The Summer Madness Project Of 2011 – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster

The Summer Madness Project Of 2011 – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster.



The Summer Madness Project of 2011 is going down as I write off to an early start; the Solstice is not until June 20..but we’re already dealing with the madness!

Is it a bummer? spotted shade-tree mechanics as they work on defense mechanisms; they’re all up in the spot!! a lot of confusion like Tripoli!! it’s where reason gave way to madness!

….don’t trip on me…not in the Hummer on I-75 on the way back from Detroit …we were rolling in the Chrysler 300.

Not a drug runner….don’t get stereotypical!! please!! the stereo is not typical…break-beat science is transmitted live during the crisis..some are done with it!

Whose on the one with it? the higher the earth shakes and oceans flood like Japan’s drama ; new recruits are signed up!

Its like the workforce development agency in your state where the unemployed are lined up!

Life is hectic; should be expected…of course it gets messy!! but troops are deployed to the front line!

….Strife when dealing with a fanatic? should be expected…it’s like talks with the Taliban ..whose saying contracts with us are null and void? they tried to front on mine!


Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Al Up In The Spot…The Block Is Still Hot…It’s Smoking!!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Al Up In The Spot…The Block Is Still Hot…It’s Smoking!!.


All up in the spot!! who’ll understand a bruh? damn!! I’m back at the scene of the crime!

Out here in Hotlanta aka Niglanta per the bigots; please!! not a damn thing has changed…you should know how it gets….especially when I’m seen with mine!

Who’ll understand a bruh? as we all deal with the deception…will there be an Immaculate Conception? please!! all up in the spot? we couldn’t be at ease!! damn!! it seems like The Adjustment Bureau is running things!!

What’s up with a brotha? all up in the spot..the block is hot….laying in the cut..some thought I was done with things!!

What’s up with another? what was the reception? chilling down here in Atlanta ..a bruh spotted the thought and fashion police..

What’s up with another? the saga / struggle continues..chefs in hell kitchen were preparing meals that lacked nutrition…it seems the morale is low..we couldn’t be at ease!!

What’s up with a brotha? please!! your homie wasn’t fresh and clean with mine…wasn’t rolling  like OutKast..slamming Cadillac doors; please!!  I’m up in the hooptie or I  might have to catch the 86 Lithonia like they mentioned!

During the ongoing Inception The Sonic Assault will blast on the podcast!! Summer Madness Project is underway!! some are broke put need to pay attention to it!

All Up In The Spot….The Block Is Hot….Concepts Are Revisited..

All Up In The Spot….The Block Is Hot….Concepts Are Revisited...


al roker didn’t have to tell us about the weather….

All up in the spot!! it’s like Tripoli in Libya...they had my folk under siege!

Hows the weather? no need to check with Al’s hot like Hotlanta; the Lord some will besiege!

Some say whatever…but even though your homie is beige he rolls like a Black Panther!

…Affected by empty crack viles; smack syringes…empty Salem’s in the green pack!!  jokers on drinking and smoke binges; whose waiting on an answer?

Cold Chilling…It’s All Natural..

Cold Chilling…It’s All Natural...

excerpts…….A bruh is cold the ice maker in the refrigerator…its all natural; sitting on my front porch catching the nice breeze! ..

But this world is cold…word from a hater!! drama is as large as William Refrigerator Perry was..whose back with you? the winds of change were blowing; did we need to change our steez?

The train of thought is rolling..but did we need to ease on down the road like The Wiz with Michael Jackson and Diana Ross?

Who’ll front or floss like Wiz Khalifa  at Barneys  but still treated like nobody..or did we need to hold down the fort like the chairman of the board? Tupac back? bossing like Rick Ross!

Maintaining; wasn’t fronting and flossing!! please..that just makes you a target!

The opposition gaining on you as you look over your shoulder? like Syrian troops  gaining on protestors.. showing the knack from the ATL to Louisville;  from Cincinnati to Charlotte!

Or maybe in the heart of it from Islamabad to Baghdad;  from Tokyo to Chicago!

Its going down cousin!!  holla if you here me!! word from Tupac…as O-Dizzle will could you not know?

How could you not go with the flow somebody asked me? I told them it wasn’t natural!

I was at the service desk…products,  goods and services reflected shoddy workmanship; act like you knew!


..As We Put It Down Like This…..Knowing Life Is Hectic… – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster

..As We Put It Down Like This…..Knowing Life Is Hectic… – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster.


Knowing life is hectic …that’s why dude was alone again naturally like that pop song by Gilbert O’Sullivan…but still reaching out!

What’s up with him? the attitude was foul!! due to previous episodes ….no help from janitors or custodians “febreezing” and bleaching it out!

Getaways like Earth Wind and Fire were screeching out on the old Buick Regal!

Dude wasn’t confused like Lebron James; he’s running plays like a veteran; now coaching; but teaching is out!! I  told players you should know what it do!

Approaching Armageddon; preaching is school ministers were whooping and hollering!

Encroaching on enemy territory like it was Tripoli over in Libya …what’s the deal with ya? whose checking for what a hip hop scholar will bring?

You Don’t Know? You’d Better Find It!!!

You Don’t Know? You’d Better Find It!!!.


This is no hybrid like a Toyota Prius!! this vehicle is not energy efficient!

…But not super cool with it; Life Is Hectic…no lie about this!!  like I’m up in a Caddie Escalade or up in the Lincoln Navigator!! pulling an escapade?…I wasn’t with it!

Due to policies of a hater like the International Monetary Fund I’m rolling with a deficit but I’m still blessed and highly favored!

…That slogan was spotted on the old girls licence plate on front of the Caddie Sedan Deville over in Decatur Georgia; she knew the Cheryl Lynn she said you got to be real!! the knowledge was savored!

How will I behave with it? colors…flavors;  plus the fragments of other elements of the universe like Earth Wind and Fire are put in the melting pot.

…similar to the Hadron Collider..your homie is a rider..fragments and elements get it the God Particle?  the message? we send it…some felt it; they said its hot!

From The Heart Of It!! The Eye Of The Storm


…….going in….getting it in….an original post for wordpress….The Summer Madness Project Is In Full Effect!!


Theres a new sheriff in town!! and it wasnt Reggie Hammond!

….Getting his share of it? word from Andrew Weiner!!  even if he did or didn’t somebody was damning him!

Spiritual warfare is going down!!  it’ll be  famine or feast for warriors; so who you rolling with?

Resources are scarce; rations are low…soon even more limited!

Those dim-witted let ecological ignorance alter the fate!

Where you at? English teachers said behind that preposition.. please!!  wolves were at the front door;  soon they’ll be eating off your plate.

Belligerence was heard during the debate; some even take shots at Lebron James..a lot of finger-pointing!

Making a difference with this breakbeat science!!  but not the one others are anointing!

Whats your point? that’s what they’re asking or  saying ; they even said there’s nothing you can tell us!

You’ll get gaffled like Andrew Bynum did JJ Barea by the wannabe good fellas!

Coping strategies failing us due to the weird energy floating around?

Wishing and hoping was a weird science hoping that you can get down!

Can we get down was heard like Craig Mack but some are found to be out-of-order!

As O-Dizzle gets down!!  funk fabricated on the Yamaha four track recorder!

O-Zone cut the corner;  soon he elaborated on an O-Dog track or on this blog!

Danger zone collaborations rebuking the Smoke and Mirrors enhanced by the fog!

O-Deezy said it must be the dog in me per George Clinton and Parliament!

Please believe me!! these epiphanies are coming from the heart of it!