Lounge Beats Poolside Vol. 9 | Deep House Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Throwback Thursday edition!

Also acknowledging that it’s a Thankful Thursday, it’s a blessing to be here! showing gratitude is how we’re living!

O-Dog Day Partying celebrating life ignoring the toil and strife but not burying our heads in the sand!

We’re in the heart of this thing, the toil and strife! please! this is not Mamby Pamby Land!

The saga / struggle continues but the good word and good music is on these menus: at the moment we’re listening to Lounge Beats Poolside Vol. 9 | Deep House Mix

It’s courtesy of the Rhythm Republic, check the playlist and the mix to see what’s up with it! 

1. Buscemi – Seaside feat. Isabelle Antena

2. Christos Fourkis – Colors of Jazz

3. AM Roots – Cool Down – (Rancido’s Travelling Soul Mix)

4. Knee Deep – All About Love feat. Cathy Battistessa (Vocal Mix)

5. Fizzikx – Tropical Life (Original Mix)

6. Jet feat. ZG. DR – Rooted (Earnshaw’s Deeply Dub)

7. Master Mello – Believe (feat. Jaidene Veda, Kafele Bandele)

8. Bittersuite – Life Cycle

9. Kiko Navarro feat. Isis “Apache” Montero – Shining (DJ Spen Dub Edit)

10. Jihad Muhammad – Ascension (Piano Mix)

11. J. Axel – Crowns on the Tower

12. Koyla feat. Jrod Indigo – Promise Land (Original Mix)


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