Kool & Klean – Volume 3 ( THE ALBUM)

Sunday Jazz Continues on this rainy afternoon in Atlanta; it reminded me the reign began with a drizzle!

Check the menu as we provide this Sunday afternoon meal, but it’s actually cool for any time frame; that’s word from O-Dizzle!!

Behold! we proceed and continue, intergalactic!! blasting off from our runway out off of I-20 in Atlanta!! soon we’ll bear witness to a dance of mirrored star falls!

Bold extravagance? yes, it’ll give us fuel to advance but we stay on point!! the set can be smoke and mirror enhanced!

Ghosts in the mist, per Mercury retrograde the drama we’ll revisit!! those waiting in the dark are at home when the night falls!

Paranormal? hmm, it’s not normal the way shade is thrown!! it seems that notion is advanced!

Until the storm passes over we’re chilling out checking out this Kool and Klean album by saxophonist Konstantin Klashtorni courtesy of the Sovereign Spirit!

This is the crossover between Smooth Jazz and Electronica with some elements of Chill Out music!! check out the tracklist and the music!! it was previous posted but due to behind the scene blog work we had to reload it!!

01. Sail [05:06]
02. It Will Rain [04:10]
03. Twilight [04:37]
04. Drift [06:08]
05. Good Life [04:27]
06. Inner Communication [04:38]
07. Just A Kiss [04:30]
08. Everything [04:02]
09. Without You [03:39]
10. The Way You Look Tonight [05:19]
11. Paradise [05:21]
12. I Wanna Know [04:50]
13. Time Together [04:01]


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