Funky House ” Show Me !! ” Original Mix by Philgood 5336

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday, we’re in the midst of the O-Dog Day Party!

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on! in the heart of it we’ll be…

Doing what we do, acting like we knew as we proceed and continue to move forward!

What’s next? we know the sport is complex but we’re exercising power like a forward! 

Moving forward, coming through listening to this Funky House ” Show Me !! ” Original Mix by Philgood 5336

Check out the playlist and the mix as we continue to get breakbeat scientific!

1. Sean Finn – Le Freak (feat. Nile Rodgers) (Sean Finn & DJ Blackstone Extended Mix)

2. Sean Finn – Show Me Love (feat. Robin S) (DJ Blackstone Extended Remix)

3. Adri Block – Jackin Soul (Block & Crown Club Mix)

4. Milk & Sugar – All I Need (Is Believe) (Earth n Days Extended Remix)

5. Adri Block – Get Down & Boogie

6. Agent Stereo – L.A. 2 Chicago

7. Victor Perez – September (Original mix)

8. Block & Crown – Running (Club Mix)

9. Block & Crown – Freakshow

10. Popcorn Poppers – Groovey Thing

11. Marco C. – How We Do (Juanito Remix)

12. Johnny Black – Funktrain

13. Kim Morgan – Another Me


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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