How Did We Play?

How Did We Play?.


excerpts….As we proceed and continue; the drama doesn’t quit or stop!!

As we proceed and continue….O-Dizzle the funky drummer doesn’t quit or stop…

…..That’s his response…once again it’s on…bear witness to the steady bombardment of the enemy position…

Similar to Mumbai..but it’s all love…that’s how we play..once again it’s on!!..dropping this good word and the brand new funk is our mission...

How did we play? doing the mathematics like addition and subtraction…no need to change the answers like Atlanta we expose what an ill faction is up to..

How did we play? no confusion like the debt ceiling talks…during the ongoing Smoke and Mirrors show a hater stalks..fanatics are having a field day with new and improved methods to corrupt you…

….Hump Day …”Gotta Get Over The Hump” …Special Edtion.. – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster

….Hump Day …”Gotta Get Over The Hump” …Special Edtion.. – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster.


rying to get over the hump..on this hump day..trying to breath free; you feel me? outside catching my’s storms like the Midwest ..I’m getting some fresh air!

Dude said its like breathing God’s breath; now refreshed!! now ready for the ongoing spiritual warfare!

As we go there; what’s the deal with him..was I chilling like a the La Familia chief?.. but pulled out of the game!

As we go there; no rest for a justice no peace..old dude said its all game!

Realized we’re all to blame; prayed to the Lord to help us all!

That’s also my battle cry; others stayed in pursuit of the prize ..they were trying to ball!

Now one call that’s all is heard on the TV commercial from the lawyer down here in the ATL!

…Others learned to call on the Lord after coping strategies fail!

No bridges were burned…didn’t cut and run … I sail under them or fly over them!! now back with these prophecies..some self fulfilled!

As the world turned; gamblers were out for a fast buck; who has the good cards? I peeped a slick one dealt!