Gabriele Poso – Acoustic Dream (Zoetic Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we set this HumpDay Extravaganza off; y’all should know how we do!

This good word and the sound are on these menus as this afternoon meal is served! this is how we do!

This meal is appropriate for any time frame, I told mine it’s all game and to govern themselves accordingly!

Sounding like an old school Baptist preacher just trying to reach ya! but we’re peeping game recognizing where the boundary or border will be…

….like the Biden Putin Summit in Geneva; we’re still out here freedom riding not disputing the truth; coming through with this drum kit dropping  science even on a non-believer..

We’re coming through jazz dancing / O-Dog Day Partying listening to Gabriele Poso with a track called Acoustic Dream (Zoetic Remix) as your dude will continue to get breakbeat scientific not an underachiever!

Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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