Funky Disco House By Cole 2020 (Player)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; retro – futuristic is how this work will be…

…taking it back to the future,  internal and external injuries due to the time traveling in need of a suture, so who’ll work with me?

Mystery unraveling while carrying the sword of truth, no need for Trump fact checking like Twitter..

Ain’t that a shame“; sorry,  but it’s easy to be caught up in the system / matrix / game, soon bitter!!

Realizing that it’s all game!! back in Louisville / Newburg Mr Cole warned me but this player /  “don’t stop get it getter” keeps it moving..

O-Dog Day Partying not out here selling out like Mark Zuckerberg, not rolling like that!! listening to this Funky Disco House By Cole 2020 (Player); check out the playlist and the mix as we keep grooving!!

01. Crazibiza – So in Love (House of Prayers Remix)

02. Crazibiza – Over You (Original Mix)

03. Block & Crown, The Giver – Jackin’ Cola

04. Phats & Small – Turn Around (Hey What’s Wrong With You) (Babert Remix)

05. Ivan Kay – Cuba Cuba

06. Crazibiza – Freak Like (Original Mix)

07. Rick Marshall – Time To Let Go

08. Block & Crown, Marc Rousso – I Want To Thank You (Clubmix)

09. Daniele Mistretta – Show Me The Way (Original Mix)

10. French La Touche – C’mon Get Up (The Fabulous Joker Remix)

11. ATFC feat. Inaya Day – Reach Out To Me (Mike Newman & Antoine Cortez Remix)

12. Sean Finn, DJ Wady, Moondark – Pasilda (Original Mix)

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just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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