Legendary…like Floyd Mayweather Jr?  act like you knew a bruh!! this is  history in the making; will the truth be told?

Legendary!! like summer madness of 2011.check the of the hottest summers on record…Al Gore mentioned global warming but the world seems cold!

Whats the score? as we come back with this..I told you its a cold world!! please!! US households are struggling…the global economy will determine the winners and losers!

Whose the living legends? they were cold with it!!  masters of the universe!! users and abusers!

The proceedings didn’t amuse us; we were under attack like Kabul!! but discussions about my freedom are not arbitrary!

It’s like NBA lockouts;  what’s the deal? please!! meanwhile O-Dog rocks out!! check the art; its legendary!

Going In…Getting It In!! – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster

Going In…Getting It In!! – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster.


We were going in like NATO over in Libya; actually we’ve been here before; we were once in it…up to our necks!

We went back in the way we left; you know things have changed..yet they stay the same..but I didn’t burn any bridges; but a naysayer never acknowledges are presence; until one disrespects!

But yes!! were back!! slipping through the cracks ..knowledge will be the key; we’re cashing reality checks and making sound effects; going in getting it in too!

I guess we’ve got the knack for survival..ten years after 9/11 .. bear witness to what we’ve been through!!

Now check out the arrival..the mothership has landed …what’s up with a brotha? we’re trying to see what these earthlings are in to! that’s whats up with us…

Had to admit; like Pres. Obama’s uncle …sometimes its trouble that were getting into; that’s the only time society is checking for us!

Humpday Special Edition…What’s The Business? – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster

Humpday Special Edition…What’s The Business? – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster.


I took a moment to peep game; not asleep in the I’m not like Peyton Manning ..sitting it I’m asking myself; whats the business?

…Evil is the opponent…but Perry and Romney say they’re on it.. ..but fates can be altered by ecological ignorance!

Some act like they know the business…but James Brown was the hardest working man in show business!!  everybody else? just a bunch of  slackers!

Games go down from Tripoli to New Delhi …so what’s the deally? they reveal the truth..a lot of these folks are just jackers!

Swagger jacking…it’s all about power..whose money and product /resource jacking? wannabe playas were like Donald Trump …they called themselves macking; so whats the business?

Whose lurking with the dagger?…check the conduct.. O-Jays backstabbers smiling in your face before the FedEx deliverance!

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Waiting In The Dark….The Concept Is Revisited….Once Again..

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Waiting In The Dark….The Concept Is Revisited….Once Again...


Whose waiting in the dark? they turned off the lights and lit a candle taking Teddy Pendergrass’s advice!

Security heightens; ten years after 9/11 its still on code orange; what’s really going on? Al Qaeda promised 100 attacks; plus the vandal in the hood stayed ain’t nothing nice!

What’s up with me? I had to think twice; now I handle my business before it handles me! ..

What’s up with me? warm hearted and as cold as ice;  like Obama my ratings are low..who understands me?

A bruh is stuck on earth; down here where all the drama is..from Pakistan to Libya..what’s the deal with ya?..they ask a bruh…the mothership lands me in forsaken territory!

These earthlings were waiting in the dark!! mesmerized after they heard the spinmeister tell the story!



……..summer madness is coming to a close…..even though Fall doesn’t begin until September 22..I usually consider Summer to be over after Labor Day!! but check out how we Fall through….we’re Coming Out Fresh With A Brand New Batch of this BreakBeat Science…check this mix out…plus more is on the way…check out how we Fall Through!!