

Whats up y’all?  the landfill hid the damned things!! evidence was discarded!

Whats up y’all? what becomes of the broken hearted now departed?