Local National International Intergalactic (Part Six)

On this Throwback Thursday? we had to remind ourselves there’s no boundaries!

Local / national / international and intergalactic? we were way way out there with our bad selves! that’s where you found these..

..and those; breaking you off something with the sound and the prose! the devil will oppose, we were warned by the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville!

Check the Throwback Thursday energy as we now broadcast live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta! showing gratitude since it’s also a Thankful Thursday, that’s the real deal!

How will this work be? your dude had to read the room, I’m not one of those out there skimming

….through the pages; out in these local / national/ international and intergalactic frontiers? I’m caught up / lingering.

Check this out at Local National International Intergalactic (Part Six)

Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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